Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty Free & Tax Free Cigarettes Online

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This guide will teach you how to find the best deals on duty free cigarettes and how to avoid scams, when purchasing online. Also, check out the price comparison to see how much money you can actually save by ordering cheap tax free cigarettes online.

UPDATE: New coupon codes for buying cigarettes online were added (you can find the coupon codes at the bottom of the guide).

This guide is a result of my research of duty-free/tax-free cigarettes online. I’m  not smoking and I’m actually against it. It’s a bad habit.

My reason for writing this guide: 

It all started with my mother. She has been smoking for 20+ years. After my father lost his job (and he remained unemployed for nearly two years) the family’s budget got really tight and I tried to help by finding the cheapest, most discounted cigarettes online for my mother. This is when I stumbled upon duty-free (sometimes called tax free but actually that’s incorrect, explanation can be found here: the difference between duty-free and tax free) shops selling cheap cigarettes online.

It is surprising how much money you can save by buying cigarettes online!

I hope this guide will help you (if you are smoking) or your family (if someone is smoking in your family) to help save money on cigarettes. It certainly helped us a lot.

Let’s start!

This is the banner of is an online duty-free/tax free shop mainly selling cheap cigarettes by the carton.
Buy cheap cigarettes online, duty-free shop selling cheap cigarettes online, free international shipping


Buying cigarettes online

– Is it legal? Let’s find out!

Many people assume erroneously, that you can not buy cigarettes online legally. It’s actually not true.

Legit duty-free shops circumvent duty-free laws and are able to sell unbelievably cheap cigarettes online legally (with free international shipping and bulk order discount it’s indeed really cheap).

/You can find an explanation of how duty-free online shopping works here.
That guide – among other things – explains how duty-free shops are able to sell duty-free products online legally/

If you are looking  to buy cheap cigarettes, your favourite brands at affordable prices online, then you will find this price comparison very useful .

Online duty-free cigarettes are definitely cheaper than brick & mortar vendors.


If you are from Europe or the US you can save a lot of money by ordering cheap cigarettes online (bulk order discount + coupon codes at the bottom, it’s really cheap if you use the coupon)

If you are from any other country, it depends on which country you are from. The price of a pack of cigarettes might still be cheaper in a brick & mortar store in your country, if you are lucky. Taxation of cigarettes is different in each country.

Average price of cigarettes online: A pack of cigarettes costs around € 3 online (that’s $ 4, not counting temporary promotions and bulk discount, discounted cigarettes cost around $3 per pack).


Cigarettes, smokes online

This guide is a result of my research of the US, UK and European online tobacco and online duty-free tobacco products market.

/Offline, brick and mortar duty-free stores are overpriced rip-offs, the price comparison below illustrates this nicely. You shouldn’t shop in duty-free shops at airports, buy tobacco products only at online duty-free stores or you will be ripped off./

You can find similar price comparison of duty-free alcohol here.


Price comparison, buying cigarettes USA, UK, EU

– tobacco, cigars, rolling tobacco etc.. everything will be mentioned

Let’s compare prices and see the results.



There are a lot of online stores selling low quality counterfeits (made in Southeastern Asia and China mostly) or stolen black market cigarettes. Make sure to never order from these shops or you can get into a lot of trouble if customs notices it!

The tutorial after the price comparison will teach you how to identify these illegal vendors.



Price of a pack of cigarettes in a store in the US, breakdown by states

The price of a pack of cigarettes in the US state-by-state in 2016 (interactive map, click on any state to see the price):

UPDATE: Interactive map of the US showing cigarette prices is currently not available. Working on a fix. Check the price table below.  New interactive map with updated prices is coming soon.


Here you can see a state-by-state breakdown of a price of a pack cigarettes in brick & mortar shops in each state in 2014, 2013, 2012 and in 2011. the price includes taxes, and the numbers are from the federal government’s website.

/I have include more than one year’s data to give a better overall picture of the decease/increase/fluctuation in the price of a pack of cigarettes in the US./


StatePrice of a pack of cigarettes in the USA
 2011 2012 2013 2014
 Kentucky $ 4.97 $ 6.56 $ 4.96 $ 5.40
 North Dakota $ 4.91 $ 5.03 $ 5.04 $ 5.33
 West Virginia $ 4.74 $ 4.84 $ 5.07 $ 5.43
 Oklahoma $ 6.19 $ 5.24 $ 5.19 $ 6.29
 Idaho $ 4.99 $ 5.11 $ 5.25 $ 5.41
 Missouri $ 5.58 $ 5.87 $ 5.25 $ 5.25
 Louisiana $ 4.82 $ 5.33 $ 6.50 $ 5.44
 Oregon $ 5.59 $ 5.35 $ 5.74 $ 5.69
 Wyoming $ 5.50 $ 5.21 $ 5.37 $ 5.41
 Mississippi $ 5.75 $ 5.55 $ 5.45 $ 6.34
 Nevada $ 5.93 $ 6.04 $ 5.50 $ 6.15
 South Carolina $ 5.42 $ 6.25 $ 5.55 $ 5.58
 Colorado $ 5.96 $ 5.59 $ 5.19 $ 5.65
 Indiana $ 5.50 $ 5.56 $ 5.77 $ 5.97
 Alabama $ 5.27 $ 5.18 $ 5.80 $ 5.51
 Virginia $ 5.55 $ 5.43 $ 5.81 $ 5.25
 Ohio $ 6.22 $ 5.67 $ 5.88 $ 6.03
 Tennessee $ 5.56 $ 4.91 $ 5.89 $ 5.30
 Georgia $ 5.29 $ 5.93 $ 5.93 $ 6.39
 Minnesota $ 6.53 $ 5.96 $ 5.95 $ 8.10
 Florida $ 6.08 $ 6.29 $ 6.29 $ 6.30
 Delaware $ 6.00 $ 6.10 $ 6.00 $ 6.35
 North Carolina $ 5.51 $ 5.14 $ 6.03 $ 5.45
 Nebraska $ 5.55 $ 5.99 $ 6.09 $ 6.23
 Kansas $ 6.00 $ 6.47 $ 6.21 $ 5.83
 Montana $ 5.99 $ 6.12 $ 6.25 $ 6.46
 Arkansas $ 5.96 $ 7.10 $ 6.50 $ 6.07
 New Hampshire $ 5.87 $ 4.86 $ 6.59 $ 6.44
 Utah $ 7.22 $ 6.88 $ 6.64 $ 6.89
 California $ 5.19 $ 6.45 $ 6.45 $ 5.89
 South Dakota $ 6.03 $ 6.82 $ 6.77 $ 6.08
 New Mexico $ 6.88 $ 6.69 $ 6.91 $ 7.67
 Michigan $ 6.90 $ 6.50 $ 6.50 $ 8.00
 Pennsylvania $ 6.80 $ 6.93 $ 6.95 $ 6.85
 Maine $ 7.97 $ 6.97 $ 7.12 $ 7.37
 Texas $ 6.07 $ 6.89 $ 7.24 $ 6.69
 Iowa $ 6.00 $ 7.52 $ 7.25 $ 6.29
 D.C. $ 7.99 $ 8.27 $ 7.89 $ 7.99
 Maryland $ 6.70 $ 6.53 $ 7.93 $ 7.75
 Wisconsin $ 8.11 $ 7.98 $ 8.11 $ 8.82
 Washington $ 9.89 $ 8.98 $ 8.31 $ 9.30
 New Jersey $ 8.35 $ 8.00 $ 8.55 $ 8.20
 Massachusetts $ 8.30 $ 8.49 $ 8.77 $ 9.95
 Connecticut $ 8.25 $ 8.85 $ 9.30 $ 9.52
 Vermont $ 8.23 $ 7.60 $ 9.52 $ 9.62
 Rhode Island $ 8.60 $ 8.16 $ 9.56 $ 8.95
 Alaska $ 9.14 $ 9.39 $ 9.59 $ 9.79
 Arizona $ 6.87 $ 7.46 $ 9.65 $ 8.05
 Hawaii $ 9.73 $ 10.22 $ 9.68 $ 9.55
 Illinois $ 9.67 $10.25 $ 11.59 $ 11.50
 New York $ 11.90 $ 12.50 $ 14.50 $ 12.85


