Simon’s Guide to Winning Money Consistently in Online Casinos

This is a picture of a cartoon woman on a gaolden coin, which says "casino". You can read about a winning gambling strategy on this page.

  It’s indeed possible to reliably win in online casinos to make money gambling in casinos (including slots, but only old video slots with high RTP, more of this below), consistently and reliably. I’m the living proof, I have made over €45 000 over the years (also be realistic you won’t make millions, but a […]

Simon’s Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling Infosite

This is a picture of 8 black dices over a white background. Instead of the visible numbers there is a pink stop sign covering them. O nthis page you can learn more about gambling addiction, problem gambling, pathological wagering, betting.

In this small section I aim to provide info on gambling addition, addiction potential and problematic behaviour associated with games of chance. By providing info I aim to reduce risk and harm associated with this type of entertainment and competitive sport (in case of poker). There is also a short problem gambling quiz at the […]

Simon’s Guide to Online Gambling Legal Status and Laws

Have you ever wondered whether online gambling is legal in your country? Or do you know how offshore casinos operate? Have you ever wondered, why you can play in one online casino but not on another? Is cross-border online gambling even legal? Which online casinos I can play in legally? If you ever wanted to know […]

Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Gambia

Picture of Banjul, Gambia's capital city. Gambling is illegal in Gambia.

  Gambia (sometimes called The Gambia), officially the Republic of Gambia is a country in West Africa. It is the smallest country in mainland Africa as it is mostly surrounded by Senegal. Gambia has a small coastline along the Atlantic Ocean at its western end. Gambia got its name from the Gambia River which runs […]