Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Cameroon

On the picture you can see the interior of Cameroon's largest casino. Gambling is legal in Cameroon and there are legally operating Cameroonian casino.

Gambling in Cameroon.


Gambling is legal in Cameroon, though online gambling is not specifically regulated. A proposal has been presented to the Cameroonian government recently, that aims to regulate gambling and to override the previous regulation, now considered outdated.

The main reason the new law is deemed necessary, is that gambling establishments are seen as hotbeds of money laundering and corruption in the country. According to René Emmanuel Sadi, the minister of the Territorial Administration (Administration territoriale et de la Décentralisation, Minatd) many gambling operators fail to comply with the rules of operating such establishments.*

Addiction to gambling was also addressed in the presentation of the proposal. Despite these difficulties, the Cameroonian government realises the potential in the gambling sector, and seeks not to just outright ban, but to legalise and regulate games of chance.

The current gambling law, written in 1989 and modified in 2004, makes no mention of online gambling. It does, however, enable most forms of gambling in the country, including casinos, horse race betting and lotteries.

Cameroon is situated in Central Africa, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. As in several other African countries, internet penetration rate is quite low in the country, less than 10%, but this number has been showing stable growth.

Unless the Cameroonian government is looking to create a gambling law that is already outdated by the time it is passed, including online gambling seems like a great idea. René Emmanuel Sadi seems to be of the same opinion, as he emphasised the inadequacy of the old regulation’s lack of a mention of online gambling.**  The new regulation will foreseeably be in effect in a few years.


*Source: Le Cameroun fait le ménage dans les jeux de hasard (Fligus)

**Source: Cameroun: Le gouvernement s’inquiète de la prolifération des jeux de hasard (Journal de Cameroun)






Casino gambling in Cameroon


Online casino gambling in Cameroon: unregulated


Casino gambling in general is legal in Cameroon, and gambling operators must acquire a license to provide services legally. There are currently around 5 larger casinos in operation in the country, as well as several smaller gambling establishments, some possessing a gambling license, some operating illegally.

Most of the casinos are situated in the capital, Yaounde and some operate in Douala. The casinos offer classic table games, poker and slot machines.The most well-known are the Casino Douala & Meridien Hotel and the Hilton Casino & Hotel Yaounde.

Online casino gambling is currently not regulated in Cameroon, and there are no issued casino licenses for online casino operators. The newly proposed gambling regulation is likely to amend this situation. Until then, Cameroonian gamblers are free to play on any international casino sites.



Bingo in Cameroon


Online Bingo in Cameroon: unregulated


Bingo is not specifically regulated by the gambling law currently in effect, nor has there been any word on bingo being included in the forthcoming regulation. This is likely due to the fact that Bingo is mostly, if not completely, unknown in Cameroon, as in most countries in the region.

Naturally, there are no laws in Cameroon regarding online bingo either. Those who wish to try their luck can play bingo on several international websites.



Poker in Cameroon


Online Poker in Cameroon: unregulated


Poker is legal in Cameron, and regulated by the 1989 law on gambling. There are no reports of dedicated poker halls in Cameroon, but poker is one of the games available at the country’s brick & mortar casinos.

Online poker is currently unregulated in Cameroon, though that is also subject to change with the new gambling regulation. There are no online poker sites licensed in Cameroon, but players are free to access foreign poker websites. Several of these websites are actually available in French, though not all accept the Central African Franc; Cameroon’s national currency.



Sports betting in Cameroon


Online sports betting in Cameroon: legal, state monopoly


Sports betting is legal in Cameroon, and currently there seems to be a monopoly on the sports betting market. The Pari Mutuel Urbain Camerounais was established in 1994 with the Cameroonian government. The company first offered horse race betting only, but today sports betting on football matches is also available. There are currently no horse racing tracks in Cameroon – though one is scheduled to open in 2016 -, so wagers are made only on French races.

It might be surprising, but the PMUC has a website where online betting is possible. This is the only option for sports betting on a website legally licensed in Cameroon. Cameroonian gamblers are also free to bet on any international sites, as there are currently no laws regulating online sports betting.



Lottery in Cameroon


Online lottery in Cameroon: unregulated


Lottery is, in general, legal in Cameroon, although at the moment there are no lotteries within the country. A national lottery, LONACAM had been run by Israel Naor, which had a monopoly over the Cameroonian lottery market. The LONACAM declared bankruptcy soon after the PMUC was founded, but the circumstances of this ordeal are unclear.

As the PMUC does not offer lottery games online or offline, there are currently no options to participate in lotteries licensed in Cameroon. However, Cameroonians  who wish to enter lottery draws may do so through any international online lottery sites.



Bitcoin gambling in Cameroon


Bitcoin gambling in Cameroon: unregulated


Bitcoin gambling is not mentioned anywhere in the Cameroonian gambling legislation. The main reason for this is that Bitcoin is largely unknown within the country. But not entirely, there is at least one Bitcoin trading site based in Cameroon, so locals have a chance to exchange Central African Franc for Bitcoin.

There are no Bitcoin gambling sites licensed in Cameroon, but players are free to access any international Bitcoin gambling sites.



Online gambling websites accepting players from Cameroon

Gambling is legal in Cameroon. Although online gambling is not very well regulated most online gambling websites accept players from Cameroon.

The following websites accept players from Cameroon.


Banner for the Betsson online casino, which is available to players from Cameroon

Betsson online casino accepting players from Cameroon

Banner of the Betsafe online casino, which accepts players from Cameroon.

Betsafe online casino accepting players from Cameroon

Banner of the Casino Euro online casino, accepting players from Cameroon

CasinoEuro online casino accepting players from Cameroon

Banner of the Black Lotus online casino accepting players from Cameroon.

Black Lotus online casino accepting players from Cameroon

Banner of the Lotus Asia online casino, acceptin players from Cameroon.

Lotus Asia online casino accepting players from Cameroon

Banner of the 32 Red online casino, which accepts players from Cameroon.

32Red online casino accepting players from Cameroon

Banner for the BGO online casino, available to players from Cameroon

BGO online casino accepting players from Cameroon

This the banner ad of Gt Bets online casino. The online casino accepts players from Cameroon.

GT Bets accepts players from Cameroon – accepting Bitcoins as well




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Last updated: 2015. 10. 26.

Simon's Guide to Gambling in Cameroon
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