As you can see the price ranges from $ 12.85 in New York to $ 5.25  in Missouri.
Quite a lot of variety among the states. But none of come anywhere close to an online duty free shop.

Here is an example of what sort of prices you can expect in an online duty-free store:

The picture shows the price of a carton of cigarettes in duty free shop in USD.
The average price of a non-discounted carton of cigarettes is $ 42


You can get a pack of cigarettes for as low as $ 3(the average is $4.4, depending on the brand). Bulk order discount is possible (bulk order, 2+ cartons).

A pack of cigarettes sells for an unbelievable $ 3.2 per pack online. That’s cheaper than in Missouri by two dollars and $ 9 cheaper than in New York!

/+ free shipping to most countries, credit cards accepted/

The following tobacco brands are sold by the company:

American Legend, Benson n’ Hedges Cigarettes, Camel, Captain Black Cigarettes, Craven A Filter, Davidoff, Dunhill, Fortuna Cigarettes, Gauloises, Gitanes, Glamour Cigarettes, Gold Classic, Gold Crown, Golden American, Golden Gate, HB Cigarettes, Karelia, Kent, Kool, L&M, Lambert n’ Butler, Lucky Strike, Monte Carlo, More Cigarettes, Nat Sherman, Newport, Next, Pall Mall, Parliament, Peter Stuyvesant, R1, Raquel, Regal, Rothmans, Salem, Silk Cut, Sobranie, State Express , Superkings, Vogue, West, Winston and many more.


This is the banner of is an online duty-free/tax free shop mainly selling cheap cigarettes by the carton, and tobacco, rolling tobacco and smoking paraphernalia.
Buy cheap cigarettes online, duty-free shop selling cheap cigarettes online

/credit cards accepted, free international shipping/


Buying cigarettes online UK, Europe


In the UK and much of Western Europe a pack of cigarettes (or fags, as the British call them) is around: £ 6 ,  € 8,  $ 10.

In East-Europe it’s the half of that. It’s around $ 5 for a pack, which is still more expensive than an online duty free shop.


The picture shows the price of a carton of cigarettes in duty free shop in USD.
The average price of a non-discounted carton of cigarettes is $ 42


Here are the prices in Euros:

USD to EUR, exchange rate 2016: $ 40.99 is € 32

A pack of cigarettes sells for € 3.2 per pack from an online duty-free shop. 

That’s cheaper than anywhere in West Europe (and most of Eastern Europe).

 /Free shipping everywhere in Europe, credit cards accepted, the cigarettes are arriving from outside the EU./

This is the banner of is an online duty-free/tax free shop mainly selling cheap cigarettes by the carton, and tobacco, rolling tobacco and smoking paraphernalia.
Buy cheap cigarettes online, duty-free shop selling cheap cigarettes online

/credit cards accepted, free international shipping/

How to spot an e-commerce store selling blackmarket cigarettes online, illegally – step-by-step guide


It’s very easy, this easy to understand, step-by-step tutorial will show you how to check any e-commerce store – not just shops selling cigarettes online – for warning signs.


There are two types of online shops you need to avoid:

  • shops, which are scam sites looking for victims and stealing their money, credit card information and personal information,
  • sites posing as duty-free shops, selling counterfeit black market cigarettes (low quality counterfeits or stolen cigarettes) illegally, online


There are fours things to keep in mind when you are trying to determine the legitimacy of an e-commerce site:


Common sense: Look at the webpage. Is the website cared for? Or is it looking abandoned and haven’t been updated for a while? Does the website look good?Does it look like how a public face of a company supposed to look like? Does it look like a legitimate, operating e-commerce store? If it doesn’t look cared for, there is probably a good reason for it.

Accepting credit cards: If an online duty-free shop does not accept credit cards you are dealing with a scam. Or it’s a website selling black market cigarettes illegally.

Credit card payment processors have very strict requirements. They are really thorough and if they as much as suspect anything remotely illegal they shut down credit card processing on the website instantly (and also fine the website and alert authorities). Therefore, websites selling illegal cigarettes don’t take credit/debit cards. They prefer anonymous, unregulated payment methods e.g.:

  • Moneygram
  • Western union
  • Geopay
  • pre-paid virtual cards
  • cash in an envelope

etc…. Avoid online shops like this.


Contact the webshop before you make a purchase:  First of all, make sure you can actually contact them. Contact them and don’t buy anything till they respond.

Scam sites are usually not given much attention. Scammers create hundreds of low quality fake sites and wait till someone falls for one them and gives them sensitive information. They don’t bother replying to customer emails and they definitely don’t provide a phone number.

Websites selling black market cigarettes do not have contact information listed on the website. They know they are doing something illegal and they will try to remain as anonymous as possible.


If you follow the simple step-by-step tutorial above, you will be able to tell the difference between legitimate online businesses and scams.

/You can apply this for every type of e-commerce store, not just online duty-free shops./



Additional tricks:

Check the social media profiles of the store (if they have one of course). Are they abandoned, or are they active?

