This is the official logo of Black Lotus Casino an online gambling website of Genesys Technologies and Ardway Limited, part of the Lotus Player's Club casinos. The digital image consist of the black and gold letters "Black Lotus Casino" over a black background. And their usual slogan: "Raise your game" is absent from this picture. On this page, under the picture, you can read the review of this online casino

Black Lotus Casino review

About the casino: Black Lotus casino used to be an average online casino with a Curacao license, part of the Genesys group (a.k.a Genesys Club Casinos) of online casinos (owned by Genesys Technologies N.V.). In operation since around 2013.

They accept players from the US, although they do so illegally (-1 point deducted for this).

And because they do it illegally, there are often issues with the payment processors at this casino (see below, at the payment processors section of the review), not just for the US players. But this is not the real issue with them. They steal from their registered members, and then they ignore you.

I was a member of this casino group for about 5 years, I’ve seen it change hands and expand into a bigger casino from its very humble beginnings (had only 200 games in the beginning, and it was ugly as sin, didn’t have many players).

It is in operation for about 9 years at this point, and they used to advertise on this gambling blog too.

At that time, I was not aware of their real nature, or that the previous owners were allegedly criminals with organized crime ties, or that Black Lotus is a scam casino, stealing money from players (according to online testimonials) and affiliates (proof below). Avoid this casino group.

But there was a change in ownership during the time we started working together, and for years things seemed to work out.

Players I sent to the casino didn’t complain, they got their winnings and I got paid too, it was win-win, how it should be (although I often got the money on the 24th of the next month, and getting any sort of response to any issue was a nightmare, details below).

Black Lotus casino licence: They have a Curacao license (you can check the licence here).

Curacao licenses are among the worse, more shady gambling licenses.

They are known to openly harbour criminal online casinos (e.g.: like all of the Genesys Technologies N.V. casinos), who openly accept US players, even though the country claims publicly that they don’t allow their license holders to do such things*.

/Comment: Both the EU and the Netherlands are pressuring them to abide by the international rules and laws**, they of course don’t, because they get too much money from these criminal gambling sites. Not to mention, all of these Caribbean offshore tax havens are disgustingly corrupt places, where much of the dirty money of the world is kept, and they are routinely used for tax evasion and money laundering./

About 90% of the Curacao licensed online platforms, including Black Lotus Casino, does accept players from the USA, illegally. It’s actually best to avoid any of the Curacao licensed casinos pretty much.

/Comment: But I have to admit, not all of the Curaçao licensed online gambling platforms are bad. But quite a lot of them are./

They also accept credit cards from US players, which is also illegal (due to anti money laundering laws, international laws, and political pressure from the USA), and the country of Curaçao publicly stated that such behaviour among licensees is not tolerated.

Regardless, they have been doing it at least since 2013, which is a good indication as to what sort of company this is.

And the USA is not the only country they accept players from illegally, that would be a long list.

UPDATE 2021: If this wasn’t enough, Curaçao was implicated in the worst and biggest online gambling data leak in the world, when the details of 108 million wagers were exposed online. Attached to these exposed bets were such vital private info as:

  • real names of players
  • residential address details
  • e-mail addresses
  • phone numbers
  • details about date of birth
  • user names at the different sites
  • and most importantly and worryingly: information about the credit card used



*European Gaming: Curaçao to Tighten Gambling Licensing Rules

**Malta Today – Curaçao pressured to introduce gambling regulations

***Curacao Online Gambling Data Leak


Genesys Club Casinos: The other casinos of this group are: Lucky Creek, Treasure Mile, Mandarin Palace, Big Dollar, Lotus Asia, make sure to avoid them as well, same company owns them.

Black Lotus is the main casino of this group, but in all fairness, there is not much difference between the various casinos of this group (same games, same parent company, same customer support, same license, same loyalty program, only the design of the website seems to be different and sometimes the bonuses).

However, that’s not the real problem, the real problem is that they steal from registered members, players, business partners. They are scammers. Do not trust them with sensitive personal information, passwords or credit card numbers!

