Simon’s Amanita Muscaria Guide

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Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, is perhaps the best known mushroom of all and the second most popular psychedelic mushroom just after Psilocybe cubensis (a.k.a magic mushroom).

This iconic toadstool is more than a plant, and has became a significant cultural symbol appearing in every media from video games (Super Mario) to trippy UV party decorations at Goa parties.

Amanita muscaria has been used recreationally and for spiritual purposes for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Syberia and curious people worldwide.

Psychoactive amanita mushrooms come in two varieties: Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina. Amanita pantherina also contains the same active ingredient (muscinol) and it belongs to the same family of mushrooms.

The only difference is coloration (pantherina is brownish-yellowish), distribution and legal status (see below).

Amanita muscaria effects

Muscimol a GABA receptor antagonist is responsible for the effects of Amanita muscaria. The effects are best described as sedative hypnotic and dissociative. Although, closed eye visuals are uncommon with large doses they are possible, and with extremely large doses (not recommended) even open-eye visuals can be achieved.

A feeling of euphoria is often reported, and delirium can set in with very large doses.

Onset : 30 – 120 minutes
Peak : 1 – 2 hours
Duration : 5 – 10 hours (higher doses seem to last longer)
Normal After Effects : 1 – 5 hours


Interesting fact about Amanita muscaria: the mushroom has a special, almost sacred significance in Siberia.

It plays a very important role in their everyday and spiritual lives of the native tribespeople of Siberia. The following is a very interesting origin story about Amanita from the Koryak of Eastern Siberia:

“Wapaq (fly agaric, as it’s called by the Koryak) enabled Big Raven to carry a whale to its home. In the story, the deity Vahiyinin (“Existence”) spat onto earth, and his spittle became the wapaq, and his saliva becomes the warts.

After experiencing the power of the wapaq, Raven was so exhilarated that he told it to grow forever on earth so his children, the people, could learn from it.”

Also, native people of Siberia supposedly fed reindeer Amanita muscaria and drank their urine. This was done to reduce the harmful effects of the mushroom (the reindeer’s liver and kidneys are able to metabolize much of the poisons and harmful substances in the mushroom and the main active ingredients were concentrated in the urine of the animal).

A photo of Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) mushrooms on the forest floor. Amanita muscaria is the second most popular psychedelic mushroom in the world.
Amanita muscaria, fly agaric mushroom


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Amanita muscaria guide



Amanita muscaria legal status


Amanita muscaria is interestingly one of the least regulated legal high.

Even tough it is the second most popular psychoactive mushroom, it is legal to buy and sell and to consume in most countries.


Amanita muscaria is illegal only in the following countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • USA (illegal only in Louisiana*)

* Louisiana: Only Amanita muscaria is illegal in Louisiana, which means that Amanita pantherina is still legal. Amanita mushrooms are legal in every other state.

Source: Louisiana State Act 159


If the UK Legal High Bill passes by the end of the year (expected to pass) the UK will ban all legal highs (except for alcohol and tobacco), which will make amanita mushrooms illegal in the UK too

Erowid – Psychoactive Amanitas – Legal status
(Dutch) Dutch schedules



Buy Amanita muscaria online


Because fly agaric is the second most popular legal psychoactive mushroom you can easily purchase Amanita online.

I recommend the following places (I shop there too).


Buy Amanita muscaria mushroom

You can buy different varieties of Amanita mushrooms here:

You can buy A. muscaria and A. pantherina here /shipped from the US/ – credit cards accepted


Buy Amanita muscaria mushroom extract

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Muscimol – main active ingredient of Amanita mushrooms


This a picture of the chemical structure of muscimol. Muscimol is the main active ingredient responsible for the psychoactive effects of Amanita muscaria and pantherina. The chemical formula of muscimol is 5-(Aminomethyl)-isoxazol-3-ol.

The main active ingredient of Amanita muscaria is muscimol. Muscimol is a potent selective GABA receptor antagonist with sedative, hypnotic, dissociative and hallucinogenic effects.

Muscimol can be found in Amanita pantherina as well, the other psychoactive amanita mushroom.

