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Wild Casino review


Wild Casino is part of the BetOnline group, a US focused gambling giant, it’s been around 2004, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest online sports betting website focusing on US sporting events and US bettors. The main, flagship website is Betonline (you can read the review here), which focuses mainly on sports betting but has all the same casino games as Wild Casino.

Right from the get go, let’s start with the most important: Should you register and play in Wild Casino instead of the main website of the company? NO! Absolutely not!

Wild Casino compared to the main, flagship website doesn’t offer anything more. It has the same, not more, not less, the exact same casino games that BetOnline has. If you register at BetOnline you gain access to the top of the line sports betting and digital sports betting section as well as the same casino games, so I recommend registering there instead.  Wild Casino is a standalone casino with nothing extra, don’t get me wrong, it’s an okay, US player accepting online casino with 240 games, high quality, good games mostly (and some really old, not mobile compatible games to inflate the total number). HOWEVER! It does some borderline shady things that I really can’t condone and therefore I really don’t recommend this. Don’t worry, these are not serious things, it’s not a scam, you get your winnings if you play here, but still, it’s not okay and if it weren’t for the laissez-faire Panama gambling license they could be sued for them (you can find these below in the detailed review). Still, BetOnline the company behind it is a trustworthy, prestigious name in the US gambling scene, and I can personally attest to this. I’m a registered player of the BetOnline group, for 3 years now. I already won over $45 000, over a period of three years (mostly from sports betting at the main website) and I always got the money, ID check of course (it’s mandatory) but no excessive delays, no waiting for months like I had to do at other, smaller US casinos. Therefore I wouldn’t blacklist this casino, but buyer beware, it’s really not recommended over the main website, that’s free of these borderline shady practices.

Wild Casino and every BetOnline gambling website accepts players from the USA or US territories. Wild Casino has a Panama gambling license.

As mentioned above this a standalone casino with casino games only, no sports betting or poker.


If you don’t have time to read the full review and you are just looking for a short summary, just read this: I really don’t recommend Wild Casino over the flagship, main platform of the company (click here to read its review and to check out the website) that is significantly better in every way, and Wild Casino has some worrying issues too, not enough and not severe enough to blacklist it, but I certainly wouldn’t recommended it.



This is the image of the 'Simon says' part of my casino reviews. Next to this picture is my description of my review methodlogy and explanation of the scoring system and data points analysed.

Simon says: In the world of online gambling there are two vastly different categories of online casinos, casino which accept US players, and casinos which do not accept US players. Wild Casino is accepting players from the USA and US territories. This is important to mention in a review, because radically different games, types of games and methods of advertisement and deposit and withdrawal methods are available to both of these casino types. And they should be reviewed in a significantly different way. European (primarily targeting European players, mostly licensed in Europe and also often headquartered there as well) gambling websites always have better and more games, because the best software providers, due to licensing and legal issues don’t work with casinos, which accept US players.

Wild Casino has 241 games. While a typical European casino has about 800 games and has interesting unique games, live dealer games, movie license slots based on popular franchises. Therefore a US casino is always going to look bad compared to a European one.

You can read more about why this is, and about the legal status of domestic and offshore gambling, online gambling in the USA here. Be warned, pretty complicated, dry read, legal stuff.

So, a good US casino would still be only 3/10 compared to a European one. However, In a review I would still rate a good US casino 7-8/10 because different context, and it’s for different players, that’s all there is available for US players. Therefore when I review a casino I use a separate scoring system for the two different types. A good US casino will still get 7/10 or 8/10 like it should, instead of a 3/10. Just wanted to mention this, to avoid confusion as to why a 200 games US casino might get the same score as a EU powerhouse with 1000+ games. People already made remarks about this in the comments section of my reviews. I hope this clears it up why this is the way it is. If you are not form the US there is no point to play in a US casino, really, you have much better options.



This is the illustration right next to my review and research methodology part. You can read about my review methodology, and scoring system I use throughout the review.

Review methodology: This is how the total score of a casino is calculated. In each section I review one of the primary attributes of the casino, these are: list of countries not accepted, list of games, deposit and withdrawal process, methods, and uniqueness. Each of these aspects then gets points ranging from +2, meaning exceptionally good to -2, exceptionally bad. Additionally at end of the review I go through what I consider to be less important, secondary attributes, such as live support chat (if any), VIP, loyalty program, mobile compatibility, other reviews and bonuses&promotions.
At the end I tally all the points and add or subtract them from 10. This will give the final score of the casino. I use a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, no 0 or minus scores.



WildCasino online casino review


1., Who can play: First and foremost let’s check who can play in the casino. Let’s start the review by checking the list of all the countries, the website does not not accept players from.

