Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Tonga

Gambling is largely unregulated and most of the time done for charitable causes in Tonga

Gambling in Tonga

Tonga is a small Polynesian archipelago state consisting of 177 islands, only 52 of which are actually inhabited. It has a population of around 103,000 (2011 census). Tonga is a monarchy with a society that is is very traditional a religious.

Searching the website of the Tongan government – where all legislative documents are accessible and searchable – I couldn’t find any legislation related to gambling, except an act regulating charity lotteries and raffles. It seems, that Tonga does not in fact have any gambling laws – that however, doesn’t mean, that there is no gambling on the Islands.

Tonga appears to be one of the few countries where gambling is entirely not regulated.

There is no information about the prevalence of online gambling on the islands, but there are also no laws prohibiting it. The internet penetration is around 40% and there isn’t seem to be any internet censoring or surveillance on the islands either. Online gambling seems to be not regulated in Tonga.
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Casino gambling in Tonga


Online casino gambling in Tonga: unknown


It seems, that there are no land based casinos on the islands of Tonga, although I couldn’t find any regulations banning or permitting these either. It’s probably the lack of a market for them that prevents such venues form operating on the islands.

Online casinos seem to be not regulated by the Tongan authorities. Someone wanting to play on one of the major ones from Tonga would probably have no trouble to do so.




Bingo in Tonga


Online Bingo in Tonga: unknown


According to a study conducted by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service of New Zealand*, there are actually some land based Bingo halls in Tonga that are gaining popularity among locals. Bingo started out as a game played in church halls for fundraising, but it grew to be a commercial activity for some families running the halls.

No word on online Bingo in the legislation, though, and Tongan residents can create accounts on any of the online Bingo websites.



Source: Tongan Gambling Research Report


Poker in Tonga


Online Poker in Tonga: unknown


Poker games are also used as means of fundraising in Tonga, and are reported to be generally accepted by society.

There is literally nothing about online Poker, but no regulation probably means its not unlawful to play on foreign platforms for Tongan residents.



Sports Betting in Tonga


Online sports Betting in Tonga: unknown


There is literally nothing about the state of sports betting in Tonga on the internet, but the lack of regulations suggest, that individual players are not prohibited from pacing bets with foreign online bookmakers.





Lottery in Tonga


Online lottery in Tonga: unknown


There is actually legislation pertaining to lotteries in Tonga*, although there isn’t seem to be a national lottery. Small scale lotteries are licensed and taxed by the state (can’t even really talk about ‘big scale’ on an island of 100,000, can we?).

There is no word on foreign online lotteries, but again, one can assume, that these sites do not have a big enough user base in Tonga for the authorities to address the issue. Which is good news for that few who do want to play such games, as they’re probably free to do so.



*Source: Raffles (Amendment) Act 1999


BitCoin Gambling in Tonga


BitCoin Gambling in Tonga: unknown


Tonga doesn’t restrict the use of Bitcoin, nor does it regulate online casinos, so it’s probably safe to use foreign sites from the islands offering casino gambling type games in the cryptocurrency.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Tonga


In Tonga the state of online gambling is pretty much undetermined, but most of the foreign gambling websites doesn’t restrict Tongans from playing on their sites.

The following online gambling websites accept players from Tonga.



BGO casino – accepting players from Tonga


BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Tonga


32 Red casino accepting players from Tonga


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Tonga


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Tonga



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Last updated: 2015 10. 12

Simon's Guide to Gambling in Tonga
Article Name
Simon's Guide to Gambling in Tonga
An overview of the legal status of gambling in the Polynesian archipelago monarchy Tonga. Gambling appears to be not regulated at all.

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