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I’m SimonTheSorcerer, real name Simon András Péter, but just call me Simon for short.
Welcome to my little online empire and the website of my company. The following websites make up Simon’s Blog Park.

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Simon’s Online Marketing LLC.

This website acts as the homepage of my company and it is also my online marketing blog. This is where we have the services pages of the different online marketing services the company offers. Simon’s Online Marketing LLC. is an online marketing agency focusing  on difficult niches (porn, gambling, legal highs etc..).

Online marketing, SEO services offered:

Small business SEO services
Local SEO services
Link Building services
Blog management services
Google penalty removal service 


Simon’s Online Gambling and Casino Blog

This is my casino reviews blog, which also showcases proven, working ways to make money gambling. Check out my guide on how to make money gambling and my curated list and reviews of the best live casinos and the best bitcoin casinos!

Featured content on the gambling blog:
Best Online Casino: Find it with our Quiz
Casino Bonuses: the Truth
Microgaming casinos
Online Casino USA: Best Online Casinos for US Players
Best Online casinos UK
Make Money Gambling: Find out How!
Mobile Casinos: Find the Best Mobile Casino 


Simon’s Legal Highs

The website lists, reviews mind-altering legal substances, which you can legally buy online and blogs about their effects and reviews them. Check out the all-encompassing list of the best working legal drugs and check the dedicated pages of the following legal drugs:

Salvia Divinorum
Amanita muscaria
Magic Mushroom, Truffles, Growth Kit
Marijuana Seeds
And a mobile-friendly list of all the state licensed legally operating recreational marijuana stores in Colorado.


Simon’s Duty-Free Alcohol and Tobacco

A webpage dedicated to exposing the duty-free scam of duty-free shops at the airports and providing you with information and a safe place to buy duty-free alcohol and to buy duty-free tobacco products.


Simon’s Payday and missold PPI

Our newest addition to the blogs at Simon’sBlogPark. As an online marketing professional I work with clients in difficult niches and one of the most notorious niche is payday loans and PPI claims. Often dubbed as the “dark side of finance” because of misinformation present online and the black hat methods used by companies to get to the top of the rankings in search engines.

Most of my clients from these niche are incapable to switch from “spamvertising” to real, genuine, ethical online marketing. So I decided to lead by example.

You can reach top rankings by using only ethical, safe and white hat online marketing methods, and by providing inpartial, helpful information and services to your visitors.


Simon’s Personal Blog

My personal blog.


Eureka Network

The Eureka network of blogs belongs to me.



Pelicanforce started out as a simple webdesign and tech blog but has since become the home of an affordable webdesign company -a subsidiary of Simon’s Online Marketing LLC.- an infographic company selling cheap, affordable graphic design services.


About SimonTheSorcerer

DSC00042I’m a “digital renaissance man” of many talents and the man behind Simon’s Blog Park. I’m the CEO and founder of Simon’s Online Marketing LLC., an online marketing agency offering custom online marketing solutions for clients in difficult niches. Currently the company consists of five people.

Besides operating an online marketing agency I have a portfolio of over 20 profitable websites and as an online entrepreneur I’m a revenue share partner in various startup companies all over the globe.

I started my journey into the world of online marketing as an intern at the online marketing department for one of Europe’s leading life-insurance companies.
Then I conducted business as an SEO freelancer doing small odd jobs online.

After that I worked for about 2 years for Higher Click an innovative online marketing agency focusing on completely white-hat, content based link building solutions and  custom online marketing campaigns for many of the biggest brands (Fortune 500 companies included).

After having learnt all I could and have created a few profitable affiliate websites I decided to embark on the “biggest adventure of my life”.
I took the plunge and started my own online marketing agency in 2013. Of course in the meantime my portfolio of websites grew continuously.

Contact Simon: simonandraspeter@gmail.com