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Different people look for different things in an online casino, of course a lawyer looks at a online gambling website in a totally different way than a e.g.: politician, a competitor – the owner of a rival casino, an employee of a casino, a gambling blogger writing casino reviews (that’s me) or an ordinary player (that is also me, playing online for 15+ years). As an ordinary player (and these casino reviews were written for the ordinary players), the most important thing you want to know about an online casino is whether it is the best one for you or not. And that’s really easy to determine, easier than most people think, you only need the following.

What makes an online casino the best for a player:

And that’s it, this all you need to pay attention to be able compare the various online casinos and make an informed decision.

Extra: There are also other smaller aspects I like to investigate too in my casino reviews, these, maybe, depending on your play-style, habits, can be entirely not relevant, uninteresting to you. But if relevant you can still find them at the bottom of every casino review I make. And these smaller secondary aspects are:

Live support chat, VIP, loyalty program, mobile compatibility, other reviews&scandals, casino bonuses, promotions offered – for the details check the individual reviews.


If you are not interested in the details, the nitty-gritty of online casino reviews, and how we compare casinos in the reviews, then you can find the list of online casino reviews at the bottom of this page, click here to jump there.

Online casino reviews, US players accepted.


How an online casino is built up, casino review methodology

An online casino for new players can be intimidating, but if you break it down into separate pieces it’s much easier to analyze and compare:. An online casino consist of the following:

company with the license + casino software from third party software companies (optionally homebrew games) + shared services center doing customer support and other smaller tasks + bonuses, promotions, loyalty, reward program + payment processors + and you the player.

If you have the time, let’s take a look at how I analyze and compare this specific pieces in the casino reviews listed below.

This is the picture at the casino review methodology section. At the company section, right next to this picture you can read about the review and research, compariosn methodology of the gambling website reviews listed here.


The least interesting element of an online casino to players is the legal entity behind the casino. But! There is one thing a player definitely needs to check, and that is whether the gambling platform, or more precisely the company operating it has a licence. It’s not hidden by all means, companies are usually proud of it, and all of them displays it on their website (usually at the bottom of the site, near terms and conditions, in the so called “footer” region). That’s the most important thing to check for new players, and we check the license in every review on this site.

This is the image at the casino review methodology section. This is the software providers, casino game makers, suppliers section. Right next to it you can read about how we review and analyse and compare the various casino software providers and games of the casino listed on the website.
Software providers

Casino software from third party software companies

It’s a lesser known fact by most players that casinos don’t create their own games. About 95% of them just license the games of third party developers (the ones that do make their own games are usually the biggest and best casinos, it’s definitely a good sign if the casino goes that extra mile and produces their own games too). That is the reason why you see the same games everywhere, if you’ve been wandering. Casinos also inflate their list of games with really old, ugly and not mobile compatible games well, so apart from the quantity the quality is just, if not more important. In the reviews we analyze both the quantity and quality of the games in each of the reviewed casinos.

This is the image at the casino review methodology section. This is the shared service centers, customer support section. Right next to it you can read about how we review and analyse, and compare the various casino customer support services and live chats of the casinos analyzed on the web page.
Customer support, live chat

Shared services center customer support

Most people assume online casinos have their own customer support staff, a group of people work there in the customer support department answering questions, emails, phone calls etc. This is far from the reality. Very few online casinos have their own customer support team, only the biggest, and even they have pooled, shared customer support, where one team does the support for 5-6 different online casinos of the same company. The rest is outsourced to so called shared services centers (yes, that’s why you sometimes get the feeling that people who never even played in an online casino and definitely don’t know anything about online gambling are answering your questions and tickets….., because that’s what really happens). These shared, outsourced service centers usually do the loyalty, rewards programs as well. Regardless of the “peculiarities” of the world of the shared services centers (which is industry standard unfortunately) , having any sort of 24/7, preferably live customer support is a must for any online casino, which wishes to be taken seriously.

This is the image at the casino review methodology section. This is the payment processors, deposit and withdrawal methods section. Right next to it you can read about how we compare the various deposit and payout options, methods of the various gambling websites, bookmakers reviewed on this web site.
Deposit and withdrawal methods

Payment processors

Not everyone can or wants to use credit cards playing in online casinos, so alternative forms of payment are becoming more and more important for online casinos and the players. Due to the increasing importance, and the increasing regulation of international transactions it has been escalated from a secondary aspect to a primary attribute in the reviews as well to reflect this change.

You, the player. Have fun and good luck.


List of casino reviews


These are all the casino reviews on this website. I’m a registered member in all of these online casino networks, I’m also an active player and part of the loyalty program of many of these casinos (not VIP though, and some of them don’t have any loyalty program). I have played, lost, and won money (in some of these casinos I have won over $45 K over the years, but never more than $10 K at once). All of these casinos are properly licensed, legally operating online gambling platforms that you can trust with your money.


BGO Entertainment Group (does not accept players from the USA):

Lotus Player Club Casinos (they accept players from the USA):


Betsson Group (does not accept players from the USA):


BetOnline Group (they accept players from the USA):


Gamble responsibly, good luck.

Last updated: 2020-06-05

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