This is a placeholder page for people who come from the following websites (redirected, no longer online):

  • Simon’s Legal Highs
  • Simon’s Duty Free Blog
  • Simon’s Binary Options Blog
  • My old personal blog


I no longer maintain those blogs, because I just don’t have the time. My gambling blog (the one you are on) requires all my time. They are gone, and they now redirect here, on purpose.

Those blogs made very little money and I just don’t have the free time, or motivation, to work on them. I just really don’t feel like working on my hobby websites after the usual 10+ hours workday even on the weekends), understandably.

Although I enjoyed working on those websites more than working on this casino blog. But you have to “follow the money”, as it were.

This website is my full time job, and just like everyone else, I need the money to live. I can’t afford to spend precious working hours on other projects, sadly.
I’m burnt out too, you can imagine, sitting in front of the computer for 10+ hours every day, even on the weekends, for years (9+ years at the time of writing), working on websites, it was just not sustainable….

/Comment: There was an entire year where I didn’t even see natural sunlight, or people, just the websites, day in and day out…/

I had enough.

This gambling blog is the only one that makes enough money to survive on (if you are interested in how much money I make with this gambling blog check out this blog post), and I need to focus on this, whether I want it or not (and I don’t actually, but I need the money. I hope you can understand it).

/Comment: Of course if oyu are some super-rich dude, born into wealth, hit me up. :) With your help I would be able to restart them (I have archived all the content), an investment of only $100,000 (small amount for rich people, not a small amount for us here in Eastern Europe) would allow me to have more freedom and be able to hire people.

So if you are some rich guy don’t hold back :D – you never know, who will be reading this…./

If you are interested in online gambling please feel free to check out this blog.



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