Keep in mind, that just like with all of the entheogens, a main ingredient is hard to pin point as there is not only one active ingredient.  It’s a cocktail of chemicals within the mushroom which make it psychedelic.

According to online trip reports the most often experienced effects are:

  • sedative-hypnotic effects
  • auditory hallucinations
  • euphoria
  • delirium
  • changes in visual perception
  • closed eye visuals
  • open eye visuals (uncommon, only with large doses)



Health benefits of Amanita muscaria


Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina are used in alternative medicine to treat various neurological symptoms.

However these supposed health benefits are made up and no scientific study has ever verified these claims.

Currently, amanita mushrooms have no known, scientifically proven, beneficial health effects.



Dangers of Amanita muscaria


Fly agaric is a poisonous plant. Overdosing on it might result in hospitalization or in extreme cases, death.
However, that being said deaths from amanita are rare due to the large amount you need to ingest and the characteristic appearance of the mushroom, which make accidental ingestion unlikely.

“In humans, there are no reliably documented cases of death from toxins in these mushrooms in the past 100 years, though there is one case where a camper froze to death while in the comatose state.”

Source: North American Mycological Association – Mushroom Poisoning Syndromes

All in all, the toxicity of amanita mushrooms is overestimated.



Fly agaric preparation, methods of consumption


Most people just simply eat the raw mushrooms.

/Fresh mushrooms contain more of the active ingredient, but dried mushrooms are effective too./

However, oral ingestion is known to cause extreme nausea.

Some people – to lessen the nausea caused – brew a tee from the mushroom and drink that. It is controversial whether that helps to avoid nausea at all, because ibuprofen acid (responsible for nausea) is not effected by boiling water unless it is over 78° C for at least 30 minutes.

There is also some anecdotal evidence that the dried powdered extract can be smoked but there is no reliable information from any official sources on this topic.



Amanita muscaria dosage


Amanita muscarina and A. pantherina can cause very uncomfortable symptoms if overdosed. Yet, there is very little reliable information online on the recommended dosage.

According to the psychoactive dose of muscimol is around 10–15 mg for a normal person.

However the book “A Guide to British Psilocybin Mushrooms” by Richard Cooper recommends a smaller dose, 8.5 mg of muscimol.

None of this actually helps unless you have access to a lab and can measure the level of muscinol in the shrooms.

As with every entheogen safe but effective dosage is dependent on your age, weight and even your gender.

To make things even more difficult the potency varies from batch-to-batch and from mushroom-to-mushroom.

It is entirely possible to become uncomfortably high ingesting the same amount, which produced no effects at all the previous time.

Be careful if this is your first time using Amanita muscaria.

To avoid uncomfortable, potentially dangerous situations use the “ladder method” (start with a really small dose and wait for the effects, and if manageable, enjoyable, then consume more) and always have a trip sitter nearby.

/More information about safety and responsible legal high use can be found here./


Erowid recommends the following doses:

Oral Amanita muscaria dosages
Light1 – 5 g (1 medium cap)
Common5 – 10 g (1 – 3 medium caps)
Strong10 – 30 g (2 – 6 medium caps)

Source: Erowid – Amanitas – Dose


I also did my own research.

The following recommendation is based on my investigation of 25 fly agaric trip reports online:

  • You can feel effects from as little as 1 gram.
  • According to trip reports online 10 grams resulted in high intensity (and often uncomfortable) experiences.
  • Trip reports of people consuming 15 grams or more are described as “near-death”, “nightmarish”, “worst experience ever” and “never again” up to 80% of the time.
  • I could only find 2 trip reports of people consuming 15+ grams online, in both cases the ingestion of 15+ grams resulted in hospitalization and caused serious to severe health problems.


Depending on what you have eaten before – if anything – it can take up to 2-4 hours for the effects to appear and a trip can last anywhere from 4-12 hours or even more in extreme cases. I do not recommend ever consuming more than 15 grams of dried mushrooms, or 10 grams of fresh amanita mushrooms.



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You can buy different varieties of Amanita mushrooms here:

You can buy A. muscaria and A. pantherina here /shipped from the US/ – credit cards accepted

Buy Amanita muscaria mushroom extract

You can buy Amanita muscaria extract here:

You can buy fly agaric extract here /shipped from the Netherlands/

You can buy fly agaric extract here /shipped from the US/ – credit cards accepted



Amanita muscaria trip reports


The following are trip reports of people who took some amanita mushrooms and shared the experience.