Check the website for dates (e.g.: “Copyright 2010” in the footer, that would be a warning sign, websites which are not optimized for mobile etc..).

/Of course anyone can put anything on the website. To determine whether it’s true or not, and if you are tech savvy enough, go to, insert the URL and look at “Creation date:” and “Update date:”. These will tell you without a shadow of a doubt how old the website is, who is behind it, and when was it last updated. But if you just go through the steps above, you can easily tell whether it is a scam without doing this./





Duty-free allowances for cigarettes

You can find the duty-free allowances on tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products here: Duty-free, tax free guide with allowances (sorted by country).

/Don’t worry if the order exceeds the duty-free allowance of your country (except in the US and UK, stick to duty free allowances strictly there). They will send only one carton at a time for a period of weeks/months to minimize the risk of getting your order confiscated by customs. Just contact customer support, they will tell you how it goes. But even if they send it all at once it usually arrives./


Legal issues with buying cigarettes online

Ordering cigarettes from online duty-free shops is, in general, perfectly legal. However, certain countries seize your order if it exceeds the limit on duty free products. The UK, and to a lesser extent the US is notorious for this. In those two countries we definitely do not recommend ordering more than the duty free allowance. You can find the duty free allowances here. You should always check the regulations before buying cigarettes, especially in bulk.

The shop I recommend offers a form of insurance to protect buyers. If you decide to pay some extra, your order will be guaranteed to be delivered again if it happens to be seized by customs, free of charge. I strongly suggest using this insurance if you bulk order.

If your shipment is seized or lost for any reason, contact the retailer you bought the smokes from; even if it was uninsured many online shops offer some form of recompense.



Coupons for purchasing cigarettes online


Duty-free shops regularly offer discount codes for cigarettes and bulk order discounts. You can find the latest coupon codes here.



Please click the Google + button if you found this guide useful. 

It helps me out a lot and I appreciate it. Thanks!


Check out the other tobacco related price comparison and shopping guides:


Last updated: 2016-08-05

Get informed, save money,

Simon's Guide to Buying Tax Free Cigarettes Online
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150 thoughts on “Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty Free & Tax Free Cigarettes Online”

  1. I live in the UK and was thinking of ordering off the site you recommend, can you tell me are there any hidden costs like import duty or is the price you pay including everything?

    1. There are no hidden costs, + free international shipping.

      UPDATE: as of 2015 June 18 free international shipping is no longer offered sadly. They started charge a nominal amount for shipping.

      /I’m from Central EU, they definitely never charged us any extra when we ordered./

      1. Thank you I will give it a try

      2. Since you seem to support or work for this site, can you tell me why no one at duty free depot no longer answers the phone or responds to email requests? I placed a large order in august and product has yet to be received and can’t get a human contact. I’m out a lot of money and have nothing to show for it.

        1. I don’t know. Are you sure you are calling the right number (with country code) and using the right email address? I just received an email address from them today, they are definitely still in operation.

    2. I wouldn’t waste your money to be honest. I used this site around once per month. Never had a problem until 3 months ago. I started receiving letters from customs saying my goods had been seized. I thought it was a one off, so placed another order the following month. Again, was seized. They were sent 200 at a time so as I’d places order for 1000, I got 5 letters. It’s not the sites fault and maybe worth a risk at a one off but I won’t be going back.

      1. I’m sorry about that. It’s definitely not the norm (although, not entirely unheard of too). Where do you live btw. ? I’m researching which countries’ customs are likely to seize orders, so I can warn people.

  2. Hi. I’m worried they will get confiscated! I live in UK. I think my limit from outside Europe is 800 but I read somewhere that it was 2,000!! Could you throw some light on that for me as I’m not much of a flyer and find the rules around these restrictions complicated. Many thanks.

    1. It is one carton; 200 cigarettes.

      Check here:

      Don’t worry, you can order even more.
      The company will ship one carton per order over a period of time, to not to exceed the limit.

      If you have more questions please contact the customer support on the site (left side, “chat” button). They will tell you the details.

      You can use the limited-time only, exclusive coupon code: rcMmmv6yxY – for 5% off, if your order exceeds $ 400

  3. Dears,

    I would like to ship 1 40 feet container of Marlboro Red. Can you tell me if you are able to do that and how much the price to Middle East?


    1. Please don’t forget to use this exclusive coupon code: rcMmmv6yxY

      This exclusive coupon code for wholesale and bulk orders will get you 5% additional discount ( 5% additional discount for orders over $ 400).

      Thank you for your business,

      1. Lori Fairchild says:

        OH M G, I am a BUCKEYE and can’t find Marlboro Lights ANYWHERE, can you please help me. the Duty Free site doesn’t have them. I hate Pall Mall and Camel and am not familiar with a lot of the others. I am willing to buy bulk of course 🙂

  4. has any 1 bin charge tax wen there parcle comes i live in uk

    1. Yeah, I bought 1 carton of fags at £32.00, got it no problem

      1. can you please tell me the website you bought your cigs from as i have had mine confiscated by border force .thankyou from lynn

      2. lynn jenkins says:

        i used duty free depot to order 1 carton of 200 cigs and they were seized by border force so i tried again and they were seized again. when i contacted duty free depot and explained the situation they refunded some of my money (I did not pay extra for the insurance, otherwise they would have refunded me fully), but now they have blocked me from using the site, what can i do? —– many thanks from mrs lynn jenkins aged 67

      3. Jimmy Boy says:

        What website please mate? I don’t want to buy 6-10 cartons at a time, one a month would do me! But the postage costs makes my brand more expensive than out of Sainsbury’s!!!

  5. I have a question.

    Is it illegal to buy cigs or tabacco online if you live in the European Area? Particularly Switzerland, Andorra, Luxembourg, Belgium and Monaco. Would greatly appreciate an immediate response. 🙂

    1. No, not really. Your duty-free allowance for those countries is 1 carton per order but If you have more questions please contact the customer support on the site. They are the experts. It’s a live chat, they will tell you everything you need to know.

      1. Thanks Simon. Although the link you attached doesn’t seem to work. Can you please attach it again? 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Thanks for your informative website, Simon. I’m from the UK> Have you ever tried buying from Australia or elsewhere? It looks much cheaper than from the US! 200 Camels from the site you quoted is £67.70 (my friend brings 200 back for £60 when he visits France). I just found £ 31.46 for 200 from Australia. Or is it not legal to buy from Oz to UK? How about Canada elsewhere? Many thanks, B

    1. Seems fishy. Way too cheap to be believable.

      Does the site accept credit cards? If not that’s a big red flag.

