This is the official logo of Giant Lottos an online lottery platform, used with permission. The digital image consist of the black and gold letters "Giant lottos Real tickets and real winners for over 12 years" over a red background. You can read the review of this online lottery under the picture.

Giant Lottos lottery review

UPDATE 2022: I no longer recommend Giantlottos due to some concerning emails I have received from players, and their past dealings with affiliates. I’m no longer convinced that they can be trusted. I no longer trust them with money, and I recommend you don’t trust them with yours as well. 

I will eventually update the review with what has happened that has me convinced that they are not trustworthy, in the meantime I strongly recommend avoiding them, try the Lotter instead, I also switched over to them, much better in every way and they have a much better reputation, no shady behaviour.

The review below is an outdated review that is more than a year old, this is no longer reflective of my opinion of them:

According to their website: “With over a decade of experience in the online lottery world, Giant Lottos are pioneers and leaders in a multi-million industry that reaches players from all over the world.” And I have 15+ years of experience in the online gambling industry, I guess I’m qualified to review Giant Lottos ;).

Let’s see if they really live up to their marketing slogan.


First of all, a bit of a background, which I’m frankly bit ashamed of: 

Even though I’m a professional gambler (or was more likely, I’m more of a weekend warrior nowadays, I’m not in my 20s after all…., and many casinos in the vicinity banned me already…). And I have played in over 1000 online casinos, either as a professional payer, or to review them (online casinos reviews are here, UPDATE 2021: only kept the good online casinos, which I would recommend, and I removed most of the bad ones I would not recommend anyway, which is like 90% sadly, most of the low quality gambling sites went bankrupt a long time age anyway).

I have to admit, I only started looking into online lotteries a good 2 years ago. I was lazy, like most people. And I have purchased my tickets online from Szerencsejáték Zrt., which is the national lottery of Hungary, where I live.

The only reason I started looking into alternatives is that they jacked up the prices of tickets, yet again, by 30%. And their customer service is atrocious (they once sent a response to my problem, containing sensitive personal information, with twenty other people CC’d… seriously….). It was about time to switch.

I first looked at Lottoland, but they don’t want players from my country (they are very picky, only want players from the richest countries, suspicious IMO, never a good sign), so that was out, the UK National Lottery looks very professional, but it’s even more expensive than the Hungarian one (these state owned lottery monopolies always abuse their advantage, and jack up the prices, there is a reason why monopolies have such a bad rep), and that brought me to Giant Lottos, and it was a match made in heaven. Let’s look at the deets.


If you don’t have time to read the full review and you are just looking for a short summary, just read this: It’s an okay online lottery platform, real tickets, real winners checks out, customer service on point, not enough different types of lotteries for my taste, no instant games, they aren’t perfect, but that’s okay. Prices could be lower, and the occasional promos are very boring, not much to write home about. But I would still recommend them, better than any state-owned lottery monopoly that’s for sure…


You can check out the online lottery by clicking on the banner below:

There aren't any online lottery sites, which would accept players from the country. Because online lottery is either illegal or a monopoly of the state-owned national lottery of the country (you can read the details above).



This is the illustration right next to my review and research methodology part. You can read about my review methodology, and scoring system I use throughout the review.

Review methodology: In each section I review one of the primary attributes of the lottery platform, these are: list of countries not accepted, list of games, deposit and withdrawal process and methods, uniqueness. Each of these aspects then gets points ranging from +2, meaning exceptionally good to -2, exceptionally bad. Additionally at end of the review I go through what I consider to be less important secondary attributes, such as live support chat, VIP, loyalty program, mobile compatibility, other reviews, bonuses, promotions, these get scores ranging from +1 and -1.
At the end I tally all the points and add and subtract them from 5. This will give the final score of the gambling platform. I use a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, no 0 or minus scores.



Giant Lottos online lottery platform review


1., Who can play: The most important thing for any player when it comes to online lotteries is whether you can actually play or not, so here is the list of all the countries not accepted at Giant Lottos. So before you read any further let’s determine whether you can actually play at the casino at all.

/Clarification: The country of your residence, your official address, what’s on your ID card (or address card if it’s a separate thing in your country) is what you should be checking, not your current residence. So if you are from the UK and you currently temporarily reside in the US, you should put down your UK address. It’s important, because if you win, they will ask for your ID and/or address card to make sure you are who you said you are on the registration form, and they will check the address on your ID, if it’s not the same as what you put down during registration they will instantly perma-ban you. And all your winnings will be confiscated, no matter how much you won! Be careful! Every online gambling website does this, it’s mandatory. /


Giant Lottos prohibited countries and territories- click to see
The list of countries Giant Lottos lottery platform does not accept players from.

Giant Lottos does not accept players from:

  • United States
  • China
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Cyprus
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine


Everyone else can register and purchase the lottery tickets online. Players who cannot register at Giant Lottos will get a notification before completing the registration form. This means that new players don’t need to go through registering only to be told they cannot play. However, that is the only way to know if you are from a country that is not accepted, such a list can not be found on their website, which is a small issue, but irks me nevertheless.


Giant Lottos say that their player base is over 100,000 active players, and some of the most active countries include the United Kingdom, India, Canada, New Zealand and interestingly Namibia. 


Accessibility, number of countries accepted: +1

List of countries not accepted is not on the website: -1


Total: 0


2., What Games Can You Play?