“I am attempting to write this while on Amanita mushrooms. I have been on it for almost 3 1/2 hours. This is so unlike anything, but I will try to explain.
Now, I am fading down, I feel very stoned and I’m shivering cold and sweating. The trip tells me things against reality. I feel a differnt existance ever few seconds, and have to fight it with my conscienceness. Earlier, I had no conscienceness to fight with. Reality became, no two dimensional, one dimensional. Everything in a certain reality would exist at a certain altitudinal level, one level, like a circle across the world, nothing up or down, only the one level. The reality would even come with numbers, I’m not sure where the numbers came from, but a certain heighth reality would be 3, and all became 3, all of life, universe, became that flat circle 3.

I experienced infinity, the answer to life, and it scared the shit out of me, but fascinated me beyond belief. This trip is circles, new realities that I belief each time, and the cirlce makes everything within it. It it not explainable. Everything was in the altitudinal dimension, no flat surfaces in front of me only like table tops.”

Source: Erowid – Amanita muscaria – Trip report


“During my trip the twitching was actually times when I would fade out of reality and sort of black out for a second.  I became extremely enlightened and understood the universe starting from the big bang until the end.  I realized that it was a never ending process and just kept restarting.  I had a sense that my thoughts would create and affect other realities.  I really dont have words to describe these sensations as with most profound trips. At this point I went into my bedroom to lay in the dark and listen to some music.  I only had my gf’s ipod in a dock that was playing some of her euro techno; this sent me to ectasy.  I could see the fabric of reality.  It was dark with the most extreme bright light behind it peaking through.  I would compare it to the sun behind the clouds but times 1000.  It was peaking through in “cracks” kind of like a zipper zipped up with light coming through it.  I tried unzipping it to get to the light but something was holding me back so I never made it to the light.  I guess I wasnt meant to get to it yet.”

Source: Shroomery – Amanita pantherina – Trip report


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Share your own trip report in the comment section below (to ensure anonymity don’t use your real name or real email address when submitting trip reports)!


Some of the information presented here might be outdated or incorrect (check “last updated” below). Make sure, that if you are planning to try out any of the substances to research them yourself as well.

I’m 100% committed to safe and responsible legal high consumption. If you have a few minutes to spare please read my blog post about responsible and safe legal drugs use.

Amanita muscaria is only one of the legal highs included in Simon’s legal high guide, check out the others as well.

If you are only interested in legal psychedelics, then check out Simon’s Legal Psychedelics for more.

Last updated: 2015. 10. 27.

Simon's Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina Guide
Article Name
Simon's Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina Guide
A guide to amanita mushrooms, including fly agaric and Amanita pantherina. You can find information about the legal status, dosage and online shopping here.

7 thoughts on “Simon’s Amanita Muscaria Guide”

  1. Brian R Gard says:

    I naively was forage for mushrooms and found Amanita Muscaria of a yellow variety just emerging from the forest floor in the Central Idaho Forest, I did not look at them too close as I had been eating Red Belitos mushrooms raw and in soups on 17 previous days of the backpacking season of 2013. Well I boild a quart pot of these mushrooms and added them to a large vegetable soup and ate the entire quanitity, I was unconcious for 12 hours, woke groggy and barely able to stand, a army Helicopter for the 101st Airbourne Divison from Boise Idaho arrived 13 hours after my ingestion and took me to Steele Memorial Hospital in Salmon where I stayed over night and was released after 28 hour stay. I was extremely euphoric, did not sleep for 2 days, and stayed very ‘high’ for 4 days total, the feelings did not wear off until nine days later. At the time we did not know what kind of mushroom I had ingested that had so profoundly and strongly affected me. I studied the internet and eventually read about Amanita Muscaria, one year later we backpacked into the remote region of the Frank Church Never to Return Wilderness at a time of high rainful period and immediately found the mushrooms, they were yellow caped, had white warts, and were easy to identify and locate, I did not try them – my fear of their awesome power too strong. One year later on a return trip I brought 3 caps back and made 2 quarts of hot tea with lemon, tea bags and honey, and over the course of 4 hours slowly drank the tea – I was not knocked out, but felt a strong euphoria that lasted nearly 24 hours, I had 10 hours of high quality sleep and felt very good all over, ‘heavy’ with euphoria, yet could walk, read and work. Taking it very slowly after boiling (and drinking the remaining water) is the way to go, when the dose is high but still safe quite and just enjoy it.