Not all of the casinos of this rouge network have dedicated reviews on this site (I only reviewed the bigger ones of the group), the other low quality scam platforms of this group are:



Avoid all of them.

Additionally, sometimes they hide behind the following programs and shell companies:

  • Top Refer Affiliates
  • Lotus Affiliates
  • Ultimaterevenue
  • Ardway Limited
  • Genesys Technologies



If you don’t have the time to read the full review below, just read this short summary:

PLEASE AVOID THIS CASINO AT ALL COST! AND ALL THE OTHER GENESYS CASINOS! They started to scam and steal money from their players, and affiliate partners (proof below).

/Instead of this online casino, I wholeheartedly recommend the following gambling platform (click to see). They have significantly more games, and they have sports betting and poker too. And they are not involved in any scandals.  And they have been around for 15+ years, it’s currently the best rated US player accepting online casino on this site. And it is my current personal favourite US casino as well./



Black Lotus Casino scam

Here is the detailed description of how the Genesys group scammed me, stole my money, with proof and detailed explanation. It’s quite lengthy, so I put it behind this drop down menu.

The usual review can be found below this. If you are not interested, just skip this part.

Genesys Affiliates program scam with proof, pictures, detailed explanation

Black Lotus Casino Scam, Genesys affiliate program review

Despite the red flags mentioned above (which I was not aware initially), they were an okay casino, and I have worked with them for 4-5 years.

They paid their players their winnings, and the players didn’t come back to complain. And they paid their affiliate partners.


/Comment: Although, customer support was always a nightmare, if you had an issue, and that was not something super simple, e.g.: password change or sending banners, you always had to send 20 emails, over a period of two weeks, and you were lucky if someone bothered to answer. 

If you put more than two sentences in an email, only the first half would be answered. And the second half was always ignored, like, as if they were mentally challenged and incapable of keeping track of anything more complex than a password change. 

Not to mention, I tag all my emails, so I know when and who opens them, but they ignored them on purpose, despite opening them and reading them. And then they lied about it, when confronted, on multiple occasions.

Not to mention, I regularly had to talk to people, who barely spoke English, It reeked of cheap Indian outsourcing, and their ticketing system is a joke.

It’s there,  but it’s not working (tickets are not assigned to anyone), and you still have to email people and hope someone fixes the problem, which usually takes 4-6 weeks. If they fix it at all!

It’s horrible. This alone should be enough to make you think twice about joining this subpar casino. The worst gambling affiliate program I was part in the last 10 years./


We had a deal, they advertised on this website, and all was functional, for some time.


First of all, let’s start with the problem, that got me to quit, and write all this down.

They stole money from me, plain and simple, and I have the proof. here it is:


Affiliate commission generated for 2021/05 was $337 (that red on the picture, the -$91.77 is a deduction from my residual earning, limit is set to $100, under $100 payment is not sent, that was residual earning from last month):


 This is a picture of Genesys Affiliates dashboard showing the amount of affiliate commission earned for the period of 2021/05, and it was $337. This is part of the proof of them stealing money from me, and other affiliates and players at the following Genesys casinos: Lotus Asia Casino, Lucky Creek Casino, Treasure Mile Casino, Mandarin Palace, Big Dollar Casino, Grand Eagle Casino, Black Lotus Casino.

Affiliate commission earned for the period of 2021/05, this is the amount I should have gotten, proof of wrongdoings 1.,


This is a picture from my bank statement, showing the transaction details of the payment received form Genesys Technologies N.V. (owners of the Genesys Club casinos), through Affiliate Square Ltd, for the period of 2021/06, the amount is $221, and it should have been $337. This is part of the proof, illustrating the wrongdoings on their part, and them stealing money form affiliates and players alike. You can read the details of this scam above and below the picture.

Transaction details, showing the amount received, instead of the amount that I should have received, proof of wrongdoings 2.,


But the amount received on the 16th next month was only $221!  That’s an over $100 discrepancy.

Keep in mind, there is officially no charge for the transaction, and previously only $1-2 was deducted, probably by Affiliate Square.