/Clarification: The country of your residence, your official address, what’s on your ID card (or address card if it’s a separate thing in your country) is what you should be checking, not your current residence. E.g: So if you are from the UK and you currently temporarily reside in the US, you should put down your UK address. It’s important, because if you win, they will ask for your ID and/or address card to make sure you are who you said you are on the registration form, and they will check the address on your ID, if it’s not the same as what you put down during registration they will instantly perma-ban you. And all your winnings will be confiscated, no matter how much you won! Be careful! /


[sections] [section title=”Wild Casino prohibited countries and territories”] The list of countries Wild Casino does not accept players from. Click below to expand.


[/section] [section title=”WildCasino Casino review – list of countries not accepted”]

Wildcasino does not accept players from:

Everyone else can register and play at the casino.

[/section] [/sections]


First of all, Wild Casino has the same Panama gambling license as BetOnline, the same exact one. But at 5x more countries are not accepted. Here, barely any countries are banned, basically France, French territories and Australia, North Korea and very interestingly Panama, the same country where the license is from… You know, they could explain this away, I’m pretty sure they could, maybe this even works in an offshore gambling legal loophole kind of way but still, this is really fishy… doesn’t generate any trust.

This gets even worse, this is from the terms and conditions of the website:

“It’s the player’s responsibility to check with local government rules and regulations to ensure they’re abiding by the rules.”

That’s the only thing in the terms and conditions on the web page, that’s all you get instead of the usual list of countries not accepted found in the T&C of every casino, shady. So basically ‘we wash our hands, come join, if it’s illegal for you we don’t care, we let you join anyway, even if you end up in jail for it’. This is the first time I see such a thing on an online casino’s web page. (But in all fairness I know that players playing in online casinos from countries where such a thing is illegal rarely if ever get any penalty, never heard of jail time apart from North Korea, where you get prison for even using the internet without a license, but still, this is not okay.)

They didn’t even had a proper list of countries not accepted, I had to manually check their registration form against the United Nations list of recognized countries.I know for a certain that this wouldn’t be okay with any European, particularly a UK gambling license. But apparently this is okay in Panama…This deserves a -2, the maximum amount of deduction. It’s shady.

Misleading, barely any countries restricted, issues with the terms and conditions, Panama licence: -2



2., Games: The second most important thing to players is the number, and also the quality of the games. Wild Casino, as I counted, at the time of the review has 157 slots, 48 table and card games, 12 live dealers and 8 interesting unique specialty games, that makes 240 casino games total. This is actually an average amount for a US casino.

Let’s see the quality:

It’s mostly Betsoft and Platipus Studios games, which is really good for a US casino. Betsoft is probably the best software provider that is available to a US casino. It has gotten very good over the years and their latest slots can compete with giants like Microgaming or NetEnt (neither of them available in US casinos). And Platipus is one of the rarer brands I see, which is a nice change, instead of seeing the same slots as at every other casino. They also have games from other smaller studios like Nucleus Gaming, Bla Bla Bla Studious etc. and some slots that interestingly appear to be really old, really nostalgia inducing slots from the 1990s like Touchdown Frenzy, Area 51, Slot Monsters – mostly from Parlay Games. I personally really like that they have these old classics, but let’s be honest, without the nostalgia factor these are really ugly for modern audiences and they are definitely not mobile compatible. All in all an okay selection, but still not enough, 157 slots and 240 games in total are not enough nowadays, so they get -0.5 for having a good but limited selection of games with older games just to inflate the total number.

The live dealer games are from Fresh Deck Studios.


[sections] [section title=”Wild Casino – list of games”] The full list of games at Wild Casino. All the 240 games.

[/section] [section title=”Slots”]

Coming soon

[section title=”Table Games”]

Coming soon

[/section] [section title=”Slots”]

Coming soon

[section title=”Video poker”]

Coming soon

[/section] [section title=”Live games”]

Fresh Deck Studios

[/section] [/sections]


Good but limited selection of games: -0.5



3., Deposit and withdrawal options: The third most important thing to players are the different ways you can deposit and withdraw money from the casino. You obviously can’t win anything unless you bet actual money.

Wild Casino offers the following deposit methods:

The most important thing is that they accept credit cards and wire transfer, sadly many US casinos do not. It’s definitely a plus that they also accept Bitcoin and a few other digital cryptocurrencies, although very few people actually use them.

Let’s see the withdrawal/payout options, because that’s the more important:

Yes, sadly, just like every other US casino credit card is not a viable option to get your winnings. I understand that’s not the casino’s fault, it’s due to various legal issues, but still, very inconvenient to the players. Luckily wire transfer is still an option, and that’s what most people use. And this is the problematic part, taken directly form their banking page:

“The minimum amount that you can withdraw via Bank Wire Transfer is $500 and the maximum withdrawal amount is $24,900, 1 transaction per week.”

This is a huge problem, not only do they not cover the wire transfer fee, they also limit the withdrawal amount significantly. And the other methods are even more limited, Bitcoin is limited at $3000 per week, not much, in fact, very little.

