Simon’s Taiwan Casino and Gambling Guide

The skyscape of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. It's a huge, metropolitan city, but it doesn't have any casinos, as all forms of gambling in Taiwan are prohibited by law.

Taiwan casino and gambling guide


The Taiwanese casino sector holds tremendous potential, but it is severely limited by government restrictions on gambling. Taiwan looks back on almost a century of gambling prohibitions. In the 19th century, excessive gambling was commonplace in the country, so in 1935 all forms of gambling were criminalised by the Criminal Code of The Republic of China.

For quite a few years now, there is an ongoing discussion on the legalisation of gambling in Taiwan and the re-establishment of the Taiwan casino industry. Recently, change has been on the horizon as in 2009, the Offshore Islands Development Act of Taiwan was amended to created the possibility of the establishment of brick and mortar casinos on the offshore territories of Taiwan, if over 50% of the local populace signs the referendums.

However, there are some obstacles that legal Taiwanese casinos could face. To this date no license was issued and the casino bill itself, which would legalise casinos on the offshore territories is still being discussed by Taiwanese lawmakers. To this date, only two of the islands in question, Penghu and Matsu held referendums and only the latter yielded favourable results. In Penghu, 58% of the locals voted against the establishment of a casino on the island.

China, that has a long history of trying to influence Taiwanese politics and economic decisions. China seems to be against the current casino legislation and threatened Taiwan with economic sanctions if the bill is to be enacted.


*Source: Taipeitimes – Premier amenable to casino proposal



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Casino gambling in Taiwan


Online casino gambling in Taiwan: illegal, criminalised, players are not prosecuted


Passing the casino legislation mentioned above would re-establish legal casino gambling on the offshore territories of the country. However, China might have the power to exert its influence and stop the bill from being signed into law.

Recently, the head of the mainland Chinese Taiwan Affairs Office stated, that if either Kinmen (another of the islands in question) or Matsu allowed the establishment of casino-based integrated resorts, mainland China would cut off the “three mini-links,” a reference to the direct transportation and communications links between those islands and mainland China. These links are the main avenue for visits by mainland Chinese tourists, on whom the tourism industries on both islands are largely dependent*.

It’s not sure yet, how this power play is gonna turn out in the end, but it doesn’t bode well for the Taiwanese casino industry’s future, as China has the power to – literally – determine the size of the Casino market on these islands.

Online casinos, on the other hand, are thriving in the country, although online gambling is illegal as well and players face prosecution if caught, because Taiwanese law criminalises all forms of gambling. That being said, getting caught playing from the safety of your home is not likely in any country.


*Source: Politics, public opinion, and China – factors shaping Taiwan’s casino policy



Bingo in Taiwan


Online Bingo in Taiwan: legal but only the game provided by the Taiwan Lottery


The only gambling operation exempt from the prohibition is the state-run lottery operating in Taiwan. The Taiwan Lottery offers bingo games to its players as well.

There is no potion to play bingo online on the website of the Taiwan Lottery.

Unlawful gambling is penalised in the country. However, it’s safe to assume that individual players of foreign bingo platforms – in practice – do not get prosecute by the authorities.




Poker in Taiwan


Online Poker in Taiwan: illegal, players are not prosecuted


Operating any brick and mortar poker rooms is prohibited by the Taiwanese Criminal Code. Therefore no legal land based poker rooms exist in the country.

Online poker is illegal as well, but in practice this only means that the state does not issue licenses to operators. There is no realistic chance of a Taiwanese online poker player getting penalised by the authorities for playing poker on the internet from his PC on foreign platforms.



Sports Betting in Taiwan


Online sports Betting in Taiwan: legal but only on the sports lottery provided by the Taiwan Lottery


The only legal gambling operator in the country, the Taiwan Lottery offers a sports lottery that has betting shops all over the country, as well as an online platform.

However, the odds offered by this game are said to be inferior to the ones provided by major international online sports betting operators, therefore many Taiwanese choose them instead.

Although, it’s technically illegal for them to play on these platforms, as gambling is criminalised by Taiwanese law, players of foreign online gambling sites are unlikely to actually be penalised in Taiwan.




Lottery in Taiwan


Online lottery in Taiwan: legal but only the official lottery


Taiwan operates a national lottery since 1951, which is called the Taiwanese Uniform Invoice lottery. However, it does not have an online platform.

Playing foreign online lotteries is illegal, as the Taiwan Lottery has a gambling monopoly in the country, but individual players playing foreign online lotteries from the safety of their homes are very highly unlikely to get prosecuted.




Bitcoin Gambling in Taiwan


Bitcoin Gambling in Taiwan: unknown / undetermined


Bitcoin use is restricted in Taiwan – the financial authorities do not recognize Bitcoin as a legitimate currency and restrict Bitcoin ATM’s in the country, although Bitcoins can be purchased at some convenience stores around Taiwan.

Bitcoin gambling is not directly regulated by the Taiwanese authorities, which comes as no surprise, as there is almost no country with exact rules on Bitcoin gambling and almost no Bitcoin casinos with a legit license from any jurisdiction.

Bitcoin gambling is a grey area, but due to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions it’s next to impossible that an individual player of a foreign Bitcoin casino would get prosecuted in Taiwan.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Taiwan


Although online gambling is prohibited in Taiwan, many of the major online casinos and gambling operators accept players form the country.


The following online casinos accept players from Taiwan:



BGO casino – accepting players from Taiwan


BGO online bookmaker – accepting players from Taiwan


32 Red casino accepting players from Taiwan


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website – accepting players from Taiwan


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Taiwan




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Last updated: 2015. 10. 26.

Simon's Taiwan Casino and Gambling Guide
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Simon's Taiwan Casino and Gambling Guide
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