This is also not currency conversion fee (that’s very low at my bank, 0.1% or something similar).


/Comment: Btw. why does it take 16 days to process and send affiliate commission? Seriously… And their “record” of sending the money was 26 days…

And there were multiple months where I din’t even get paid the next month, and it took 20 emails over a period of 4-6 weeks to get paid…., worst affiliate program ever!

I should have quit a long time ago, so I’m partially to blame for all of this…

To put it into context, other affiliate programs usually send payment before the 10th of next month, usually during the first week./


And while I was sending email after email, and tried to get a resolution for this, they had the aducity to just repeat this, as you can see below.

Keep in mind, they are doging my emails, and the only answer to the 20 emails I’ve sent during 6 weeks was “I will look into this.”, and then radio silence ever since.

And I tried about 7 different email addresses, at this point I emailed half the company and I’ve spent 20 hours just writing emails to various people. Not to mention the stres.


/Comment: It’s never fun replacing an affiliate partner, other gambling bloggers can relate./


No communication ever since.

It happened at this time, that started to receive a few complaints from the players I sent to the casino. Claiming that they can not cash out and the casino claims they have technical difficulties with payouts (which was probably a lie).

And I started removing them form the site at this time (hopefully just in time, and they didn’t scam many players).

A quick Google search for “Black Lotus scam”, “Black Lotus casino didn’t pay me” or “Genesys casino affiliate scam” or “genesys casinos groups doesn’t pay affiliate commission” will quickly reveal other similar horror stories from both players and affiliate partners, who were scammed by Genesys (but obviously, most people to whom this happened are just ordinary players, and are not gambling bloggers, so don’t expect uploaded proof, and such detailed description as here, and the search engine results are dominated by the usual trash, fake reviews, so look beyond first page).

You can check out the review of their Black Lotus casinos, plenty of 1/10 or 0/10 out there too, for good reasons.

/Comment: This is already a HUGE post, so I’m not going to upload any of it here. Already 90% of the people will look at this, and will just click away because tl. dr.., This is really a huge post, so I don’t blame them. You can find them easily online, not to mention, if you are in the gambling industry, you know that they don’t have  a great reputation as it is./


They repeated this scam once more:

Affiliate commission generated for 2021/05 was $224.46


This is a picture of Genesys Affiliates dashboard showing the amount of affiliate commission earned for the period of 2021/06, and it was $224. This is part of the proof of them stealing money from me, and other affiliates and players at the following Genesys casinos: Lotus Asia Casino, Lucky Creek Casino, Treasure Mile Casino, Mandarin Palace, Big Dollar Casino, Grand Eagle Casino, Black Lotus Casino.

Affiliate commission earned for the period of 2021/06, this is the amount I should have gotten, proof of wrongdoings 3.,


This is a picture from my bank statement, showing the transaction details of the payment received form Genesys Technologies N.V. (owners of the Genesys Club casinos), through Affiliate Square Ltd, for the period of 2021/06, the amount is $199, and it should have been $224. This is part of the proof, illustrating the wrongdoings on their part, and them stealing money form affiliates and players alike. You can read the details of this scam above and below the picture.

Transaction details, showing the amount received, instead of the amount that I should have received, proof of wrongdoings 4.,


Payment I received was only $199.46. The discrepancy is only $35 this time, they steal arbitrary amounts from people, always just enough that most people don’t notice. This is not a transaction fee or currency exchange fee.


I know it’s not a lot of money. But the amounts don’t matter, it could have been $2 for all I care.

They steal money from affiliates and players alike! That’s what matters.

If you are an affiliate partner of this scam program, check the amounts you received, you might be surprised…

If you are a player, try withdrawing all your money and run (but sadly you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings probably, if it’s over $5000, according to player testimonials online, that’s probably the most common compliant, details can be found at the payment options section and the “other reviews” section at the bottom).


/Legal disclaimer: For legal reasons I blurred the email addresses and names. But if someone wants to start a class action lawsuit against them (because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one they have stolen money from), then I have the originals, with all names, emails addresses, timestamps.

