How Mastercard, the Feds and Your Indifference slowly kills the Online Legal High Market

/DISCLAIMER: I have never advocated or supported the consumption of pre-packaged legal highs (Bizarro, Black mamba, Mortal Kombat, various bath salts etc…). Those substances are bland mixtures of non-psychoactive plants and some unknown research chemical sprinkled on top of it. These pre-packaged designer drugs disguised as not-for-human-consumption herbal incense, herbal potpourri should not be called legal […]

Interesting, Special Legal Highs worth taking a look at -Part 1

The world of legal highs has an enormous variety in products. /However, sadly most of what’s marketed online as legal highs is actually an overpriced ineffective ripoff ( or a bland blend of herbs sprinkled with dangerous research chemicals (Bizarro) and artificial flavoring. Make sure you never buy anything, which doesn’t have it’s ingredients listed online or […]


Legal Herbal Incense and Legal Herbal Smoke from reviewed

Legal Herbal Incense for Sale and Herbal Smoke Legal herbal incense (also known as herbal smoke) is  a carefully prepared, ready-to-smoke preparations of various well-known psychoactive ethnobotanicals of varying strength and effects. Unlike legal buds and herbal solids these do work. Their consumption in most cases has a rich well documented history and culture. The […]

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