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I’m Simon. I also go by SimonTheSorcerer online and my real name is Simon András Péter, but just call me Simon for short.

I’m the man behind all the blogs and guides on this domain.


If you wish to know more about me, how I ended up making a living online and how this website came about, then please visit this page.



I strive to lead by example.


The following mission statement summarizes what I stand for in the blogosphere.




Simon’s mission statement, my blogger manifesto


I create and manage successful blogs in difficult niches.
I do not use spammy marketing techniques.


All of my blogs are dedicated to responsibility, safety and I’m committed to providing genuinely useful information to my visitors.


I’m not just talking about this like most websites, but I’m actually really committed.
Let me show you!


Here are two examples illustrating my commitment to bringing impartial, useful information for you even at the cost of blog monetization:


Example 1:


My casino bonus guide is ranking first page (Google UK and US ) for the search term “casino bonuses” and instead of pushing casino bonuses and focusing only on the positive aspects of them (more money to play with) I also tell people about their disadvantages as well (playthrough requirements, wagering limitations etc…).


Do I lose money because I’m not pushing casino bonuses mindlessly?


You bet. 🙂

I have principles and I’m serious about my dedication to providing useful and complete information.


Example 2: 


If you type in Google “legal highs” I’m on first page (Google UK , US).


Unlike other blogs I got to first page not by spamming half the internet, but by providing useful information for my visitors and by continuously improving user experience. (The legal high guide is 20 000 words long and took about 400 hours to complete. )


This is probably the only legal high blog, which is dedicated to safe and responsible legal high use and education.

I’m totally against research chemicals (also known as designer drugs, bath salts etc…) and I warn my visitors about them.


Mainstream media confuses and makes no difference between entheogens and research chemicals. Even tough one is a deadly poison and the other is a natural ethnobotanical used by humans for thousands of years. Yet they call both legal highs.


Do I lose money because I’m not pushing pre-packaged research chemicals marketed as “legal highs”?


Of course.
But my aim is not to kill people by selling them poison but rather educate people about opportunities about legal and safer ways to get high. People seem to appreciate this approach and if you type in Google “legal highs” you will see my guide on the first page.



I hope these two examples illustrate my dedication to safety and responsibility and my commitment to  providing useful content for my visitors.


In short:


Difficult niches (gambling, legal highs, binary options, alcohol, tobacco, viagra etc…) should not be synonymous with SPAM and us – website owners – can make a difference.

If you would like to support this please click the Google +1 button, it’s on the top right, thank you.

It really helps my website and I really appreciate it.




The following websites make up Simon’s Blog Park:


Let’s take a look!


Simon’s websites:

Simon’s Online Gambling, Online Casinos Blog
Simon’s Legal High Blog
Simon’s Duty Free Alcohol and Tobacco Blog
Simon’s Affiliate Marketing Blog



Simon's Online Gambling Blog

Probably my best known blog. My online gambling and online casinos blog has been in operation for two years and achieved quite a tremendous growth.

Featured content at Simon's Online Gambling Blog

Best online casino – This online gambling resource page provides all the necessary information one needs to be able to make a responsible decision when choosing an online casino. Basically this resource page contains 7 years of my gambling experience condensed into guides and how-to articles.

Free casino  – Simon’s Free Casino is the free casino games section of the blog, where players can play the following games:

Casino bonus guide and casino bonus calculator – The truth about casino bonuses, wagering requirements, playtrough limitations and why you shouldn’t use casino bonuses.

Simon’s Free Bets – Same as the online casino bonus guide but with free bets from bookmakers.

Make money gambling – My famous all encompassing series of tutorials and guides on how to make money gambling.

How to win the lottery  – A professional gambler’s guide on how to win the lottery.

Online casino guides to help you evaluate, compare and review online casinos:


Simon's Legal Highs

My legal high, entheogens, ethnobotanicals and legal marijuana blog is my second most popular website. Quite well known among legal high bloggers and legal high stores.  The website lists and reviews mind-altering legal substances, which you can legally buy online and blogs about their effects. We are not dealing with dangerous research chemicals only safer, natural legal highs and research chemical-free herbal incense.


Featured content at Simon's Legal High Blog

Check out the all-encompassing list of the best working legal drugs and check the dedicated pages of the following legal drugs:



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