According to the various gambling and online gambling laws in Hungary we do not accept Hungarian visitors to this website. Only Szerencsejáték Zrt., Magyar Lóversenyfogadást-szervező Kft., LVC Diamond Kft., and Cívis Grand Casino Kft. can organize, promote, and conduct, any kind of online gambling activity (and this also applies to gambling affiliate marketing activities in relation to Hungarian players). If you are from Hungary, and/or you are a Hungarian citizen, we would like to ask you to leave this website. None of the gambling websites we work with accept players from Hungary, and according to our terms and conditions – you can read it here (if you are from Hungary use a VPN or Tor if you wish to read it, because of the IP range ban) visitors from Hungary are required to leave the webpage. Only an insignificant number, about 0.01% of our visitors come from Hungary, and none of the gambling platforms advertising on the website accept Hungarian players, they never did.

However, despite repeated attempts, Hungarian visitors did not comply with our requests, and did not leave the website, and did not care about the terms and conditions, and tried to register in the online casinos, which led to problems, so we had to initiate a sitewide IP address ban. That is why you are seeing this webpage. Thank you for complying and understanding, we did not make the laws, but we have to abide by them.

Please leave the website!


More info can be found here on the Szerencsejáték Felügyelet’s website (Hungarian only).

Disclaimer: This is a soft block, but I’m using Cloudflare, 2 security plugins and a cloud web hosting service, therefore, depending on your device, browser, there can be issues with the IP range redirect. I’m aware of these issues, bugs, but truth is, there is very little I can do apart from using an htaccess hard block based on IP ranges. Which, for various reasons (lot of technical issues with that, my htaccess file is used by the security plugins),  I rather not do it. Therefore, please do not click on any ads on the website if you are form Hungary (they don’t accept players from Hungary, no need, nothing for you there) and please leave the website.


For Hungarian casino players, Szerencsejáték Felügyelet, Hungarian gambling bloggers, those working in the gambling industry

As someone who is being active in the gambling industry for 8+ years (at the time of writing, in 2020) and 12+ years in the online marketing industry, I know which way the wind blows. I know quite a lot about online gambling laws (I have completed a detailed guide of the legal status of online gambling in every 196 UN recognized countries, took me 5 years, full time), which gives me unprecedented insight into the world of internet gambling.

What happens here in Hungary right now closely mirrors what has happened a few years ago in the UK and the US. Gambling blogs promoting illegally operating, unlicensed online casinos, which pay no taxes to the Hungarian government are popping up all over the place. The online gambling platforms they work with are all registered in offshore tax havens, some of them are even shady, money laundering, tax evading casinos (usually the bitcoin casinos are the worst offenders). It’s all illegal, only the following legally operating online gambling sites are available to Hungarian players:


EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLEGAL FOR HUNGARIAN CITIZENS!!! Truth to be told, Hungarian players are not fined, or prosecuted currently for placing bets on foreign gambling websites, but they could be, any time, without any warning, so don’t risk it. Not to mention, gambling winnings from unlicensed online casinos are TAXABLE!!! And nobody pays taxes on it, and the government knows this. NAV will get you (if you win a bigger amount, €10 000+, unlikely for smaller amounts) even if they leave you alone for illegal gambling (gambling winnings from legal, licensed sources are not taxable, the companies pay the taxes on it for you, players don’t have to).

More info about the Hungarian gambling situation can be found here (use a VPN, TOR or IP mask to access the website, if you are from Hungary, please do not try to register at any of the online gambling websites with a VPN, you will be banned, they will ask for an ID to validate your account and they don’t accept Hungarian players).

And none of the legally operating  Hungarian gambling websites have so called “affiliate programs”, which means they don’t work with, or advertise on gambling blogs.

/Except, which pays live streamers money to play in their online casino, and they receive money on their player account, if a player signs up through them. How is that legal???

(They probably would argue that they receive the money on their player account, not on their bank accounts. But it’s reimbursement, that they can withdraw as money, it has monetary value, or at the very least reimbursement in kind.) They work with livestreamers who usually have an audience that is compromised mostly of young men, under 30, really dumb people, meaning high risk of problem gambling, low impulse control, higher incidence of depression and substance abuse*, the wet dream of any shady online casino, and yet somehow that is okay. Szerencsejáték Felügyelt should really look into this…)/


You can probably see the problem now, all the gambling platforms the Hungarian gambling blogs promote are accepting players from Hungary illegally(you can read the relevant law here). And most of these online casinos are registered in offshore tax havens, not paying any taxes in Hungary. This has happened in the US, and the UK too. And in the US, gambling blogs started to be fined (we are taking about $10 000+ fines), and in the UK, they almost made gambling blogs illegal (they decided against it, now UK gambling blogs have to comply with the UK Gambling Commission’s lengthy, strict, ham-fisted regulations and guidelines, which make it impossible for them to operate normally). All because of the thousands of gambling blogs, which started to pop up, all advertising unlicensed online casinos, which were accepting players illegally from the country, and paid no taxes. The same thing that is happening in Hungary right now.

Proactivity is the name of the game if you work in the gambling industry, when it comes to rules, regulations and governments. And that is why I soft-blocked all Hungarian traffic, and do not, and have never, worked with online gambling companies that accept players from Hungary. I advise all gambling blogs to do the same, and I strongly advise the Hungarian gambling blogs to cease and desist, while they voluntary can.  They are in the process of “waking a sleeping giant” (the Szerencsejáték Felügyelet), and the fines you are looking at are 1 million to 10 million HUF.

For Hungarian gambling bloggers: You are violating the rules regarding promoting, organizing gambling activities, and gambling advertising (szerencsejáték szervezés). No doubt about it, because you operate a Hungarian gambling blog, you are targeting Hungarian citizens, and you are getting paid if those Hungarian citizens register and deposit money, and lose money, and those online casinos are unlicensed (without a proper Hungarian gambling license), and therefore accept players from Hungary illegally.

To top it all off, you also lie about it. This is clearly illegal, and you are only going to get into trouble, eventually.


If all of these rouge gambling blogs would stop, perhaps we could still avoid what has happened in the US and UK, but I’m afraid it’s already too late (not to mention, they won’t). In case Szerencsejáték Felügyelet reads this:


I don’t want to lumped in with the lying hungarian gambling blogs. I always did my best to comply with the rules as much as realistically possible.



*Explanation: Look into the studies online about who watches live-streamers, they are usually men, under 30. That group (search for “depression among men study” and “substance abuse among men study”) usually has higher than normal incidence of substance abuse, and consequently depression (both linked to a higher incidence of problem gambling, search for “study depression alcoholism, gambling addiction link”). Also, it’s well known that men are much more likely to spend money on gambling, and spend more on gambling, and are more at risk for problem gambling (search for “men gambling versus women study”). I know most people wouldn’t connect the dots, and would think “this guy just hates live streamers and the morons who watch them”, but you know, the data is all there, it checks out (and yes, I do hate them, that’s also true, especially IRL streamers). I’m suprised Szerencsejáték Felügyelet is oaky with a company targeting vulnerable group.  but I guess money talks…


Last updated: 2021-03-31

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