      But even if they do, for this price it must be cheap, low quality counterfeit made in a sweatshop with no quality control or safety precautions (god knows what kind of contaminants are in those cigarettes). Also ordering and importing counterfeit cigarettes is illegal and you can get into trouble if customs seize it.

      My two cents.

      1. OK thanks for your help Simon 🙂

  7. Simon,

    Thank you for your very informative website. I reside in London. Can you please inform me of a legitimate online seller of cigarettes, where i can place my orders and have them delivered to me.

    Kind Regards,


  8. I was really suspicious. I thought this seemed to be good to be true so I ordered one carton really cheap (suspiciously cheap) cigarettes online to test this out.

    It arrived without any problem. It seems legit so far.

    I will be ordering much more in the future.
    So far so good

  9. You keep repeating that if a website doesn’t have a credit card paymenth method is a scam. Well… paying Visa for tobacco products is ILLEGAL and the sites that accept CC have very often problems with the processing companies. Hence, a customer may pay with Visa and never see the product and money back… like it happened on I never saw my order/ my money… but I was assured zillion times that they would pay me back… right!
    Im sure you wont post my comment, but I assume you are paid for writing all these nice stuff about those sites…

    1. I’m not affiliated with If you click on any of the banners you will see that it it is an entirely different website.

      sites that accept CC have very often problems with the processing companies”

      I don’t know where you get that from. Especially considering you are talking about a different website and entirely different company.

      I assume you are paid for writing all these nice stuff

      I’m sure you won’t believe me but I’m not paid to write this. However, I do get paid 10% of the total amount of profit the company makes on your purchase if you end up buying anything (and if it gets delivered, I only get paid if you received the order and it is ticked as “shipped” on the affiliate dashboard).

      I do need to eat, pay rent and bills like everyone else. Aside from the revenue from my websites I have no other source of income.

      1. Looking for an online store that sells one of these….basic light 100’s, Marlboro light 100’s, or Winston light 100’s. Any ideas? I live in the u.s.

  10. Goldfingerz says:

    Hey Simon,
    it’s cool what you are doing, thanks for passing on the information. I’m a pro piano player, have been smoking all my life, 61 now. It’s the only vice I’ve got left and I enjoy it. I only smoke White Ox rollies which are now almost $50 per 50g pack here in Australia. It’s ridiculous, can’t afford it. The Gov’t is increasing the tax approx 12% every 6 months, such a ripp off.
    From what I understand you also sell tobacco? Is this correct?
    cheers, Goldfingerz

    1. “I only smoke White Ox rollies which are now almost $50 per 50g pack here in Australia. It’s ridiculous, can’t afford it.”

      That’s ridiculously expensive! You can find 50g packets of tobacco from $ 10 here.

      “From what I understand you also sell tobacco?”

      I’m just a simple blogger letting people know about this fantastic opportunity I have discovered. Tobacco is taxed beyond belief in nearly every country. Smoking is becoming a luxury.

      I hope I can help people save money by letting them know about how cheap it is to actually order it online. Surprisingly this is a relatively new phenomena and because the restrictions placed on tobacco advertising very few people know about this opportunity.

      The actual selling is done by my partners on their website. The tobacco you are looking for can be found here.


    I would like to order multiple cartons on a regular basis for personal use. What it the best way to contact your company/see order form/selection, etc.?

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Just simply go here. And order it from the page.

      If your order exceeds $400 use the coupon code: rcMmmv6yxY for 5% off (shipping is free regardless of the amount ordered).

      If you need help scroll down to the bottom of the page on the site and contact 24/7 live customer support.
      They will help you with your order if you have further questions.

      Hope this helps, have a great day,

  12. Hi Simon

    I was hoping you could help, I don’t smoke but purchased 10 pks of golden Virginia tobacco at duty free for a mate who let me down and left me with them, and I haven’t got a clue what to do all I want is my money back.
    Can you help, legally of course?
    PS I have the receipt.

    1. Where do you live Collin? You still have that tobacco? I am sure its easy to find someone to sell it to. I could buy it if you live in UK!

  13. Please can you advise if any one in Auatralia has actually received cigarettes and not paid duty before taking possession of the cigarettes

  14. Hi,

    Very good Blog!! thank you very much 🙂

    Has anyone actually tried to buy from UK? Did it work?

    I was about to place my order.. While I was looking for the Tobacco allowances in the HMRC website I came across the comment “To qualify for the tax/duty free allowances you must transport the goods yourself.”

    For the once who are interested Tobacco allowances:
    200 cigarettes
    100 cigarillos
    50 cigars
    250g of tobacco

    So don’t even try the Old Holborn Yellow as they only sell (at the moment anyway) one carton of 10x50g (=500g) and the allowance is excited.

    If anyone else wants further info about allowances etc can check HMRC website where I got the above info:

    I am looking for cheaper tobacco, so if anyone has ever tried it from UK and it works, please let us know.


  15. You need to update your costs for Missouri, you are way to high. We are much much lower than this amount. And as for this company you are promoting, they are much higher than the prices that are here anyway. So don’t say they are cheap, it’s not.
    High price here, $4 and change, cheap is $2 and change.

    1. The prices of the cigarettes are average prices per states and they are from the US government (they publish them each year). Some low quality brands might be significantly cheaper in really small towns, off-license stores.

      “And as for this company you are promoting, they are much higher than the prices that are here anyway.”

      Again, it depends on the brand and they change what’s on stock and the price constantly. You might get the cheapest, shitiest brand in an off license store in Mississippi cheaper than brand name cigarettes from this store, yes, that can happen.

      They change what’s on stock and the price constantly. I will update the screenshot but I’m sure, that ordering online is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper

  16. i founExcise Duty is a tax on certain goods such as alcohol and tobacco. When you buy excise goods in the UK the price you pay includes this tax.
    Excise Duty allowances
    Travellers bringing excise goods into the UK from another EU Member State for their own use do not have to pay UK Excise Duty, provided that the goods were bought duty paid in the other Member State, for example from a supermarket or cash and carry.
    If you are a traveller bringing excise goods into the UK from outside the EU for your own use, you only have to pay Excise Duty on them if you exceed your duty – free allowance.
    If alcohol or tobacco products are sent to the UK through the post, for example internet purchases or gifts from family and/or friends, Excise Duty is payable on the whole amount.
    These rules are different if you’re bringing in excise goods for commercial use. For more information, see the link below.d this online and it says that you have to pay duty on any cigarettes you buy from abroad when they arrive in this country.

