Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Togo

This is a picture of the capitol of Togo, Lomé. It is the city with most gambling venues in the country.

Gambling in Togo

Togo is a West African country with a population of around 7 million.
According to Business insiders article published earlier this year*, it is the 12th poorest country in the world with a GDP of $1,145 per capita in 2013. The country gained its independence from the France in 1960, and became a sovereign presidential republic. Before that, it was a French colony called French Togoland.

There is not a lot of information, about the state of gambling in Togo, although it is reported to have some gambling facilities, such as casinos. Some sources suggest, that there is in fact a gambling industry in the country, which generated $14.36 million of revenue for the state in 2006, most of which came from the lottery.*

There is no info regarding online gambling. The main reason for that is probably the very low rate of internet penetration. Togo had 430,482 Internet users as of Dec 31, 2014, which is 5.7% of the population*, almost in the top 10 of countries with the lowest internet penetration in the world.

According to the lack of regulation in general considering anything internet related internet related, one can assume that online gambling is unregulated in the country.

UPDATE: Many online gambling websites were reported to have put Togo on their restricted lists recently, as the new British online gambling regulation asks for the list of countries where applicants for a UK licence offer their services, as well as a written confirmation of the legal basis of their operations in those countries. Which, in the case of Togo, seems to be not forthcoming.

However, the situation is not clear, because many online casinos with a valid UK license still accept players from Togo.


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Casino gambling in Togo


Online casino gambling in Togo: most likely not regulated


Brick and Mortar casinos are legal, licensed and taxed in Togo. They are located in or in the vicinity of tourist resorts in the capitol, Lomé and accounted for the 35% of all gambling related incomes for the state in 2006.

There isn’t seem to be any regulations in place regarding online gambling, and according to most unofficial sources there are in fact no such legislation, which means using foreign online casino gambling platforms is not regulated.




Bingo in Togo


Online Bingo in Togo: most likely not regulated


There is one land based casino in Lomé, the capitol of Togo, that offers Bingo, although it is located in a hotel catering to international tourists.
Land based Bingo halls are also licensed and taxed by the authorities. However, the game does not appear to be very popular.

As for online Bingo – there is no information on the internet about the legal status of it, but I it’s safe to assume, that there are no regulations in place that would stop foreign platforms from offering their services in Togo, or Togolese residents to participate in these games.




Poker in Togo


Online Poker in Togo: most likely not regulated


Most of the brick and mortar casinos in Togo offer some kind of Poker games, from Omaha to video Poker. These operations seem to be licensed, regulated and taxed. However, most of the players of such venues are foreign tourists.

There aren’t seem to be any regulations regarding online Poker. Residents of Togo are most likely free to play on foreign sites that accept them.



Sports Betting in Togo


Online sports Betting in Togo: most likely not regulated


Sports betting is very popular in many African countries and it seems like there are plenty of land based betting shops in Togo as well, with one of the providers of such facilities being 1960Bet, one of Africa’s prominent bookmaker firms. Togo has a highly regarded national football team, so sports betting, especially on football is fairly popular.

There is no word on the legal status of online sports betting, but its most likely a largely unregulated market, as in most of the developing African countries.




Lottery in Togo


Online lottery in Togo: state monopoly, no online platform


The Togolese National Lottery (Loterie Nationale Togolaise) was established in 1966. According to the study cited above, it accounted for 65% of Togo’s gambling related revenues in 2006. The national lottery does not have an online platform and their website is under construction at the time of writing.




BitCoin Gambling in Togo


BitCoin Gambling in Togo: most likely not regulated


Bitcoin is legal in Togo and online casinos are not directly regulated, so to play in foreign online casinos specialising in the cryptocurrency is probably not illegal for Togolese residents.

There is no specific law regulating Bitcoin gambling in Togo.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Togo


The legal status of online gambling is largely undetermined in the West African country. Nevertheless, many international online operators accept players from Togo.



BGO casino – accepting players from Togo


BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Togo


32 Red casino accepting players from Togo


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Togo


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Togo



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Last updated: 2015 October 8

Simon's Guide to Gambling in Togo
Article Name
Simon's Guide to Gambling in Togo
An overview of the legal status of gambling in Togo. Land based gambling is regulated and taxed, but online platforms are largely unregulated.

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