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A picture of a rainbow over Garrison Savannah race track in Barbados.

Garrison Savannah race track, Barbados
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Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. Barbados is often confused with Barbuda, the lesser of the two islands of Antigua and Barbuda, but the two island countries have markedly different gambling laws.

Barbados is one of the few Caribbean islands where casinos are completely banned.* Many Barbadians pride themselves on the fact that the country is frequented for its relaxing atmosphere, beaches and water sports. Although there have been several debates about whether introduction of casinos would have a positive or detrimental effect on the country, the Barbadian government remains convinced that casino-tourism would be contrary to the island’s best interests.

Seeing how adamant the Barbadians are about the ban on casinos, it might be surprising that not all forms of gambling are illegal. There are several gambling establishments – some actually bearing the name casino! – around the island where slot machines are available, but no table games whatsoever, as those fall under the ban on casinos.

Horse racing and wagering on the horses is a popular pastime among tourists and locals alike. Races are held at the Garrison Savannah racetrack. The third form of gambling available on Barbados is lottery: the country has a national lottery running several types of lottery games.


*Source: Barbados Casinos and Gambling (


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Casino gambling in Barbados


Online casino gambling in Barbados: unregulated


Casino gambling is illegal in Barbados, but the law only applies to games such as Roulette, Blackjack, craps, Baccarat, etc. played at a table. As a result, there are no brick and mortar casinos on the island.

While table games are banned, there is nothing in Barbadian laws prohibiting slot machines. Gambling establishments featuring slot machines can be found throughout the country, including major tourist destinations. There is also a chain of restaurants, The Lucky Horseshoe, where slot machines are available.

There are no laws in Barbados specifically regulating online gambling. No licenses have been given out to Barbados-based online casino gambling sites, but Barbadian locals, as well as tourists on the island can access international casino gambling platforms. It is unknown, whether online casino gambling was intended to be included in the ban on casinos. It seems unlikely, however, as the main reason given for the prohibition was the safeguarding of the island’s relaxing atmosphere, and online casino gambling isn’t likely to disturb that.



Bingo in Barbados


Online Bingo in Barbados: unregulated


Bingo is legal in Barbados, and does not seem to be included in the ban on casino gambling. Bingo games are available at several clubs around the island, but there are no dedicated Bingo halls.

Online Bingo is, as all other forms of online gambling in Barbados, unregulated. Although there are no online Bingo platforms based in Barbados, Barbadian residents may play on foreign online Bingo sites.



Poker in Barbados


Online Poker in Barbados: unregulated


While Poker games are not specifically prohibited under Barbadian laws, Poker is often played in casinos, which, on the other hand, are banned on the island. There are also no Poker rooms, which means no legal options to play Poker in public.

Likely the best option for tourists and locals in Barbados looking to play Poker are foreign online Poker sites (as there are none that are Barbados-based). Players from Barbados may freely participate in such games, as there are no regulations prohibiting playing Poker on international Poker sites.



Sports betting in Barbados


Online sports betting in Barbados: unregulated


In Barbados there are no betting shops or other establishments where gamblers could bet on football matches or other games generally considered sports betting. There is however one option for people looking to wager some money on sports in Barbados: horse racing.

Wagering on horse races is an exception to the Barbadian gambling law banning casinos. The island country has one racetrack: Garrison Savannah, which is largely popular among locals and tourists alike. The Garrison Savannah races, operated by the Barbados Turf Club, has no platform that would allow gamblers to bet online.*

Those who  want to bet on other sports events may access most of the international sports betting sites, and place their wagers there. There’s no law prohibiting – or even regulating, really – online sports betting in Barbados.


*Source: Barbados Turf Club


Lottery in Barbados


Online lottery in Barbados: unregulated


Bingo is legal in Barbados, and is operated by GTECH Corporation, who have gained the exclusive rights as the provider for the Barbados Lottery Association. GTECH is supposed to provide an online platform for the Barbadian lottery, but at the moment there are no lottery games available for playing on their website, only at brick and mortar retailers.

Lottery games available in Barbados include Keno, Mega 6 as well as scratchcards. Proceedings from the lottery go mainly to supporting youth, cultural and sports programs. While there are no Barbados-based lottery games currently available online, Barbadian gamblers are free to play on international lottery sites.



Bitcoin gambling in Barbados


Bitcoin gambling in Barbados: unregulated


There are no laws in place in Barbados specifically regulating the use of Bitcoin. As online gambling in general is not regulated (i.e. not illegal), players participating in Bitcoin gambling are not prosecuted, despite the general ban on casino gambling.

Bitcoins are accepted and are relatively popular in the island country. In 2015, Barbados’ first Bitcoin exchange, Bitt opened up. The consequences are unclear at the moment: as a result of the appearance of the cryptocurrency exchange, more people might realise the opportunities in Bitcoin usage. On the other hand, The more widespread usage of Bitcoin has already caught the attention of government officials, which means a regulation of the cryptocurrency is to be expected.



Online gambling websites accepting players from Barbados

The following websites accept players from Barbados.



BGO casino – accepting players from Barbados


BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Barbados


32 Red casino accepting players from Barbados


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Barbados


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Barbados



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Gambling in Barbados
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Gambling in Barbados
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