  17. How long does it take before you receive delivery?

  18. I am looking for American Spirit menthol cigarettes for a US purchase do you know where I can go to find them online that is not a fake site? I am glad I found your blog because about 5 minutes ago I almost placed an order on a fake site. I pay about $8.80 out the door at a brick and mortar store.Thanks

    1. Hi,

      I just checked all the websites I know to be genuine, but none of them actually carry American spirits.

      /You can check them yourself if you wish, I know these 6 shops to be genuine (ordered + order arrived successfully and on time):

    2. < -- the best in my opinion, usually has the best prices + regular promos, sales and free international shipping, in operation for 10+ years (shop-by-shop price comparison coming soon)
    6. < -- read a lot of negative comments about this one lately tough... might be best to wait with this one, maybe something happened, I need to look into this
    8. /

      Thing is, not every tobacco company sells their products online, some only use the traditional -offline- distribution system. I suspect American spirit is one of these tobacco companies. I certainly didn’t see it at any of these places and if it would be available they would have it.

      I hope this helps,

  • @SimonTheSorcerer – Can you please tell me that do these sites ship to Australia too? I live in Brisbane Australia, and the duty free limit is just 50 cigarette sticks. How is it possible that I will not be charged Australian custom duty if I buy1 cartoon (200 cigs)?
    Thanks in Advance

    1. Yes, these sites do ship to Australia – to the best of my knowledge – but please ask them on the site as well to be sure.

      “How is it possible that I will not be charged Australian custom duty if I buy1 cartoon (200 cigs)?”

      Yes. Good question. It is indeed 50 cigarettes.
      (More info about it can be found here: ).

      I’m not from Australia (and never been to Australia) so it was really not on my mind till you asked.
      I’m not a lawyer, I’m just a blogger but I did some investigating and this is what I think:

      If you exceed your duty-free allowance of course it is no longer duty-free and you would need to declare it to customs and pay the duty tax. However, it is an open secret that most people who order cigarettes online don’t do this. Because it is such a small order customs usually does not care/it does not worth investigating, therefore they can get away with it.
      And even if you get caught it is only a small fine.

      Of course this is illegal, so I must warn you not to do it.

      This is what I think how it works. But please ask the online stores about this. And let me know what they tell you.

      Legal disclaimer: information only for the purpose of documentation, I’m not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, please don’t do anything illegal, must be 18+ to buy cigarettes and tobacco products

  • Hi Simon,

    I am in France, so do you have any idea about the delivery of products (cigarettes) from dutyfreedeopt to France.
    They have notification on their webiste, we are not reposible for certain countries and France is one of them.

    Thank You.
    S M

    1. Hi,

      Ordering cigarettes and other tobacco products online is not currently banned in France.
      However, there have been talks about it and the consensus seems to be that it is very likely to happen sometime in the near future.
      (For more:

      What the company means by “notification on their webiste, we are not reposible for certain countries and France is one of them” is that if France was to outlaw buying cigarettes online after your order has been sent, the company is no longer responsible if your order is seized by the customs (because it would be illegal by the time it arrived on the French border).
      That’s all that means. Also sometimes if people order exorbitant amounts (20 – 100 cartons of cigarettes per order) that is no longer considered for “personal use” and can only be legally imported by companies, because it is considered for “business purposes” and international trade regulations/laws and taxes apply.But that’s usually not a problem because the company sends out larger orders a few cartons at a time.

      In short: it’s not yet illegal to buy cigarettes online from abroad in France, don’t worry, but it will be soon.

      Hope this helps,

  • PJ Macdonald says:

    You stated above dutyfreedepot is accepting Visa again–but website is only accepting e-checks???

    1. Really?!? I’ve just been on the website and they do. It must be country specific. I will ask them about this. Which country are you from?

    2. Hi,

      I just received an answer from them. For the time being they can not accept credit cards from US residents (I’m from the EU, and I can pay with VISA just fine). They are working on a solution.

      I will update the website right away, thanks for pointing this out.

  • I’m a strange situation. I’m in the process of moving to Australia and I now despise American ciggs. I’m not concerned with overall cost as I smoke a small amount. However what I do I want to enjoy. Are there any AU sites that ship to the states?

  • Hello, I’d like to buy Muratti Ambassador cigarettes for a relative. Price is not the issue. We just can’t get them in the US. Is there a legitimate website you recommend that we should buy them from? Do you know anything about Thank you for the help!

  • Robert Lillia says:

    Simon im from OZ and none of these sites do mastr card or paypal.

  • Hi Simon

    Can I ask why do you have to purchase insurance? Surely if your placing the order and paying by Visa card you’re purchase is protected? It seems that it just another additional cost on to your purchase.

    Or am I just being tight fisted. I would have thought the onus is on the company to insure delivery. I’m only purchasing 2 packets of tobacco to try this out, as to me this seems a bit too good to be true!!! I’m in the UK.
    Thanks for your input…

    1. This was asked and explained in a previous comment, please look at the other comments as well.

  • Hi Simon, I’m moving to New Zealand next month and i’ve been told that the duty free allowance has been changed to 50 from 1 carton. If I order a few cartons at once how will they ship it to me because I don’t want to end up wasting a few hundred dollars. Cigarette prices here are NZD $20 a pack so the duty free shop seems like a better option.


    1. Good question. You can easily order multiple cartons of course, just tell them to ship it to you one-by-one.

  • Thanks for this great Blog Simon.

    I placed my first order for 2 cartons of Rothmans one week ago & they arrived today. Cheap, hassle free & just as advertised. I couldn’t be happier

  • ALAN FRASER says:


    1. There is no need for shouting! I have never met any. If I ever find one I will include it right away.
      Mastercard does not like to work with websites selling “controlled substances”, and cigarettes definitely belong in that category.

      If you find a place that accepts Mastercard please let me know so I can take a look. and if it’s not a SCAM I will include it.

  • Hi Simon

    Sorry, just can’t get my head round it all!
    I live in the uk, so can I buy tobacco from the US , even though Uk customs must know what they are?? Really I’m just fed up being ripped off, our government always finds ways to get your money , one way or another!!

  • Hi Simon,

    You keep mentioning that you should not buy from websites that do not accept Credit Card, this is something that I am aware of and have been for years.
    Although, one of the sites you have mentioned a few times on your site –
    Does not accept Mastercard, they only accept Visa. So I think your either giving out false information or this particular site has changed their payment options.

    Thank you for you time and effort.

    1. Hi James,

      First of all, thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. However, this exact question was just answered replying to the the comment just above you.

      So, Mastercard does not deal with alcohol, tobacco, legal highs and many other things (of course unless you are a giant like Walmart or TESCO, that’s just how the world works.)

      Please read the comment above this for further clarification.

