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Simon’s Online Casino Blog


I’m Simon, and you are on Simon’s Casino Blog. All of the content on my online gambling sites are dedicated to providing valuable, impartial and useful information to all online players.

Whether you are a professional gambler with years of experience, or you are new to online gambling, you will find something useful and interesting here. This website has been focusing on the different aspects of online gambling since 2012.


About Simon - professional gambler turned gambling blogger

A bit about myself: I’m Simon, and I’m the author of Simon’s Online Gambling Blog. I started playing online in 2006, back in college. The world of online gambling was quite different back then, more rogue casinos and less gambling regulations. We have come a long way since then.

However, that environment was perfect for online professional gamblers using advantage gambling techniques. I was one of those guys. I made around $10 000 in total playing online (which was quite a lot of money back then, in Eastern Europe). It helped me pay for college.

Online casino bonus whoring” – as it was called, got less profitable profitable after I was banned from over 200 online casinos, so I took a break from online gambling, finished college, got an office job, you know, the works. However, after a long hiatus I returned to the online gambling scene, this time as an online gambling blogger (and as a player as well of course). For two years I blogged only on the weekends and not many people took notice. However, over the years, my casino gambling blog gained some momentum.


The aim of Simon’s online casino gambling blog is:


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Simon’s online casino blog

Simon’s casino gambling blog consists of the following:


Casino bonuses section

This is an animated GIF of a human hand counting a roll of bonus money, ( $ 100 bills). By clicking on the picture you will be taken to the casino bonuses section of the gambling blog.

Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses section: Contrary to popular belief not every online casino bonus is good for the player. You have to be mindful of the playthrough requirements and wagering limitations. You can find the best casino bonuses listed here, many of them are exclusive to this website, along with a casino bonus playthrough and wagering requirement calculator.

UPDATE 2016: I have added sports betting, poker, bingo and Bitcoin bonuses too, for those who are not interested in online casinos.

Free casino games section

This is an animated GIF of a video slot machine. This is the logo of my free casino games section. By clicking on this, you will be taken to the games section.

Free casino games

Simon’s free casino, 500 free casino games: In this section you can try out hundreds of free casino games in various categories, from more than 10 different casino software providers. No registration is required. Test your strategies and skill without risking any money.

/If you find a game that is not working, please let me know in the comments section of that page so I can fix it immediately. Thank you! You can also rate the games by using the rating system in the small box at the bottom of pages. This will give me feedback and based on that I can fine-tune the selection of games in each category./


Gambling laws and legal status

This is an animated spinning globe. This is the logo of my online gambling legal status section. If you click on the animated GIF you will be taken to a webpage, where you can learn about the legal status of various forms of gambling in all of the 196 countries.

Online gambling legality

Online gambling laws – in all 196 countries of the world:  This section explains the legal status of online casino gambling, online poker, online bingo, online lottery, keno, scratch cards, online sports betting and Bitcoin gambling in all 196 countries of the world. Just click on your country to get a quick summary of the gambling, online gambling landscape, and for a list of gambling websites, which accept players from your country.

UPDATE 2016: Now with interactive map for easy browsing.

Including, but not limited to, all the English speaking countries:

Online casinos

This is an animated GIF picture of the loading screen of an online casino. If you click on this picture you will visit a webpage, where you can select from online casinos, which accept players from your location.

Online casinos

List of Online Casinos: Depending on what kind of gambling license an online casino has, it can accept players from different countries. Here you will find a list of online casinos for players from any of the 196 countries of the world.

Including, but not limited to:

Advantage gambling section

This is an animated picture of a professional gambler playing poker and using one of the many advantage gambling technique (card counting). By clicking on the picture you will be taken to webpage with advantage gambling tutorials and guides.

Professional gambling techniques

Advantage gambling, professional gambling techniques: The best advantage gambling techniques collected (with tutorials, step-by-step guides, e-books, calculators and video tutorials). If you have an analytical mind, you’re good at counting, you too can learn the techniques professional gamblers use to make money gambling.

Advantage gambling techniques:


If you have any question, please let me know in the comments section below.


Last updated: 2019

Good luck, gamble responsibly,

44 Responses

  1. Erasmo Procell says:

    Guys on forums say there is no working roulette system, you
    can’t beat it in the long run, but i’m using bluehand roulette
    system for weeks and it earns me decent money everyday, maybe couple
    of weeks is not a long run, maybe i am lucky

    • Yes, you are “just” lucky.(Congratulations! btw.)

      There is no working Roulette system.
      The only way to make money playing Roulette is the advantage gambling method called “wheel bias” (wheel bias is not a Roulette system and it only works offline or at a live casino).
      You can find it here: Make money gambling with advantage gambling methods

    • There is no such thing as a working system. You’re probably just lucky. I have tried systems for NetEnt slots & roulette and it just doesn’t work.

      @Simon I love your blog man keep it up

      • Agreed, I have tried several “strategies” all the only result was lost money. Hope your luck continues tho. Simon, Great post man,.you must be a sorcerer or something

  2. Emmanuella says:

    These are some great tips, thank you. It’s very annoying that most reviews are fake, it’s hard to find the best websites. – thank you!

  3. Kerby says:

    From online slots I prefer “Cool Wolf”. Amazing machine and lucky as hell. Also, there is a pattern, which lead to exploit.

  4. john says:

    simon , i would think with any online casino the amount of players registered playing would be of significant importance to larger cash prizes. these seem to be very guarded secrets any estimates for spin palace casino?

    • Only in case of progressive jackpots. But those are not closely guarded secrets at all.

      Just check out the progressive slots and you will see the current amount of the progressive jackpot (last time I checked, the highest one was around $2 million).

  5. John says:

    It’s hard to open an online casino ?