Giant Lottos have a good selection of lottery games that are available to play in single ticket or syndicate format. You can play tickets in the following lottery games at Giant Lottos:


  • USA Powerball (USA)
  • Mega Millions (USA)
  • EuroMillions (United Kingdom)
  • EuroJackpot (European Transnational)
  • Canada Lotto 649 (Canada)
  • SuperEnaLotto (Italy)
  • Cash4Life (USA)
  • UK National Lottery (United Kingdom)
  • Mega Sena (Brazil)
  • France Loto (France)
  • Irish National Lottery (Ireland)
  • Lotto 6aus49 (Germany)


Giant Lottos regularly introduces new lottery games every year. Whether or not a new lottery is introduced at Giant Lottos depends on things like jackpot sizes, player interest and the cost of tickets. Two notable lotteries in their selection include those responsible for more billion dollar jackpots than any other; the USA Powerball and Mega Millions. 

There are also a good selection of lotteries that have good winning odds like the Irish Lottery and UK National Lottery. These lotteries may not have the largest jackpots, but they do have much better winning odds the US Powerball and similar (which I don’t recommend at all, check out my lottery guide with probability calculator).

Giant Lottos doesn’t have that many different types of games actually, compared to some of the others, but all the best ones are here. Sadly, there aren’t any online scratchcards or instant games, which in some countries are part of the offering of the national lottery.

All of the most important lottery game are here: +1

No scratchcards, instant games: -1


Total: 0



3., Deposit and withdrawal options: Giant Lottos currently accept most major payment methods in order to facilitate deposits and withdrawals from international players. The currently accepted methods include:

  • Mastercard 
  • Visa 
  • EFT Secure
  • Manual Bank Transfer


Giant Lottos currently have a minimum deposit amount of £5 and a minimum withdrawal amount of £30. These amounts are more or less in line with what other big online lottery platforms also use. They also allow players to make special arrangements in regards to deposit methods after reaching out to their support team. 

Giant Lottos doesn’t accept any kind of cryptocurrency.


Not that impressive, but not bad either, all of the most important methods of payment are there: +1

Cryptocurrencies or digital wallets would be nice, minimum withdrawal amount is not cool: -1


Total: 0


4., Uniqueness: And the last one I think we all are looking for in an online gambling platform is innovation, unique and interesting new online gambling games and features. Anything that makes you “Wow, that’s amazing.”. Does Giant Lottos have the so called ‘wow-factor’? No, sadly. No unique games, no scratchcards, no instant games, nothing besides lottery tickets. But then again, does an online lottery platform has to wow you? No, but it’s always nice to get something more, something extra. You won’t find that here though.

Innovation, interesting, unique features/games: -1, none


Giant Lottos video review

Additionally, if you want to take a look at how the lottery platform looks inside, without registration, take a look at this video review and tutorial:


The following are less important optional factors, but still contribute to the total score:

-Rewards and bonuses: Giant Lottos have regular promotions and bonus offers for new players and regular players. On top of giving their players special offers on days like Christmas, Father’s Day and New Years Day, there are also regular bonuses for new and VIP players in weekly mailers.

Their current flagship offer for new players is their £1 Mega Million Syndicate offer. This offer gives new players six shares in a Mega Millions syndicate (and some other things too, like a free ebook, but I doubt anyone actually cares about that, but technically it’s there). This offer really sets them apart from the competition as a single Mega Millions ticket can cost upwards of £5! Which is definitely not cool.

Giant Lottos also sends out multiple offers every week through mailers. These offers include ticket discounts, bonus fund claims and free tickets.

Overall the rewards and bonuses at Giant Lottos are okay, but not spectacular: +1


-VIP, loyalty program: There are regular promotions for VIP players as well, but apart from that there are some, there is zero information about this on the website. Therefore, I’m no going to rate this.


-Mobile compatibility: Fully mobile compatible with main devices (tested using the Google Chrome Mobile Simulator, it doesn’t simulate on all devices, just the most popular ones, but they seem to work fine), and works on all operating platforms (except Linux, that’s a ?, if you are using Linux, please tell me whether it works for you or not, in the comments section, thanks).

Accessibility: +1


-Other reviews: They don’t have many actual real reviews written by people (just lottery sites, blogs, I don’t trust those reviews at all, I doubt any of those “reviewers” have ever even actually used the platform…., you can tell, after having been in the industry for 10+ years I have an eye for this, I can guarantee you they don’t actually use the platform themselves). I can’t make a review analysis based on the little info available (which is not surprising, people don’t really talk about online lottery platforms on Facebook, and there are not many places where a person could rate or review them, it’s not like a pizza joint).

One thing stands out though, people think they are expensive, which I can’t confirm, because compared to my local alternative, they are cheaper (as I stated in the opening of the review, that was the reason I switched). However, lottery ticket prices vary greatly all over the globe of course, so it’s entirely possible that for you, it will be more expensive than your local alternative.


Total score: Giant Lottos gets 7/10, 3/5 stars, recommended, I use them too, but could be better


Click on the banner below if you wish to check out the lottery website for yourself.


There aren't any online lottery sites, which would accept players from the country. Because online lottery is either illegal or a monopoly of the state-owned national lottery of the country (you can read the details above).


Back to the gambling site reviews section.


Last updated: 2022-03-03


Miscellaneous other info about the company, in case you need to contact them:

Official name: Neezy Technologies Limited
Encryption: 128-bit SSL
Live Chat: 24/7
Head Office: Arch Makariou III 2-4; Capital Center; 7Th Floor Flat; 703 1065 Nicosia Cyprus
Licence: Cyprus
Phone: +44 (0) 20 8720 7448
Security: EFT-Secure
Self Exclusion: Available
Anti Money Laundering: ID-Check Required


Gamble responsibly,

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