      Have a good day,

  • I stumbled onto your blog because my latest order from Duty Free depot did not arrive after more than 3 weeks. It was usually less than two. I emailed the company several days ago and have not gotten a response. I just placed an order with another company. Fingers crossed…

    1. Sorry to hear that. Usually there are no problems. Sometimes they are very slow.
      If they don’t respond to emails, try calling them – it’s toll fee -.

      I can try and speed up the process for you by contacting the few people I know in the inside. I just need your order ID, and the email address you used used to contact them and I will do my best.

      Just put them here in the comments section, I won’t publish it as a comment of course, but I will see them and will forward them to the right people, it is the fastest way to contact me. I just don’t like giving out my email address anymore, because of the unbelievable amount of SPAM I receive.

  • 100% legit and cigarettes arrive fresh and safely in 1-2wks for USA buyers.

    Tracking info is provided through the local post office and package drop off requires signature.. Could not be more pleased with this cigarette online store for purchasing Dunhill, Rothmans & State Express(555) Cigarettes. Where i live in USA, a pack of cigarettes range from $10-$14 a pack depending upon brand of choice.

    Purchasing online averages out to around $4.00 a pack for premium brands that are impossible to find and extremely expensive when purchased locally.

  • Hi Simon
    I’m in NZ the prices for smokes are horrendous here I’m wondering if I do order some if I will be charged the earth for customs duty?

  • Excellent blog you have here that really put me straight on the do`s and don`ts when purchasing cigarettes online. Thanks a mil for making it easy for us.

  • hi. i live in melbourne australia and am looking into buying on-line cigerettes from “duty free depot” their prices are shown in Euro.. can i change to show prices in AU$ and how do i do it

    1. Hi,

      Your location in your profile needs to be changed. Please contact customer support, they will be able to do it for you. I don’t have access to your profile.

  • ana rizzo says:

    i am having a hard time finding newport 100s from a legit site. the ones u offered do not carry them. do u know of anyplace that does?

  • First of all, I have just received a letter saying my 200 cigs have been seized by the customs. I live in the UK. So, I guess I have just lost £40. Why 40, if the website said it would be only £35? Because they charged me usd 53 and it equalled £38 + bank fee for dollar transaction. No hidden costs? Really? I would not recommend dutyfreedepot and will never order again. Scam!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is the most important service an independent blog like mine can provide; publishing real reviews (positive or negative) of real people. Thank you! Your review was approved and is published without any alterations.

      I’m sad to hear of your bad experience. This is really not the norm, just read the review (comment below yours).

  • Aaron O'G says:

    I brought from about 4-5 weeks past, I consecutively placed orders a week apart. During this process I communicated several times with DFD team. Great response. Yet I did not receive my consignments. So called/email back. Guy was cool and said he’d dispatch first order again (in hopes i receive). Failing that I would receive a refund. So i am happy at the level of conduct. Very professional.
    Their website could use a few touch ups, it looks just like it did, 10 years ago! Even to the point of me calling them and suggesting they lower their images color pallette to save on bandwidth. It was done about a week later and the guy thanked me (maybe a bit longer then 10 years). Ahh the memories. Good times.
    I’ll update on the status in a short eon.

    Now I’ve ordered from the web networks of The cartons arrived here sucessfully, and in good time. Twice even. But dang, I receive phone calls from them at god forsaken hours. One time it was like 4am while I was asleep at family’s. “Sir do you want to buy some viagra”. I was so pissed off (it was like the 6th time they done it to me), I just said look “It’s too early to flame you, i’m going back to sleep”. Then switched my phone off. When i switched it on a few days later. Immediately they continue to harass me constantly with bizarre calls. They bombard my email and flood me with their bs sites. The ban and unban my accounts saying i need a new account for each order. Offer me discounts then take it away. I keep telling them nice and calm, I do not want to do business with you again and to take me off the lists. I mean it’s okay if you make a mistake, but they are plain fools.
    So in short. *** WORST DAMN EXPERIENCE EVER***

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. The most important thing I can offer to my visitors as an independent blogger is publishing real, unbiased reviews of real people. Thank you!

  • Sagar Nayak says:

    Hey Simon, is duty-free depot still safe to use ? I am in the uk and I’m a student so dont want to take a chance with some scam. Can I go ahead and order ?

    1. To the best of my knowledge. So far I have only received one report of a customer having his order seized by customs. And I received two reports of people having ordered successfully in just the last 30 days. These reviews should be somewhere in the comments section.

      /I should really clean up this comment section. 🙂 OVer 100 comments no wonder you did not find them. It’s getting messy. /

      1. Christopher Bailey says:

        Hi Simon,

        Just to say your ‘where to buy cigarettes’ guide is very helpful.
        I am in the UK and you will be aware that you can longer buy packs of 10.
        Do you know if you can buy packs of 10 in the U.S. as I would like to make and order.

        Regards and best wishes


  • Hi, do you hear of many orders being seized by UK Customs as I hear the UK are stricter on this than other countries.

  • hi simon

    can i buy cigarettes online here in Ireland ? and if i can, what is the best website to use so i don’t get ripped off ?

    kind regards


  • Hi Simon
    One of the co’s you recommend is freetaxdepot. I placed an order with them because they accept Amex. They emailed me saying that … Before my order can be finalised, they require a copy of my credit card and personal ID. Also stated that this was an added security measure and a ‘one off’ for new customers.
    Would appreciate your thoughts
    Feeling just a little twitchy!

    1. Yes. I have received a few reports like yours from concerned visitors. Even though websites dealing with controlled substances and online casinos do sometimes require a copy of your ID and/or passport and/or credit card. This is standard security procedure to ensure you are 18+ and you are from a country you claim to be from. However, I have removed them from the website because I received some complaints from visitors. I no longer endorse those websites and I no longer use them myself.

      I would not recommend providing them with that sensitive information. Even though as I said it is just standard procedure. But I can no longer vouch for them.

  • Hi Simon,

    I live in the UK and tried to order on this website, but the bank rejected my payment (Barclays). I definitely have money on my account so it’s not that… Im wondering if it’s because the UK banks don’t like to accept payments for controlled substances from overseas? Thoughts?

    cheers xx

  • Milla Lozanova says:

    hi Simon,

    I live in the US and have been trying to find the yellow american spirit rolling tobacco (its all I smoked in the UK) and they don’t seem to sell it anywhere else. any ideas on where to find it online?

    your help is much appreciated.

