Simon’s Guide to Online Casinos in Tonga

Temple in Nuku'alofa, the capital of Tonga

Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tonga


This is a guide to brick and mortar as well as online casinos in Tonga. Find out what the best casinos and online casino sites are in Tonga, or learn more about the legal status of casino gambling in the country.

Online casinos in Tonga


Legal status: unregulated

Online casino gambling is not specifically regulated in Tonga. Officially called the Kingdom of Tonga, the archipelago consisting of 169 islands – of which 36 are inhabited – is located in the Southern Pacific ocean, near Fiji and Samoa. The first Europeans encountered Tonga in 1616, through a Dutch vessel.

Tonga became a protected state of britain under the Treaty of Friendship in 1900. Unlike many island nations in the area, however, it was a monarchy with its own monarch, which the country retained throughout its protected status, and after it joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1970. This means that while Tonga has strong ties to Great Biritain, it has always governed itself.

While Tonga has its own gambling laws independent from those of Britain, the country does not have any regulations pertaining to online casino gambling. There are no laws either explicitly allowing or prohibiting online casino gambling on the islands. The reason behind this is not clear, though it probably has to do with the small scale of the Tongan online casino market. The population of Tonga is only about 100 000 people, and of that, not significantly more than a quarter have access to the internet.

No matter the reason, the fact is that there is currently no way for online casino operators to obtain a gambling licence in Tonga. As a result, there are no online casinos based on the islands, nor is it likely that a Tongan online casino would be established in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, since there are no laws against online casino gambling itself either, locals are actually free to play in any online casino available to them. Most international online casinos welcome players from Tonga.




Online casinos accepting players from Tonga


Here’s a selection of online casinos I’ve tried and recommend wholeheartedly. Choose from these trustworthy online casinos available in Tonga, or read on to find out more about the legal status and history of gambling and casinos in Tonga!



Land-based casinos in Tonga


Tonga is one of the very few countries in the world where casino gambling – including both online casinos and their land based counterparts – appear to be completely unregulated. There does not seem to be any laws regulating casinos, either to ban them or to legalise them. This is quite surprising, especially compared to the other island countries in the Pacific.

While many countries worry about the potential negative effects of casinos – problem gambling, addiction and money laundering -, several countries in the Pacific region have dealt with this issue by legalising casinos, but only for those who hold foreign passports. This allows them to retain the revenues from the gambling taxes and licensing fees, while more or less ensuring that the locals.

Tonga has chosen a different path: while casinos are not outright banned, due to the lack of regulations there is also no way for casino operators to obtain a gambling licence. As a result, there are no licensed and legal casinjos based in Tonga. The main reason for this is most likely the religious affiliations of the population: over 90% of Tongans identify as Christian, and a large percentage of them are Mormon.

To date, there have not been any signs that Tonga would legalise casino gambling, to the point where they explicitly denied a claim by US casino operator Red Warrior Entertainment of having issued a licence. Still, Tourism is a developing industry on the islands, and the potential revenue may prove more and more lucrative.



Other forms of online gambling in Tonga


Similarly to online casino gambling, other forms of online gambling are also unregulated in Tonga. In fact, there are no laws concerning commercial gambling of any kind, with the exception of certain charity lotteries and raffles. There is no national lottery on the islands, and naturally no online lotteries as well.

There are also no licensed sportsbooks on the island, although some ad hoc sports betting on local events may occur. Poker is similarly absent from the country; to sum it up, there is absolutely no organised gambling on the islands, neither online nor offline.

As there are also no laws against participating in online gambling, Tongan gamblers are free to choose from any online gambling site that is available to them. Most international online lottery, online sports betting and online poker sites welcome players from Tonga.


This article supplements the general guide to the legal status of gambling in Tonga.


Simon’s Guide to Land-based and Online Casinos in Tonga is part of Simon’s Online Casino Guide.


Last updated: 2018. 07. 12.


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Simon's Guide to Land-based and Online Casinos in Tonga
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Simon's Guide to Land-based and Online Casinos in Tonga
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