Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Western Sahara

Dakhla is the center of commerce, culture, and tourism in Morocco’s southern provinces

Dakhla – the largest city of Western Sahara


Western Sahara is a disputed land, which is currently recognised by the UN as a “Non-Self-Governing Territory”. It’s is contested between Morocco and the Polisario Front and its legal status remains unresolved to this day.

Morocco controls 80% of Western Sahara and the rest is under the authority of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

In Morocco, despite being an Islamic country, all forms of gambling are legal and there is no specific ban on online gambling either. This applies to the over 80% of Western Sahara, which is under the governance of Morocco.

I didn’t find any info on gambling in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, so below I will discuss the Moroccan gambling laws.

In Morocco, the legal system is an interesting mix of Shari’a law and the French code, as the country only gained its independence from under the colonial supervision of France in 1956. Due to it’s proximity to Christian Europe and its history of colonial French ruling, Moroccan law garners influence not mainly from Islam, but from European democratic values, even with most of the population (approx. 99%*) practicing Islam.

This is the main reason, that while every kind of gambling is prohibited in the vast majority of the Islamic nations, in Morocco all forms of gambling are legal and it is considered an emerging gambling market.


*Source: UNLV – School of Law – Where Islam meets the West


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Casino gambling in Western Sahara


Online casino gambling in Western Sahara: no specific regulation, no licences to domestic operators


While in Morocco casinos are thriving businesses, mostly because of the masses of tourists visiting the country every year, there are no brick-and-mortar casinos on the territory of Western Sahara.

That being said, by Moroccan law online gambling is not regulated, and it is possible to play in foreign online casinos. Although, the government does not issue licenses to domestic casinos for taking their activities online.

The same laws apply to most of Western Sahara under Moroccan governance.




Bingo in Western Sahara


Online Bingo in Western Sahara: no specific regulation


Bingo is a game that’s mostly popular in the English speaking world. It is not a huge sensation in Morocco, to say the least, let alone Western Sahara. There is no info on this, but I highly doubt, that there are any Bingo halls in this country.

If anyone wants to play online Bingo in Western Sahara, it is practically OK for them to do so, if they live in the parts under Moroccan law.



Poker in Western Sahara


Online Poker in Western Sahara: no specific regulation


Poker is a huge sensation in Morocco. Marrakesh became sort of a Poker hub in recent years. It even hosts prestigious annual tournaments. For instance, 2015’s first international WSOP Circuit Event was held in the Casino Es Saadi, in Marakesh.

Online poker is not specifically regulated and is gaining more and more popularity. There is no info about the popularity of online and offline Poker in Western Sahara.
Nevertheless, if they live in the Moroccan parts of the territory, its ok for them to play on foreign online Poker platforms.



Sports Betting in Western Sahara


Online sports Betting in Western Sahara: state monopoly in Morocco, therefore foreign sites are kind of a grey area, however players are very highly unlikely to suffer any inconveniences for placing bets with offshore operators


In Morocco, sports betting is a state monopoly and is conducted by the “La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports” firm, which was established in 1962. In 2009, it introduced an online gambling platform, which offers a sports lottery*.

The government doesn’t directly ban or block foreign betting sites, although given the state monopoly status of sports betting, it is definitely a grey area.

That being said, players are very highly unlikely to be prosecuted, given the overall liberal stance of the Moroccan state on other forms of gambling.

All of the above applies to the Morocco-controlled parts of Western Sahara as well.



*Source: Morocco ang Gambling (Morocco World News)



Lottery in Western Sahara

Online lottery in Western Sahara: in Morocco lottery is a state monopoly, there is also an online platform


Lottery is also a state monopoly in Morocco. The company Societe de Gestion de la Loterie Nationale” is responsible for organising the national lottery games. Their portfolio also includes Keno and other numerical games. They too established an online platform in 2009.

Foreign operators, again, occupy kind of a grey area, given the state monopoly status of the lottery games. Player prosecution, however, is highly unlikely.




Bitcoin Gambling in Western Sahara


Bitcoin Gambling in Western Sahara: no specific regulation


Online casinos in Morocco are not regulated or blocked by any governmental body, and no sources suggest, that Bitcoin casinos would be in any way different. The same applies to the parts of Western Sahara under Moroccan legislation as well.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Western Sahara


Despite online gambling not being specifically regulated in Western Sahara, not all major international online gambling sites accept players form the country. Probably, due to its disputed situation.


The following gambling websites accept players from Western Sahara.



BGO casino – accepting players from Western Sahara


BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Western Sahara


32 Red casino accepting players from Western Sahara


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Western Sahara




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This page is part of Simon’s List – Legal Status of Online Gambling – a definitive guide to the legal status of all forms of online gambling activities in every country around the world.


Last updated: 2015 October 9

Simon's Guide to Gambling in Western Sahara
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Simon's Guide to Gambling in Western Sahara
An overview of the legal status of online and offline forms of gambling in the disputed territory, Western Sahara.

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