    🙂 milla

  • Hi, Simon , for the 2nd time in 2 months I have had my order seized by border control because the order was sent 400 cigarettes in each parcel ( which exceeds the UK allowance ) ! I specifically asked that the 2 nd order be sent one carton at a time to avoid this happening ……… I am totally fed up to say the least , I am sure it says on the website that the cigarettes would be sent out one carton at a time, in intervals to avoid this happening ?? Anyways looks like my card is well and truly marked with border control so no point ordering anymore ……shame really

  • Edward Benetton says:

    I agree with you, price comparison is must for buying cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products online at affordable prices.

  • David Bennett says:

    I think you find that buying cigarettes online is Illegal. I sent for 200 over to America and got a letter from customs saying that they had been taken off me and I would had to pay tax of around $70 which was than the cigarettes were worth, it would have been cheaper to buy them in the supermarkets in the UK. So be careful, maybe customs don’t check every package but its the risk you take, but don’t be surprized if you receive a letter asking for money for tax from customs.

  • Simon,
    I’m in the USA. I’d like to buy St. Michel cigarettes from Belgium. Can you tell me where I can legally buy them safely on line? Thank you!

  • Hi Simon, thanks for the info. I’m from the UK and I love our rolling tobacco better than anything but I live in the US and I was trying to find somewhere to buy tobacco online and your website has helped me out loads thank you. I was wondering if you had a new coupon code because killersale has expired. Oh I also clicked your google + 1 button at the bottom. Thanks again!!!!

    1. Thanks. I just checked it for you. there is no promotion currently. There was a smaller one but that expired on June 28.

      I will update the website if I hear about a new one. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Oh wait! I jsut recived an email from the company. There is a promotion but you don’t need a code.

      If you buy 6 cartons you get 1 extra carton – free of charge.
      If you buy 10 cartons you get 2 extra cartons – free of charge.
      If you buy 20 cartons you get 5 extra cartons – free of charge.

      Valid until July 1st at midnight, once per customer. No code is needed this time.

      1. Hi just to let you know that i ordered 10 cartons and i have had 3 delivered 1 confiscated at Heathrow by customs because I ordered more than the duty free allowance, and now waiting for the rest to arrive but doubt very much i will get them now they have my name and address.To let potential buyers know that in Britain if you order more than the duty free allowance, 1 carton by post you take the chance that if they are picked out you will loose them unless you are prepared to go through the court to try and get them back,if you loose you will incur court costs,i know cos this has happened to me,so beware.

  • Simon, you are full of shit, just like the rest of the scammers. YOU ARE A SAM ARTIST AND A THIEF.

  • Hello Simon, and thank you for doing this!
    I live in greece and since many years now can’t buy my favorite rolling tobacco anymore: “brown” samson (not the usual “blue” one, nor the pale yellow).
    I have people bring some to me from switzerland every now and then, but would really like to be able to get it on my own. Do you know of any site which sells this specific samson? (couldnt find it anywhere)
    Thanks again ang best greatings!

  • Im from Singapore,i started buying from this dutyfreedepot this mid year.
    I cannot say they ship fast but i will get the smokes in about 2 weeks time,
    the smokes always came in.The first time i ordered 2 carton to try,it came & without government tax.
    The rest of the times i ordered 4 cartons,always came in 2 cartons but sometimes i have to pay tax & gst,not everytime.
    So it became fair game but when you dont need to pay that extra tax,wow,you are happy!
    Now i have ordered more than 5 times,they response to my email as well.
    Also sometimes they have good discount,so if u buying 4 or more cartons,u save quite abit!
    Last thing is they ship from israel.The tracking number i checked is from israel.

  • don heywood says:

    Any idea where I can buy cartons of camel menthol silver online? I live in the us.

  • Carol Saunders says:

    Hi Simon, I’ve found a website called Cheap Tobacco Roll, think they are in Netherlands. They look legit but I’m not sure just wondered if you knew anything about them? Many thanks. Very helpful blog you have.



  • Eddie Hoy says:

    just bought 10 packs golden virginia from dutyfreedepot got them thinking of doing it once a month
    whats the limit you can order

  • I reside in USA. Can you please inform me of a legitimate online seller of cigarettes, where I can place my orders and have them delivered to me. or do they deliver to USA?

  • Hi,
    Where are the cigarettes shipped from? This is because I live in Ireland so the customs are very strict and scan/open every package containing cigarettes and alcohol – to best of my knowledge they destroy it if outside EU, if within EU maximum 50 packs allowed.
    Please clarify.

  • Hi, awesome blog. Thank you 🙂
    I’ve read all of the comments but can’t seem to find anyone from Australia with a positive (or negative) outcome??
    Really appreciated the info though. Thank you, especially as cigarettes are about $35 a pack (25’s) where I am and we have very few choices.
    Would love to hear if it works for Australia 🙂 thanks

    1. hi megan, did you have ny luck buying cigarettes online to australia?

  • Hi Simon,
    Do you know where I can buy Marlboro cigarettes? I live in the United States. Thank You 🙂

    1. There was another shop, they were on the site as well. However, sadly, they went out of business. So, right now I don’t know any that would accept credit cards and sell Marlboro cigarettes online.

  • Finland has very strict and hard cigarette laws nowadays, and it wants to be the first country in the world to criminalize cigarette smoking year 2030. I´d like to buy cigarettes from some EU country, but I am afraid, that Finnish customs won´t let me to do so. Maybe they stop the delivering of the goods? I don´t know, do you?

  • Hey Simon,the legal age to buy cigarettes in my state is 19 but I fall a year short. If a site allows 18 year olds to buy cigarettes, can I legally purchase from them? I’ve found minimal information on this and a mixed bag of answers. Thank you . My biggest fear is I’d be denied if I’m required to show an ID or that the packaging would be indiscreet.

    1. This is a really great question! I know their packaging is discreet, that’s for sure. But I would suggest waiting one more year just to be sure. Even if you manage to hide your package from the authorities and find a way to get them delivered without needing an ID (and I’m sure their customer support could arrange this for you) – this is still illegal. And I can not support or help people commit illegal activity on my blog, I hope you understand. If somehow authorities get a wind of this you and the seller (and me for helping you) will be in trouble, selling tobacco and alcohol online to minors is something that’s really in the spotlight for the past few years. Just wait one more year and be safe, that’s my advice.

      1. Thank you so much for the timely response. I’ll wait a year so it’s legal 🙂

  • Hey Simon.You never answered the questions…Can you order cigarettes from Ireland?