I don’t have money to sue them, but if you are a lawyer, willing to help out a little gambling blogger like me, do this pro bono, or for a cut, of the settlement of the class action lawsuit, please hit me up./


IMPORTANT: If you have been similarly scammed by them (players and affiliates alike), please drop a comment below, with contact details. I will contact you for proof.

I’m collecting proof of their wrongdoings for a class action lawsuit. 

Also, I’m just a small gambling blogger, please help spread the word about these criminals by mentioning this review, linking to it, or sharing it on social media. Otherwise this won’t reach many people.

Thank you.


The attached email and support ticket below are just to illustrate that I have tried to resolve this, for weeks:




This is from the 7th of July, at that point I was trying to get someone to look at this, for 10+ days. As you can see this has been ongoing for 6 weeks, and I have only received “I will look into it” and nothing else.


This is the official support ticket I made after trying to get this resolved for 4 weeks. It is assigned to “Level one”, which is a placeholder, displayed when a support ticket is not assigned to anyone.

Nobody has ever even looked at this.


I have more proof if this ever goes to court, and that’s not blurred out, with names, email addresses. I think this all speaks for itself. Avoid them, scam, -20 points.

But if you have questions, please leave a comment.


Scam: -20 points


Be careful Genesys also uses the following programs to hide behind:

  • Top Refer Affiliates
  • Lotus Affiliates
  • Ultimaterevenue


It’s all the same company.


The review below is the same that was on the site before I realized how unsavory this crooked company is. Please do not play in any of their casinos, you will regret it.

Do not ever trust them with sensitive information, your passwords or credit card numbers. I regret it too. There is a high chance they will abuse it.

However, despite this, the review below is trying to be as objective as possible, and it is more or less the same review, which was on the website before they scammed me.


Black Lotus gambling platform review methodology

Click on the drop down menu below if you are interested in the review process, methodology, and the system by which each casino is reviewed, scored, compared and evaluated.

And also, you can read the detailed explanation as to why US player accepting, and non US player accepting internet casinos differ so much.

Black Lotus digital gambling site review criteria

The picture is comprised of a speech bubble, like the one in comics, with the words "Simon says", a pun, and a play on the name of the blog, which is Simon's Gambling Blog and my own name: Simon András Péter (writer, owner and founder of this gambling website). This is the image of the 'Simon says' part of my casino reviews, where I explain the differences between US player accepting, and non US player accepting digital casino platforms. Next to this picture is my description of my review methodology and explanation of the scoring system and data points analysed.

US vs. non-us casinos

There are two very different types when it comes to online casinos, casinos, which accept US players, and casinos which do not accept US players. Black Lotus is firmly the former, not accepting players from the USA or US territories.

This is a very important distinction to make, because radically different games are available at these platforms for legal reasons, and they should be reviewed differently.

Primarily European (primarily targeting European players, mostly licensed in Europe, UK gambling licence often) gambling websites always have better and more games, because software providers, due to licensing and legal issues don’t work with casinos, which accept US players.

And it shows.

Black Lotus has around 300 games, mostly slots, some video poker, some table games. While a typical European casino has about 1000+ games and has interesting unique games as well, including live dealer games, digital sports betting, regular sports betting, digital scratchcards, game show type games like Deal or No Deal etc…, but they don’t accept US players.

Therefore, a US casino is always going to look bad compared to a European online gambling website.

A good US casino would still be only 3/10 if you compared it to European, non-US player accepting casino. And that is why I rate them separately, US casinos are only compared to other USA casinos.

Therefore, when you see a US casino that is 7-8/10 but only has 300 games, it gets a higher score because of the different context, and because it is for different players.

As you can see, US players have it worse, significantly. But, C’est La Vie.

And this is also the reason why I don’t advise non-US players to play in US casinos, ever.

Just wanted to mention this, to avoid confusion as to why a 300 games US casino might get the same score as a EU powerhouse with 1000+ games.

