Simon’s Guide to Online Gambling in Wallis and Futuna

On the picture you can see the coastline of Wallis and Futuna.

Gambling in Wallis and Futuna


As an overseas territory of France, Wallis and Futuna is governed under the French constitution of 28 September 1958. In French territories, exactly the same laws apply as in the mainland. In contrast with the so-called departments, which can adapt the laws to their needs and some of them are even empowered to make their own laws, except for some areas, like defence and foreign policy.

In short words, this means, that French gambling laws are, to my best understanding, in operation on the islands of Wallis and Futuna.

France is a nation with a great history of gambling. It’s enough to think about the standard 52 card deck and the Roulette, which was also invented by a Frenchman, the physicist Blaise Pascal.

Almost all forms of gambling are legal in France. However, they are strictly regulated.

The French regulation is especially hard on online gambling, which was officially made legal in 2010, under the law No 2010-476 of 12 May 2010, usually referred to as the French Gambling Act*.

The Act introduced rigorous restrictions and taxes, that are being imposed on firms that operate under a legit French licence.

That being said, playing on unlicensed online platforms is not criminalised by any laws and as only online Poker, sports and horse betting is legal in the country, many of the players turn to offshore sites, unlicensed by the French authorities.


*Source: Online gambling: Finnish and French models





Online Casino gambling in Wallis and Futuna


Online casino gambling in Wallis and Futuna: playing classic casino games online is prohibited under French law, for individual players it is not a criminal offence to play in an unlicensed online casino


Online casinos, that offer classic casino games, slots and alike are prohibited to operate in France. The 2010 legislation did open up the market, but only for online betting and Poker sites. Regulators decided, that classic casino games hold too much potential for being addictive.

ARJEL, the governmental body trusted with the oversight of the market and issuing of licenses usually sends a notice to the operators to block access for French players to their site. If the operator is not willing to comply, ARJEL asks the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris to order the ISP to block access to the site in question.

As mentioned above, French law fully applies to all its overseas territories. However, there is no info on how this particular regulation is actually enforced on the remote islands of Wallis and Futuna.




Bingo in Wallis and Futuna


Online Bingo in Wallis and Futuna: legal, requires a licence


Online Bingo sites, unlike online casinos with classic slots and board games appear to be eligible for a licence in France and all its overseas territories and departments.

That being said, there are not a lot of licensed Bingo sites in France, because the game is just simply not popular enough in the country and the strict regulations make the market entry cost very high. The FDJ (state owned gambling firm) does have and online Bingo platform, though.

Playing on an unlicensed online bingo platform is still no crime by French law, which applies to Wallis and Futuna as well.




Poker in Wallis and Futuna


Online Poker in Wallis and Futuna: legal, requires a license


Since the new law of 2010 was enacted, online Poker operators are eligible for a legit licence in mainland France and its overseas territories, although with serious restrictions and high taxes.

French players are not allowed to play at international tables and they also have to pay 2%* on all cash game pots, which is quite high by global  standards. In fact, many of the operators that originally received a licence, later pulled out from the French market.

Individual players of unlicensed sites are, again, not prosecuted in France, nor on its overseas territories.


*Source: Gambling regulators: France (



Sports Betting in Wallis and Futuna


Online sports Betting in Wallis and Futuna: legal, requires a licence by French law


Historically, sports and horse betting was a state monopoly in France, controlled and conducted by the Française des Jeux, or FDJ and PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) which was in charge of horse race betting.

In 2001 both of the aforementioned state-owned firms received licenses to operate an online platform, but by then unlicensed foreign sites garnered an enormous market share.

After the advantages of an open market became more and more apparent, in 2010, France opened up its online betting sector to private businesses, but the conditions are still very harsh and the system provides advantages to FDJ and PMU.

However, French authorities are after unlicensed operators and not individual players. The same applies to Wallis and Futuna and the other overseas territories as well.




Lottery in Wallis and Futuna


Online lottery in Wallis and Futuna: legal, state monopoly in France, people are able to participate in Euro Millions as well


The first lottery games in France were created by King Francis I. around 1505. After that, all lotteries were banned for two centuries and came back into fashion around the end of the 17th century.

In its current form, the French national lottery (Loto) conducted by the FDJ exists since 1976. The company also runs Keno games. People of France and all its overseas territories can participate in the Euro Millions as well, and all of the above are available on online platforms.

There are plenty of sites that offer services for buying lottery tickets for players on foreign lotteries, but I’m yet to do a detailed research on the quality and practices of these.




Bitcoin Gambling in Wallis and Futuna


Bitcoin Gambling in Wallis and Futuna: legal, license required, no specific regulation applies to Bitcoin gambling


Although, Bitcoin is not recognised as a legal currency in France, transactions in the cryptocurrency can still be taxed by the state.

As for online Bitcoin casinos, it appears to be the case, that for licensed operators, it is possible to offer Bitcoin games on the French market.

Last year the French government, for the first time in European history shut down an illegal online Bitcoin exchange. The operator was also charged with running an illegal online gambling business for planning to set up an online casino dedicated to cryptocurrency.

The bottom line is, in France and all its overseas territories, for licensed sites it is OK to offer Bitcoin payment options, but unlicensed operators are prosecuted, regardless of the currencies they accept.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Wallis and Futuna


Wallis and Futuna is French overseas territory and therefore French gambling laws are in operation, which are quite strict, but sites with a French license that only run games that are legal in France can offer their services in Wallis and Futuna too.

Unlicensed sites are widely banned, but playing on one of these is not a criminal offence.

The following online gambling sites accept players from Wallis and Futuna.



32 Red casino accepting players from Wallis and Futana.


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Walllis and Futana


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Walllis and Futana



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Simon's Guide to Gambling in Wallis and Futuna
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Simon's Guide to Gambling in Wallis and Futuna
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