  • Hi Simon. Good work here mate. Hope you’re getting fair recompense.
    Have you heard of anyone getting a carton of 5 x 50gm pouches of rolling tobacco into Australia with no probs from customs? Yesterday I paid A$62 retail for 1 x 50g pack and it’s getting higher almost daily. Also, I saw someone mentioned White Ox tobacco. This is very hard to find outside of Oz but perhaps there is a similar brand available? It’s a very strong, dark tobacco, peppery in flavour and quite unique in strength and tasted . I’ve smoked it for 30 years+ and dislike any other brands. The only brand that comes close to being similar is/was Rotterdam Shag, but this is equally hard to find. Any help would be appreciated.

  • What about ordering from Canada? Menthols are soon to be illegal here and the place I used to buy online (cigarchief) doesn’t have them anymore.

  • RUSS HEDGES says:

    this is a very informative article. is there a place in the united states where i can buy cigarettes online and have them shipped to canada

  • Need to purchase Marlboro gold (lights) from outside U.K. To uk address

    Any advice where I can?

  • I am looking for players gold leaf and sobranie cocktail cigarettes. To be shipped to Toronto Canada. Do you know any company and what the legalities are

  • Hey Nicole, I am from Canada too and I’m out of Menthols! I wonder if it’s illegal for us to order them because of the ban.

  • Simon, I live in the US and would like to buy one carton of American Spirit Menthol Kings.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  • Hello there, living in UK and planning to go on a holiday abroad, outside the EU, can someone tell me exact figures on how much i will pay at the customs for bringing, lets say 1.000 cigarettes (5 sleeves) if local price is around £17 per 200 cigarettes asuming that my duty free allowance is only 200 cigarettes. Thank you in advance.

  • Mardi Steinau says:

    Hello, Simon. Interesting blog, this. Thanks for all your work.
    Do you know of any online sites for inexpensive Export ‘A’ cigarettes? Have spent a couple of hours looking; interestingly, lots of sites claim Export ‘A’ in their Google listings but then don’t list them. I know these are Canadian, from the Macdonald Company, and have been around for a long, long time. Looking specifically for the green pack (full-flavored ones), either 20 or 25 to pack. Shudder to think what they go for now at full price, and don’t know what to expect for discounted ones. The only place I actually found was in China (though with a NYC address, too) and required sending a Moneygram, or something like that, to China (not a credit card), and then did not seem to explain a way to do that. I felt skeptical. Hope you might have a tip or two for me.
    Go well. Nice work on this.

  • Hello Simon I went to the cigarette depot center you’re talking about and all I see is perfume bottles and so on I tried to click the chat button no results nothing happens. I’m trying to buy cigarettes on line because of the high prices but I’m really afraid of fraudulent websites, one of your recommendations is if you cant contact the website don’t buy, well it seems I can’t contact your website either. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong or clicking on the wrong place.
    Can you please send me a direct contact so that I can call them or talk to them about my needs?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, you are right, the cigarettes did vanish from the website. I sent them a message, probably temporary glitch/bug with the website, but yeah, it is really annoying.

  • Does anyone know, with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY whether or not this site is actually been updated anytime in the past year? It’s currently mid April, of 2017 and I have yet to see any date later than 2015.

    I realize that may be out of the owner/operators control…. but if you’re listening, kindly give us some kinda proof of life…. if you will. (:


    1. Booo! 😀

      “It’s currently mid April, of 2017 and I have yet to see any date later than 2015.” You should look harder.

  • I recently bought some Gitanes in Belgium. They don’t taste like Gitanes. I want to order real Gitane cigarettes. How do I do that and know I am getting the authentic ones? I am in the US. These taste awful and are surely some kind of imitations.

  • Jennifer steen says:

    Do you carry camel crush ?

  • Have emailed Duty Free without a response. Also tried phoning and gave up after trying twice…waited fourteen rings twice and no one answered. So if anyone does have a problem with their order it may be impossible to correct.

    1. Yep, they closed down a month or so ago. If you click on any of the banners on this site, or any link that would take you to their website you will get to this page instead. It is explained on this page what happened them and the other online shop.

  • Hello, I am in the US, looking for marlboro menthol lights or marlboro menthol lights 100s NON FSC…. any ideas?

  • Hi Simon – are there any online stores that take credit cards ? They all seem to want checking account information which I would rather not give out!

  • The cheapest way, and also the healthiest, is to buy whole leaf. You can buy whole leaf tobacco online, and it is completely untaxed, it’s about $20 a pound, US. You have to shred it and blend it. Roughly 60%-70% Flue cured Virginia and 20% Burly and 10%-20% Oriental (Turkish). That makes the average American cigarette. You can buy it directly from the growers. I know a few that sell to Phillip Morris and other major manufacturers. There is no tax, at least not in the US, and no sales tax even, if it is sold as whole leaf.
    You do have to shred it yourself, once it’s shredded it comes with a tax. It’s a bit of a bitch, you can use pasta makers and paper shredders, or do it by hand with the zig zag pattern with a knife. But really, $150 will last you a year if you’re willing to do it. That, and each cigarette will taste way better than anything else, and be way healthier, and way cheaper. Mine last about 20 minutes. And they make filtered tubes.
    Also, the tobacco companies add a lot of Ammonia to their casings(flavorings). The ammonia makes the nicotine wear off faster so you need another cigarette sooner. With an actual natural tobacco cigarette you actually get less nicotine and the cigarette lasts longer and you don’t need another for a lot longer.
    It is a bit of work though. And I won’t lie, I’ve ran to the smoke shop because I was to lazy to shred and blend. But, in my opinion, it is the best way to smoke. Not to mention the tastiest. Or cheapest, or healthiest.
    Thought it might be a consideration.

  • It’s July, 21, 2017. I’ve read your entire blog post and skimmed through the many comments. The problems I’m having are:

    A) It’s hard to find actual links to the sites you recommend and that are still in good standing as of present. Could you put them more prominently on the page?
    B) I can’t seem to find American Spirit yellow for sale online anywhere (that looks legit, that is). Does anyone know why American Spirit yellow is so hard to find?

    I live in the U.S. – just want some cigs at more reasonable prices, any help is appreciated.

  • Sillon Daniel says:

    Hi Simon,
    I live in France.
    Can I order some SilkCut (grey) cigarettes from you and have them shipped to France without any problem ?
    In advance thank you or your anwer
    Rgds , Daniel

    1. This is just a blog, I’m not selling any cigarettes. That would be illegal for me to do in my country. However, I just checked the store for you, they don’t have Silkcut in the store, sorry. But they do deliver to France and they accept both MAstercard and Visa.

  • I smoke clove cigarettes, Wismilak Diplomats to be specific. I have yet to find a website that sells them and yet takes credit cards and I have had issues with scammers in the past. Any suggestions on a legit kretek store?

  • Cigarette on is a fake.
    No cigarettes,no refund.

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