/You can read more about why this is, and about the legal status of domestic and offshore gambling, online gambling in the USA here. Be warned, pretty complicated, dry read./


This is the illustration right next to my review and research methodology part. You can read about my review methodology, and scoring system I use throughout the review, to the right of the picture.

Review methodology

Review methodology: In each section I review one of the primary attributes of the casino, these are: list of countries not accepted, list of games, deposit and withdrawal process and methods and uniqueness.

Each of these aspects then gets points ranging from +2, meaning exceptionally good, to -2, exceptionally bad.

Additionally at end of the review I go through what I consider to be less important secondary attributes, such as: live support chat, VIP/loyalty program, mobile compatibility, other reviews, bonuses, promotions, reputation.

At the end I tally all the points and add and subtract them from 10. This will give the final score of the casino. I use a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, no 0 or minus scores.





The review of Black Lotus mobile casino consist of the following sections (click on the links below to jump to that section):


Black Lotus Casino review


1., Who can play: The most important thing for any player in a new casino is whether you can actually play or not, so let’s start by analyzing the list of all the countries Black Lotus Casino does not accept players from.

So before you read any further let’s determine whether you can actually play at the casino at all.


/Clarification: The country of your residence, your current official address, what’s on your ID card (or address card, if it’s a separate thing in your country) is what you should be checking, not your current residence.


So if you are from the UK, and you currently temporarily reside in the Australia, you can still play, even though Australian players are not accepted at this particular casino.

This is really important, because if you win, they will ask for your ID and/or address card, to make sure you are who you said you are on the registration form. And if your address or name is not the same as what’s on your ID, then they will instantly perma-ban you. And all your winnings will be confiscated, no matter how much you won! Be careful!/


Black Lotus Casino - list of prohibited countries and territories

The list of countries Black Lotus Casino does not accept players from. Click below to expand.

Black Lotus casino - list of restricted countries

Black Lotus Casino does not accept players from:


Everyone else can register and play at the casino.


It’s a short list. So they get +1 points for accepting players from many countries.

I added a “?” at United Kingdom and United States. Clearly, you can register and play from the states, or the UK, it’s one of the selling points of the casino actually.

They are always described as a US player accepting casino on every gambling blog. And if you check the registration form you can select both the UK and US as your country when trying to register. Clearly not true.

That’s quite a big mistake in the terms & conditions (that’s where the list of the countries not accepted is) and I wouldn’t be surprised if it would cost them quite a lot in a lawsuit, down the line. But hopefully they will fix this in time, -2 points, it’s a big and potentially costly mistake for the company, really unprofessional, and shady.

UPDATE 2021: They never fixed it, I first noticed it in 2016, now in 2021, when I leave their affiliate program it’s still there.



Accessibility, number of countries accepted: +1
Issues in the terms and conditions: -2


2., Games: The second most important thing to players is the number, and also the quality of the games..

Some casino game developers are just better than others, Net Ent, Bally or IGT to name three of the biggest, but the best software developers are only available to European casinos.

However, Black Lotus works with Rival gaming, Saucify and Betsoft, which are the best that are available for US casinos (they are still pretty mediocre at best…).

Compared to a European casino these games are average, but among US casinos this is good, and also a good amount, with around 300 games in total, there is something for everyone, that’s an average amount for a US casino. +1 point is awarded for the quality.


Black Lotus Casino - list of games

The full list of games at Black Lotus Casino casino. All the 300 games..


Band Outta Hell, Traces of Evidence, Vikingdom, Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium, Beat Bots, Legends of Olympia, BigFroot, Gems n Jewels, Big Game, Buckin’ Broncos, Tails of New York, Royal Banquet, and so many more.
Golden Gorilla, Alien Spinvasion, Lucky Labyrinth, Jolly Rogers Jackpot, Whale O’ Winnings, Catsino, Windy Farm, Lion’s Roar, Scary Rich, Misfit Toyland, and Arabian Tales to mention a few.
Birds! Frankenslot’s Monster, A Christmas Carol, Black Gold, The Tipsy Tourist, The Slotfather, Puppy Love, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, 7th Heaven, The Golden Owl of Athena, The Angler, Alkemor’s Tower, etc.

