Simon’s St Lucia Casino Venue and Online Casinos Guide

This is a photo of gaming tables in Treasure Bay Casino in Saint Lucia. On this page you can find info, address, opening hours, number and types of games, entrance fee, dress code of all the licensed land-based, offline gambling establishment in St. Lucia + a list of all the online casinos, which accept players from the island nation.

This is a guide to brick and mortar as well as online casinos in Saint Lucia (a Caribbean island nation, formerly known as Iyonola, with a population of 184 K). Find out which are the best casinos and online casino sites in St. Lucia, or learn more about the legal status of casino gambling in […]

Simon’s Guide to St. Lucia Gambling and Online Betting

This is a photo of the beach of St. Lucia's capital Castries. On this page you can read about the legislations, taxation system and licensing process of the various forms of games of chance and gambling establishments in St. Lucia, and a list of online gambling websites accepting players from St. Lucia.

Gambling is legal in Saint Lucia since 1998, according to the National Lotteries Act No. 27 of 1998*. But only in a limited form in the beginning, and only the national lottery was legal. It was not until 2004, when the Gaming Control Act** was passed, that the legalization of games of chance was extended, […]