    • Yes, it is very hard and costs a lot of money.

      Well there are so called “turnkey casinos” , which you can open if you pay something between $5000 and $10000 for licensing and setup fees.

      But turnkey casino games are far worse quality than the mayor casino gambling software providers and will be very hard to market such a casino.

  6. What a great blog. We need more of this ethical approach of online Casinos. We have a dedicated page about the risks of gambling and addiction for the individual. We also can assure our gamers that the payment systems are 100% ethical and safe. Our site is protected by the lastest hacker protection. We want our users who play games online to be totally focused on the game and not distracted with concerns that they could be on a site without security.

  7. Thank you, Simon for publishing this interresting blog for us. This article of yours would help many casino novice to learn about the gambling world and guide then in chosing online casino website wisely.

  8. 2Bet48 says:

    Great job on this guide. its very good and informative.

  9. Mully Aim says:

    These are great tips. I’ll be sure to pick up my freespins, and turn them into shiny dollars.

  10. JackW says:

    Great blog, I did not know anything about next-gen casinos. They sound great. I’m only going to play in next-gen casinos from now on, too bad they are so rare.

    • Thanks! Appreciated.

      Next-gen casinos are indeed the best. The reason why they are so rare is because each casino software provider accepts players from different countries.

      It’s really hard for online casinos to put together a good selection of casino games from different casino software providers and still be able to accept players from most countries.

      /This is exactly why there is only one US next gen casino./

      This is a bit complicated topic, but my next-gen casino guide is already under construction. You will be able find the details there, will link to it here as soon as it is published.

  11. Sarbav says:

    Hey! Simon,

    Thanks for the information. I have just started getting into gambling and trying to understand the online casino landscape and what type of online casinos there are.
    I’m writing a blog on the online gambling industry and the involvement of IT (safety, security, software, mobile compatibility) in the industry. This helped me a lot.


  12. Chloe Creek says:

    Great guide, I read that roulette had worse odds than blackjack, is that true?
    Im trying to get the best chance of winning

  13. Anka says:

    In Poland, unfortunately, it is impossible to open a casino could ever change how government 🙁

  14. Jason says:

    Hi Simon,

    Great site mate. Lots on great and informative info!

    Please would you be so kind and get into contact with me?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best Regards

    • Just contact me on G+ (if you have a question or suggestion) or LinkedIn (for business enquiries).

  15. johnny says:

    I have been scammed badly the past few weeks, any way I can fight? anyway I opened a website about my case to make sure my fellow gamblers will not fall the way I did…any way to post about it here?

    • Sure. I have to admit I have never heard of this particular casino and I definitely do not endorse them.

      It’s best to stick with established brands, who have an established market presence.

      Also, you are from Hong Kong and to the best of my knowledge online gambling in Hong Kong is illegal (except Hong Kong Jockey Club, which holds a government-granted monopoly on all gambling activities).

      The fact that a casino lets players register from a country, where online gambling is illegal is always a huge red flag. These are often rouge casinos. Please next time don’t try online gambling if it’s illegal in your country and just stick to Hong Kong Jockey Club.

    • Btw.

      “betting on even-odds bets is a system and it gives the player an edge on the house.”

      This is funny. 🙂 It’s not true at all.

      However, because you are from Hong Kong means that you can not do anything about this and you can not sue them and you are entirely without any means of legal defense (because online gambling is illegal in HK, except for the government authorized channels).

      I applaud that you put your story out there and try to help as many people as you can. However, sadly you will never get your winnings, no matter the amount of bad publicity you generate for them.

    • Goran says:

      Sad to hear Johny. Thanks for opening up that website, that’s going to help lots of people to not fall prey.

  16. Yeries says:

    Hi, simon nice job you did here congrats!!! I wanted to know if you could recomend me any good online casino to play roulette that will pay me my wins thanks

  17. Dave says:

    There is way too many casinos these days the “rogue” ones are becoming rife they pop up take your money then disappear!

  18. betboro says:

    100% NOT happy with Betboro casino! promised a bonus that i never got…..avoid

  19. ROBERT says:


  20. Lawrence says:

    These are some great tips, thank you. It’s very annoying that most reviews are fake, it’s hard to find the best websites. – thank you!

  21. Opportunitywatch says:

    From online slots I prefer “Cool Wolf”. Amazing machine and lucky as hell. Also, there is a pattern, which lead to exploit.

  22. UKcapitalguy says:

    It’s hard to open an online casino ?

    • Yes, and expensive too. I will write a blog post about this soon. But you are looking at at least a $ million and it will take months.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Simon would you be interested to know in a casino admitting fault with their system which means thousands could have been duped out of potential winnings? Are you aware of any law in this area also please? Is there anything users can do? I will not name the casino until my case with them is resolved however fault has been clearly admitted.

    • A casino can not operate without a gambling license, so if this is true I would suggest contacting issuer of their gambling license. They will investigate this and they will be able to help you further.

  24. Online Lottery Shop! says:

    Your blog is awesome! I finally have found a place for all of the gambling info that I need! I would really like you to contact me, i have a website somewhat like yours and would love to make an interview with you and publish it on our blog!

    • PM sent. Thanks for the opportunity, I’m definitely interested. We’ll talk more privately.

  25. Mrlegend says:

    I agree….I love to gamble online. I been doing this for some time now. You have to research the company before you play for money, security payouts etc. I only have one that I play at right now. But I will post anymore good ones I find.

  26. RG says:

    Recent experiences with Bovada do not add up to online recommendations I see. They are very deceptive in there communications. Telephone reps unprofessional and not honest with users. Not paying out withdrawals as offered and using different currency exchanges in there favor on account funds

    Would not refer them to anyone

    • Yes, I agree. Bovada was removed from the website 2 years ago for similar reasons you mentioned.

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