Table Games and video poker

3 Wheel Roulette, Single Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus, Wan Doy Pairs Poker, Roulette Master. Video poker: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild Power Poker, Phantom Belle Bonus, Whack-a-Jackpot, Hi-Lo Techno and Granny Prix.

Roulette has classic roulette, Premium Roulette and French Roulette.

Blackjack games: Classic blackjack, Premium Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Perfect Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, Alexandrite Blackjack, Royale Blackjack, Hi-Low, Spin-A-Win and Sic-bo.

Live games



Most of these games are mobile compatible, except for the really old ones.


Games: +1, average amount, but high quality selection for a US casino.


3., Deposit and withdrawal options: The third most important thing to a player are the deposit and withdrawal options.

You obviously can’t win anything unless you bet real money (except in case of no deposit bonuses of course). And in this area, Black Lotus still needs to improve.

Black Lotus accept the following methods to deposit money:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Credit card
  • Ecocard
  • Bitcoin


Black Lotus Casino accepts credit cards, +1 point! Which is great for US players, because due to legal reasons, credit card companies refuse to deal with the overwhelming majority of US casinos.

This is one of the few exceptions.

They also accept EcoCard (never heard of it myself) and bitcoin. Certainly more than most casinos that accept US players, most of them definitely don’t accept credit cards.


However! These were only for depositing money, when it comes withdrawing money, they have the following options only:

  • Skrill
  • Ecocard
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Cheque
  • Wire transfer


Credit cards can not be sued for withdrawing money! It’s definitely an inconvenience that they don’t just send your winnings to your credit card, the same card you used to deposit, but that’s the law. Payment processors are independent third party legal entities and it’s really strictly regulated, international transactions especially. Still, players don’t care about this, therefore, I deduct -1 point.

Another big issue is that the minimum withdrawal amount is $150. I can understand a limit of $50, because of the extremely high cost of wire transfer in the US (it’s free in Europe btw., your banks are screwing you over, just FYI), but $150 seems excessive, -1 point.

If you live in the USA, Bitcoin or Neteller might be better to avoid the crushing, usually $50-30 fee for wire transfers. The casino doesn’t cover the wire transfer cost, they deduct it from your winnings.



Credit cards +1

Limited options to withdraw funds -1 

Relatively high minimum withdrawal amount -1


Total: -1


4., Uniqueness: And the last one I think we all are looking for in an online casino is innovation, unique and interesting new online gambling games and features.

Anything that makes you “Wow, that’s amazing.”.

Does Black Lotus have the so called ‘wow-factor’?

No, not at all.

It accepts credit cards, that’s unique for a gambling website that accepts US players, but only for depositing money not for withdrawing, so that’s not really enough.

It has Rival, Saucify, Betsoft games. But so what? A lot of US casinos have them too, usually not all of them together, but still, not enough.

No unique games, no live dealers, 80% of the games are just plain old 5 reel slots, many are 5+ years old and not mobile compatible. By all means this is not a bad US casino, but definitely doesn’t ‘wow’ me, no ‘wow factor’ here, just an average US online casino. No deduction, but no extra points either.


Innovation, interesting, unique features/games: 0, none


The following are less important optional factors, but still contribute to the total score:


-Live support chat: Black Lotus Casino has live chat support. 24/7 or so the operator claimed it, when I asked “Logan” and “Jennifer”. So I give it an extra +1.

But they were slow, give basic, barely useful answers.

And if you are not registered they outright refuse to help you, even to the point of being rude. Typical outsourced, shared service center customer support. Sadly, that’s industry standard nowadays.


VIP, loyalty program: They have a very detailed, extensive loyalty program called Lotus Player Club, and it has 4 tiers.

It’s interesting at higher tiers. Lots of promos, bonuses, exclusive codes for returning players and VIPs, sadly they all have pretty bad wagering and playthrough requirements, limitations.

