Interesting, Special Legal Highs worth taking a look at -Part 1

The world of legal highs has an enormous variety in products. /However, sadly most of what’s marketed online as legal highs is actually an overpriced ineffective ripoff ( or a bland blend of herbs sprinkled with dangerous research chemicals (Bizarro) and artificial flavoring. Make sure you never buy anything, which doesn’t have it’s ingredients listed online or […]


Legal Herbal Incense and Legal Herbal Smoke from reviewed

Legal Herbal Incense for Sale and Herbal Smoke Legal herbal incense (also known as herbal smoke) is  a carefully prepared, ready-to-smoke preparations of various well-known psychoactive ethnobotanicals of varying strength and effects. Unlike legal buds and herbal solids these do work. Their consumption in most cases has a rich well documented history and culture. The […]


Belladonna Trip Reports: The Dark Goddess

Atropa Belladona, deathly nightshade,  the “dark goddess” as it’s called among psychonauts. Psychonauts (experienced legal high users specializing in hallucinogenic plants and other hallucinogenic substances) believe in”plant spirits”, that every plant has a recurring characteristic\personality, which has marked effects on the trip. This is closely related to ethnobotany. With a name like “dark goddess” you can […]

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