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Marinha Casino in Angola
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Angola (officially Republic of Angola) is located in Southern Africa. Devastated by civil war between 1975 and 2002, one might assume gambling is pretty much non-existent in the country.
That preconception would prove faulty, however.

Angolans are avid gamblers, participating in various casino games, Bingo, and other forms of gambling.

Land-based casino gambling operators are required to apply for a gambling license at the Gambling Supervision Institute (Instituto de Supervisão de Jogos). Online gambling is largely unregulated at the moment, although with the growth in the popularity of online gambling, that might change soon.

Angola was a Portuguese colony until as late as the 20th century, and “imported” lotteries and sports betting (mostly wagering on football matches) from Portugal. Seeking to establish the country’s independence regarding gambling, the Angolan government is preparing a new bill regulating both games of luck and games of skill.

The new regulation is intended to attract tourists and investors alike, while also focusing on consumer protection and solidarity. Gambling operators will be required to support actions of solidarity, social inclusion and academic projects.* Fees will have to be paid at the time of the acquisition of the license, which means that the state’s income will be immediate upon the enactment of the law.

Officials also mentioned a Brazilian gambling operator which scammed players by withholding winnings; the new regulations aims to prevent such activity.

*Source: Angonoticias – Jogos de azar com lei em breve


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Casino gambling in Angola


Online casino gambling in Angola: legal, no specific regulation of online casino gambling


Previously, casino gambling licenses were given out by the National Lottery Company, which has since been replaced by the Gambling Supervision Institute.

However, the Gambling Supervision Institute is not giving out licenses until the new law regulating gambling is passed, Angolan casinos are temporarily under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance so as not to operate illegally for lack of a license.

At the moment there are 5 casinos in Angola that offer table games, along with a chain of electronic casinos where only slot machines are available. Most of the casinos are situated in the capital of Angola, Luanda, with some other gaming facilities in Benguela, Lubango and Cabinda.

Internet penetration in Angola is around 20%, which seems rather low, but actually surpasses that of surrounding countries, and the number of smartphone and tablet users is also rapidly increasing.

There are no online casino gambling platforms based in Angola, but Angolans can freely access foreign online casino gambling sites. There are several international online casino gambling platforms which accept players from Angola.



Bingo in Angola


Online Bingo in Angola: legal, no specific regulation of online Bingo


Although not a traditionally popular game in Angola, Bingo is enjoyed by quite a few players in the Country. Bingo halls – which often also function as night clubs or discotheques – are situated mainly in the capital, Luanda, but also some of the other larger cities. These Bingo halls, however, do not have an online platform.

Because of this, Angolan Bingo players must utilise foreign Bingo platforms, should they wish to participate in an online version of the game. Luckily for these players, most international online Bingo platform do not restrict access to their sites for Angolan residents, and so are freely accessible for them.



Poker in Angola


Online Poker in Angola: legal, no specific regulation of online Poker


The Angolan player base is constantly expanding regarding both online Poker and live Poker games. Angola’s land-based casinos offer Poker games in the form of cash games, and organise live Poker tournaments as well.

There are no online Poker platforms hosted in Angola. Angolan players are free to access foreign online Poker platforms, as gambling is legal, and there are no restrictions on the internet access of Angolan residents. Several Poker rooms offer games in Portuguese, which is the official language of Angola. Some Portuguese online Poker sites even organise online tournaments specifically aimed at Angolan players.



Sports betting in Angola


Online sports betting in Angola: legal, no specific regulation of online sports betting


Sports betting is legal in Angola, although sports betting is not as wide-spread as in the European countries or in North-America.

The simplest way for Angolan residents who wish to participate in sports betting is to place bets on foreign online sports betting platforms, several of which are available in Portuguese. A great number of online sports betting sites accept players from Angola.



Lottery in Angola


Online lottery in Angola: legal, no specific regulation of online lottery


Lotteries are not illegal in Angola, but the country has no national lottery of its own. However, there are some brick and mortar retailers offering scratch cards and lottery tickets. As these lotteries have no online platform of their own, Angolans who wish to participate in lottery games can play on foreign online lottery platforms.

Lottery does not appear to be a state monopoly in Angola.



Bitcoin gambling in Angola


Bitcoin gambling in Angola: legal, no specific regulation of Bitcoin gambling


Bitcoin gambling is legal in Angola. Bitcoin gambling is not expressly regulated by the present gambling laws, and there is no word on whether the new legislation will contain any regulations concerning Bitcoin gambling (most likely not).

As in most of the African countries, Bitcoin is mostly unknown in Angola. Consequently, even if Angolan residents would like to use Bitcoin or participate in online Bitcoin gambling, they would have a hard time exchanging the Angolan national currency, Angolan Kwanza to Bitcoin. At the moment, there are no certified Bitcoin traders where such a transaction is available.



Online gambling websites accepting players from Angola


The following online gambling websites accept players from Angola.


BGO casino – accepting players from Angola
BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Angola
32 Red casino accepting players from Angola
32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Angola
Black Lotus casino accepting players from Angola



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