Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Venezuela

Betting on horse races is a popular form of gambling in Venezuela

Gambling in Venezuela

Gambling in Venezuela is legal, but various forms of it are strictly regulated by the leftist government.

Land-based casinos are tightly controlled and licenses are not handed out easily. Horse race and greyhound race betting is a state monopoly, as well as lottery, but the state has contracts with several providers.

However, there are no specific restrictions on online gambling in Venezuela, and most foreign sites accept players from the country, with many of them offering their services in Spanish, too.

Venezuela also issued licenses to two online operators located on Margarita Islands, Casino Bar and CasinoOnAir, although both are widely recognized as disreputable (and they are both out of business, at the time of the writing).

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Casino gambling in Venezuela


Online casino gambling in Venezuela: legal, casinos require a license, online licenses are issued too, foreign operators are not regulated


Five brick-and-mortar casinos are in operation in Venezuela (at the time of writing). Obtaining a casino license in the South American state is not at all easy, though. Licensees must comply with the following:

  • The casino must be located in a five-star hotels with more than 200 rooms.
  • The area must be a declared tourist sector by the central government.

And there are many more requirements.

Before 2007, there were more casinos in Venezuela, but many of them had to shut down due to the heavy increase in taxes.

Venezuela also issued licenses to two online operators located on Margarita Islands, Casino Bar and CasinoOnAir, although both are widely recognised as disreputable* and have since gone bankrupt.

Venezuelan residents, however, are completely free to access foreign online casinos. There are no restrictions or regulations in place.



*Source: A detailed report on Casino Bar being unfair at Black Jack (Wizard of Odds)



Bingo in Venezuela


Online Bingo in Venezuela: legal, requires an offline licence, foreign operators are not regulated


There have been many Bingo halls in Mainland Venezuela, and its Caribbean overseas territory the Margarita Islands, but due to the heavy taxes imposed on the industry in 2007 many of them had to shut down. In the Margarita Islands alone, six Bingo halls closed their doors to players in protest of the tax increase.

Bingo hall licenses are somewhat easier to obtain – unlike casinos, they don’t necessarily have to be located in hotels, but land-based Bingo halls are restricted to so-called tourist areas, too – .

However, to play Bingo online, is perfectly legal in Venezuela and almost all foreign websites will allow Venezuelans to create and account on their websites.




Poker in Venezuela


Online Poker in Venezuela: legal, requires license, foreign operators not regulated


Venezuelan gamblers are only allowed to play Poker offline in licensed casinos. According to my research, only two of the five land-based casinos have Poker tables. The opportunities for legal offline Poker in Venezuela are quite limited.

Online, it’s a whole different story, though. Venezuelan players are welcome on foreign Poker sites, with some of them even offering their services in Spanish too.




Sports Betting in Venezuela


Online sports Betting in Venezuela: legal, only in licensed casinos, offshore online operators are not regulated


Although sports in general (especially football) and wagering on sporting events is extremely popular in Venezuela, the only legal offline sports books are located inside licensed casinos.

Horse racing betting is available at the country’s four major thoroughbred tracks in Bolivar City, Caracas, Santa Rita and Valencia and at the 1200 off-track betting houses.

Illegal betting is sadly a blossoming business in the country, with estimates putting illicit betting at an estimated 50 and 60 times the legal market*. One of the main reasons for this is the limit of 1,000 bolivars on bets laid down by the regulatory body.“Sunahip” (La Superintendencia Nacional de Actividades Hípicas) is the division of the Tourism Promotion Ministry responsible for controlling and monitoring horse race betting activities in the country.

Online betting sites, that are lawfully licensed in other countries are not regulated by the Venezuelan authorities and players form the country are accepted on most of these betting platforms.



*Source: Venezuelan champion racehorse poisoned by gambling syndicate (


Lottery in Venezuela


Online lottery in Venezuela: legal, there are several licensed lottery providers, the state oversees them, no specific word on online lotteries


In Venezuela there are several lottery providers, all of them are licensed an overseen by the Comisión Nacional de Lotería.

The oldest one is the Lotería del Táchira, which was established in 1926. Other major lotteries in the country are Oriente Lottery, Caracas Lottery, and the Zulia lottery. Some of them offer their services from mobile, though I didn’t find an option to play online on the site of the biggest provider, Lotería del Táchira.

In 2012 the Venezuelan lottery provider Movil Game Solutions signed a contract with Mobile Integrated Systems to use their MobiLotto cloud based system for conducting SMS lottery in Venezuela.

I didn’t find any info during my research that suggested, that buying online lottery tickets is in any way illegal in the country.




Bitcoin Gambling in Venezuela


Bitcoin Gambling in Venezuela: no special regulation on Bitcoin gambling, likely to become popular due to high inflation rates


The monetary policy of the Venezuelan government resulted in hyperinflation of the Bolivar, the country’s official currency, recently, which led to a surge in the popularity of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Venezuela, a non-profit educational organisation reported, that Bitcoin adaption in the country has doubled since 2014.

This could provide splendid opportunities for Bitcoin gambling in Venezuela, given the accessibility of offshore online casinos. Also, Curacao, which lies off the coast of Venezuela, is a hotspot for e-gaming licenses.

No wonder most Bitcoin casinos claim to be registered there (in most cases this is a lie).

This could further increase the popularity of Bitcoin gambling in Venezuela in the near future.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Venezuela


Offline gambling is strictly regulated by the Venezuelan government. However, all forms of online gambling in Venezuela are mostly unregulated and players are accepted on nearly all major offshore online gambling sites.

The following online gambling websites accept players from Venezuela.



BGO casino – accepting players from Venezuela


BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Venezuela


32 Red casino accepting players from Venezuela.


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Venezuela


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Venezuela



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Last updated: 2015. 10. 09

Simon's Guide to Gambling in Venezuela
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Simon's Guide to Gambling in Venezuela
An overview of the legal status of various forms of gambling in Venezuela.

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