All bonuses earned from the Players Club have wagering requirements, which is a hassle to keep track of, and it’s usually above 40x (anything above 30x is just designed to make you lose money).


-Mobile compatibility: The casino is mobile compatible, most games work on mobile devices.

All the games are instant-play, accessible right from the browser, no download necessary (on mobile it is necessary, you have to download the app), everything is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.

No extra point awarded for this, because this is pretty much mandatory nowadays, every digital gambling platform, which wishes to be take seriously is mobile compatible.


-Other reviews: It’s always important to check what others say about a casino, to make sure it’s not a scam and Black Lotus Casino has mixed reviews, ranging from 5/10 or 6/10 to 1/10, 0/10.

Now that they have scammed me, I know that those 1/10 and 0/10 are justified. This is a scam and they will not pay you your winnings (I was a registered member for years, you can read the story of how they scammed me above).

I deduct -1 because of the many really bad reviews, which means many people had a really bad experience at the casino, and I’m far from the only being scammed and stolen from.

One thing is especially worrying though, if someone wins really big, it takes a really long time for them to get their money, if they get it at all, according to the many player reviews online.

There is talk about the casino limiting the withdrawal amount to $5000 per month, and that’s definitely not okay.

Obviously the casino denies such allegations, and they say the limit is higher, and it depends on your loyalty program tier, even at the lowest level  it’s $6000 per month.

It’s bullshit, it’s all a scam, if you win a bigger amount you will never going to see it., -10 points.


-Casino bonuses: Black Lotus usually has bad bonuses for new players, usually 40x+ wagering requirement (anything above 30x is considered a bad bonus), -1 point.

They have quite a lot of bonuses, and they even have bonuses for existing, returning players, which is definitely a good thing. However, the bonuses for returning players are really bad (for returning players the wagering requirement is usually 40-50x, just as bad for new players, these are designed to make you lose money).



Total score: Black Lotus casino gets 0/10, 0/5 stars, it’s a scam casino, that is stealing money from their players and affiliate partners, avoid it, and stop playing at this gambling site as soon as possible.



Back to the casino reviews section.


Last updated: 2021-08-07


Miscellaneous other info about the company, in case you need to contact them:

Official name: Ardway Limited,  using the gaming license of its holding company Genesys Technology N.V.
Encryption: 128-bit SSL
Live Chat: 24/7
Head Office: DSLR Suite 413, Ftieh Street, Birkirkara Bypass, BKR2940 Birkirkara, Malta
Licence: Curacao
Phone: no phone number, just email
IT-Security: COMODO
Self Exclusion: Available
Email: but use the contact form on the website instead, better response
RTP Analysis: eCOGRA
Anti Money Laundering: ID-Check Required

You can see how the casino platform looks like on this video:

Last Updated on 2021-08-07 by Simon

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Now I can finally do this full time, thanks to visitors like you! And it means a lot! If you are interested, please bookmark this site (no social media profiles, I no longer have any, but please feel free to share anything on any social media networks, if you still use them). I don't have any money to advertise, and if you have a personal blog, any social media profile, please mention my gambling blog and link back to it. This the only way for a small website like this to grow. Thank you!

Logo of You can read about my non-profit activity right next to the picture.
Charity: As a way to help others, to give back, I sometimes donate to Kiva. If you click on the ads on the website, I make some money. And in a good month, if I make more than my expenses, I donate to people and projects on Kiva.
Kiva helps young entrepreneurs in developing countries, which is an issue close to my heart for obvious reasons. If you have the means, please sign up with the revolutionary non-profit company and help people lift themselves out of poverty, through hard-work, and an initial investment (non-profit loan). These non-profit loans encourage entrepreneurship and hard work instead of creating a dependent class that is afraid to get a job, or start a business (because if they did, they would no longer get support and free money, disincentivizing hard work and entrepreneurship). This is the right way to fight poverty in developing countries (or anywhere else really), and if this is something you are interested in, and if you would like to know more, or to help out, please check out here. Thank you!
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Simon András Péter (SimonTheSorcerer)
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