    1. curious guy says:

      Hi is the death cap a good mushroom to eat for a legal high, is like amantia muscaria is its scary sounding name and status just a myth or is it more toxic that amanita muscaria?

      1. Dan Stuttgart says:

        Definitely not, Nathaniel Hawke and a few other devoted amanita consumers will eat them however they can be lethal in muscimol and only galerinas match their toxicity. The amanita species are tricky due to where they grow one cap may have very little toxins where as the next could be extremely potent. Do not eat death caps as even Hawke said he built his tolerance up over years of consuming pantheria and muscaria amanitas. Muscimol in lethal dosage shuts down kidney function and just like galerinas can actual cause a condition in which your kidneys over a long period fail. Muscaria’s are traditionally used because they hold safer levels and are still always advised to be mindful when early picking in summer time will carry much more potent fruiting up to 10x the amount of muscimol in some tests and from experience me and friends divided one summer cap into fourths and I was the only person to remain conscious and we all vomited profusely. Meaning even in the one cap the Muscimol was very very high or the Isbenic acid which would account for the vomiting. I don’t consume pantheria’s as the same thing can easily happen even if harvesting in the fall. These are a safe shamanic entheogen but be aware that they are called red devils and angels for a reason. the story above of the yellow mushrooms with warts screams pantheria’s or Amanita muscaria var. guessowii and even with the amount he ate hell of an ordeal. Stick with Muscaria’s and although I am a wild picker myself online purchasing has much more controlled numbers for those who are starting. I’ll finish by saying most deaths related with why amanita muscaria got labeled poisonous were due to death cap and destroying angel amanitas or pounds in some russian reports of mushrooms being eaten. So be safe and keep their sale status safe and only go for Muscaria’s

        1. Dan Stuttgart says:

          I should also add that both destroying angels and death cap mushrooms contain several other chemicals in them including amatoxins (what makes galerinas so nasty), phallotoxins, and phallolysin (liver destroying agent) as well as muscimol so I do not condone any one trying out Hawke’s way of doing things. Amanita Muscaria and most its close Muscaria relatives do not contain amatoxins or phallolysin that I know of or at least not anywhere near measurable amounts to damage humans like the death cap

          1. Thank you for writing a detailed response. I totally agree with your comment.

  2. i just happened to walk past some fly agarics and took them with to my home. i knew what they are and they get you high and tripping and shit. i let them dry for a week and then ate one large cap. it tasted like fries, or chips. then i went watching tv with my brother and his friend. i started feeling really weird. i somehow sensed their energies. they were swearing and talking about something i didnt like. i felt their bad vibes really much and it made me feel extremely bad. now it had been about 30 mins from when i ate the cap. i felt really sick. sick and dizzy and sweated a little bit. i puked for some time. i felt quite horrible. i went to lay on my bed and still felt disorientated and shit. then i started to feel really tired, and fell asleep. the quality of sleep was awesome. i was dreaming, really weirdly, like they werent really dreams but like a conversation with myselves. there were parts of me talking to each other. we were discussing about me, my life. i cant remember but i remember i felt like i solved a mystery or something, like something in my life got cleared up or something. i felt better. i slept some more, until i woke up to a huge bright light flashed all over my room. im not sure if i heard a really loud bang from the light, but that got me awake. now i was feeling really good, euphoric and so calm, like i have nothing to worry about. after some time i got up and felt like drawing, cuz i wanted to see what my mind comes up with on that drug. well, i was too tired to draw anything really interesting tho. it was a very cool experience for me. i was pretty high even the day after it. mild hallucinations and stuff. this happened like 2 years ago, and im planning to take fly agaric again, since i feel like i might be able to use it better this time and figure out some more stuff.

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