If you were to win $1 million it would take you 6.38 years to get the full amount if you choose Bitcoin to get your money! Not okay! This is the second borderline shady thing they do. They also don’t pay the wire transfer cost, which can be as much as $45, per transaction! So from $3000 winning you would only get $2955, and out of a $1 million jackpot, $ 16,650 would be the cost of wire transfer. Not okay, deducting the maximum amount -2 for this, this is a problem.

And it gets even worse, this is also form their banking page:

“The next best thing to winning money is receiving the cash and spending it. We understand that speedy withdrawals are a priority for our players, which is why we offer same-day payouts. We offer a number of payout methods, so you can choose the option that works best for you. One thing you can count on is that we’ll get you your money faster than anyone else.”

What same day payout??? This is on the same page where they admit that wire transfer can take up to 15 days and Bitcoin withdrawal takes 48 hours ONCE IT’S APPROVED, so god only knows how much it will take exactly. This is a joke, I’m sorry, but this is really -2.

Very limited per week maximum withdrawal amount for all payout methods, does not cover wire transfer fee, misleading marketing bullshit: -2
An extra, additional -1 because even the Bitcoin payout is limited to $3000 per week
(that’s definitely only them, limiting payers on purpose, they can’t say that’s the bank’s fault or due to legal reasons… not okay), total: -3


4., Uniqueness: And the last main category that gets a score is innovation, unique and interesting new online gambling games and features. Anything that makes you “Wow, that’s amazing.”.

Does Wild Casino has the so called ‘wow-factor’? A bit.

They are by and large a regular US online casino. However, they do have a good selection of games from Betsoft and interesting, rarer, smaller software developers, live dealers and a few specialty games (although only 8), and some very old nostalgia inducing games. Which I personally very much like, but if you don’t have the nostalgia factor like I do, then they are just ugly, outdated slots, so it’s not for everyone. Wild Casino is a tiny bit more unique than your regular online casino, but not by much. I give it a +0.5, at least they tried, a little, but needs more, better, more unique and interesting games, game categories, types. Weird, bizarre, unusual themes or maybe try pachinko from the Japanese, the world of online gambling is so stale that even that would be considered new, even though it’s older than old news in Japan… if I had the money BetOnline, the parent company has, you can bet I wouldn’t shame myself with such a timid and boringly regular selection of games (and the state of US online gambling is such that even this boring selection is considered above average, somewhat unique compared to the even more stale competition…)

Innovation, interesting, unique features/games: +0.5



The following are less important optional factors, but still contribute to the total score:


-Live support chat:  The casino has a round the clock, 24/7 live support chat, but only for registered players. It’s entirely unavailable to visitors. You can also call them and write them emails. No points awarded or deducted.


-VIP, loyalty program: There is no rewards, VIP, loyalty program. -1


-Mobile compatibility: The newer games are mobile compatible, most games released in the last few years work on mobile devices. Technically all of them work on mobile devices if you have the hardware. However, you can tell most games (especially the older games) were not designed for such small screens originally. It’s just not realistic to expect the same gaming experience on mobile as on PC. All the games are instant-play, accessible right from the browser, no download necessary. No points awarded or deducted.


-Other reviews: I always check what other review sites say about a casino, to make sure my personal experiences are not out of the line and to check whether the casino had any scandal that perhaps I have missed. Wild Casino doesn’t appear to have had a scandal. The review are usually average or slightly above average. I’m much more critical in this review, very few reviews point out the unethical, borderline shady practices of the company and most of them are very old. Considering the shady things I mentioned above anything above 3/5 is definitely not justified. No points awarded or deducted.


-Casino bonuses and jackpots: The bonuses are pretty good, they have a 30x wagering requirement bonus for new players (any bonus with or under 30x wagering requirement is considered a good bonus) and they have an unbelievable 14x wagering requirement Bitcoin bonus uniquely in the industry! This is, at the moment, the best casino bonus that I’m aware of. Haven’t seen such a good bonus for years. For this one of kind Bitcoin bonus they get a +2.



Total score: Wild Casino gets 6/10, 3 stars, not recommended, I recommend the main casino of this group instead, that has the same casino games found on this website + it has sports betting + esports betting + poker, much better choice. You can check out the main website BetOnline here.


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Last updated: 2020-05-16


Miscellaneous other info about the company, in case you need to contact them:

Official name: Betonline is the company behind this
Encryption: 128-bit SSL
Live Chat: 24/7 but only for registered players
Head Office: Panama City, Panama
Licences: Panama gambling license
Phone: 1-888-426-3661
Self Exclusion: Available
Email: [email protected], but use the contact form or the live chat instead, better and faster response
RTP Analysis: eCOGRA
Anti Money Laundering: ID-Check Required

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