Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Romania

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Simon’s Guide to Gambling – Romania

Gambling and online gambling are legal in Romania. The National Gambling Office is the regulatory body trusted with controlling and overseeing the gambling industry. A Committee inside the Gambling Office is responsible for issuing gambling licenses to both online and offline operators.

Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009 on the organisation and operation of gambling activities is the central piece of legislation pertaining to gambling. The law was amended in 2013 (Government Emergency Ordinance no. 20/2013). The amendment laid down the functions of The National Gambling Office.

Gambling activities which are eligible for a licence under Romanian law are the following:

  • lottery games – land based/online (both are placed under the legal monopoly of the national lottery company “Loteria Romana”)
  • betting – land based/online
  • casino gambling – land based
  • poker clubs – land based
  • slot machine-type games – land based (including slot machines and video lotteries)
  • bingo games played in gaming rooms – land based
  • bingo games organised via television networks
  • online casino-type games
  • online bingo and online keno games
  • tombola – defined as the activity of drawing numbers, letters or other symbols, regardless of the characteristics of the equipment used to make the draw
  • any other type of gambling games – including new games or combinations of games mentioned above
  • temporary gambling games –  for a period of three months, temporary casinos in tourist resorts or cruise ships

Foreign online gambling operators that do not hold a Romanian gambling licence cannot offer their services to  residents. The government has also taken measures to make these sites unavailable to Romanians – currently, 48 international gambling sites are known to be blocked by authorities in Romania.

The law also mentions a minor fine to be imposed on players who gamble in unlicensed gambling venues or on sites of unlicensed operators on the internet. However, laws like this are very difficult to enforce internationally and on the level of individual players. Although it is technically illegal for them to do so, the chances of a Romanian player being prosecuted for placing bets with unlicensed online platforms are virtually non existent.

Source: ICLG – Gambling in Romania, 2016



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Casino gambling in Romania


Online casino gambling in Romania: legal, licensed


Brick and mortar casinos in Romania are legal and licensed by the authorities. According to various online sources, there are at least 11 legally operating land based casinos in Romania currently.

Online gambling is legal and regulated too. A company seeking to offer online casinos games to Romanian residents legally, must obtain a licence from the licensing committee of the National Gambling Office. Unlicensed operators are blocked by Romanian authorities and players, if caught gambling in unlicensed online casinos, can face minor fines.

The following online casinos accept players from Romania:

This is an animated GIF banner ad of Betsson casino. Betsson casino accepts players from Romania. On the banner you can read the following: will you be the next winner?, 100% up to £100, claim your welcome bonus.

Betsson online casino – accepting players from Romania

This is an animated GIF banner ad of Betsafe casino. Betsafe casino accept players from Romania. The text on the banner ad reads: Betsafe, 50% deposit bonus up to €25, plus 50 free spins on Gonzo's Quest.

Betsafe online casino – accepting players from Romania


GT Bets accepts players from Romania – accepting Bitcoins as well


Bingo in Romania


Online bingo in Romania: legal, licensed


In Romania, bingo operators , both online and offline are eligible for a gambling licence. There are brick and mortar bingo halls in the country and two lottery type bingo games are also available to Romanian residents. The larger of the two such operators, Romania Bingo also has a bingo TV show.

However, none of these operators offer their games on an online platform. Foreign online bingo websites need to acquire a Romanian licence to accept players from Romania.

The following online bingo websites accept players from Romania:

This is the animated banner ad of Betsson Bingo. This GIF online bingo banner is 728x90 pixel wide. Betsson bingo is one of the online bingo websites, that accepts players from Romania. The animated GIF reads: welcome bonus package up to R$1200, receive bonuses on your 4 deposits.

Betsson Bingo – accepting registrations from Romania



Poker in Romania


Online poker in Romania: legal, licensed


Land based poker is legal and licensed in Romania. According to Romanian gambling laws, casinos operating poker tables and standalone poker clubs are both eligible for a licence.

Online poker is also legal, regulated, and reportedly quite popular. Poker Stars and Full Tilt already obtained a Romanian gambling licence. Under local laws, Romanian players are connected to the global player pool, unlike in many countries with regulated online poker (such as France, or the US), where players are only able to compete against other residents of their own country*.

Foreign online operators without a licence are not allowed to legally offer their services to Romanians and local authorities reportedly block these websites.

The following online poker sites accept players from Romania:

This is a banner ad of Betsson online Poker website. This is a 728x90 pixel banner. Betsson online poker is one of the many online poker rooms, which accept players from the Romania. The animated banner reads: plus 30% rakeback, 100% up to €1000.

Betsson online Poker – accepting players from Romania

This is the animated GIF banner ad of Betsafe's online poker website. It is 728x90 pixel wide. Betsafe online poker is one of the many online poker websites, which accept players from the Romania. The animated banner reads: betsafe welcome deal, 3 great reasons to join the fun, up to €1000 deposit bonus.

Betsafe online Poker – accepting players from Romania

*Source: PokerStars wins interim gaming license in Romania



Sports betting in Romania


Online betting in Romania: legal, licensed


Sports betting companies are negligible for a licence in Romania (this includes online sports betting). There are legal betting shops all through the country as well as domestic betting sites on “.ro” domains and some international online bookmakers accept people from Romania too.

Foreign unlicensed online bookmakers are illegal. Players who gamble on such platforms can theoretically face a small fine, if caught. However, the chances of an individual player being prosecuted are minuscule.

The following online sportsbooks accept players from Romania.

This is an animated GIF banner ad of Betsson sportsbook. Betsson online bookmaker accepts registrations from Romania. On the banner you can read: claim your welcome bonus, bonus 100% up to €25.

Betsson online sportsbook – accepting registrations from Romania

This is an animated GIF banner ad of Betsafe sportsbook. Betsafe online sportsbook accept registrations from Romania. The text on the banner ad reads. betsafe, 50% deposit bonus up to €25, 2nd tier bonus, open an account today.

Betsafe online bookmaker – accepting registrations from Romania


GT Bets online bookmaker – accepts registrations from Romania, also accepts Bitcoin


Lottery in Romania


Online lottery in Romania: legal, state monopoly


Lottery games constitute a state monopoly in Romania. Online and offline lottery games can only be offered legally by the national lottery company Loteria Romana. However, they do not appear to offer their lottery products through an online platform currently.

Foreign online lotteries are not blocked by ISPs in the country but they are also ineligible for a license. Although players can technically be penalised for playing on such sites, the chances of authorities actually prosecuting a player gambling online from the safety of his home are almost non existent. There are some foreign lotteries and lottery agents, which sell lottery tickets to Romanian residents.

The following websites let people from Romania purchase lottery tickets online:

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Bitcoin gambling in Romania


Bitcoin gambling in Romania: not regulated


There are no laws restricting Bitcoin transactions in Romania. There also seem to be no laws specifically pertaining to Bitcoin gambling in Romania. It is unclear, whether such sites would be eligible for a licence under the country’s laws.

The following Bitcoin casino accepts players from Romania:

This a banner ad from Romania

GT Bets accepts players from Romania, and also accepts Bitcoin


If you have questions or any feedback don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Please let me know in the comments section if you think we might have gotten something wrong or if you have additional information, clarification about the legal status of online gambling in this country.


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Last updated: 2016-05-11

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