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Princess Hotel & Casino, Belize

Princess Hotel & Casino, Belize


Online gambling is legal in Belize, and the country hosts quite a few international online casino sites. Situated on the east coast of Central America, Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language (though Spanish is also widely spoken). The use of English facilitates the acquisition of online gambling licenses, but there are still several regulations applicants need to adhere to.*

Online gambling was first regulated in Belize by the Computer Wagering Licensing Act in 1995. Two types of online gambling licenses are issued: “normal” licenses and exclusive licenses. The 2004 online gaming regulation has – along with other changes – decreased the cost of obtaining such licenses to $15 000 and $50 000, respectively.

Also according to the 2004 regulation, customer service facilities of online gambling providers licensed in Belize need to be located within the country. The servers themselves, however, can be located elsewhere, which has proved lucrative to gambling operators based all around the world. It should be noted, that online gambling sites with a Belizean gambling license may not offer gambling services to residents of Belize. There is no law, however, that prohibit accessing foreign online gambling sites (not licensed in Belize).

Belize, being located so close to the United States, is also a popular gambling destination for tourists. Currently there are 3 brick and mortar casinos in Belize, offering various table games and slot machines.


*Source: Gaming Control (Beltraide)


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Casino gambling in Belize


Online casino gambling in Belize: unregulated


Land-based casinos are legal in Belize, and operating such a gambling establishment requires a license. Currently there are 3 brick and mortar casinos in the country, one of which is located on the Mexican border, in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. As a result of the proximity to the United States, the Belizean casinos are a popular destination among tourists looking to gamble.

The status of online casinos in Belize on the other hand is quite complex. The Belizean regulation – the Computer Wagering Act and the Gaming Control Act – allow the issuing of online casino licenses. Many offshore gambling companies have gained such a license, as the physical servers don’t need to be located within Belize. Those receiving a licence, however, may not offer gambling services to residents of Belize.

That does not mean Belizeans have no access to casino gambling, as playing on international online casino platforms  that aren’t licensed in Belize is completely legal.



Bingo in Belize


Online Bingo in Belize: unregulated


Bingo is rather popular in Belize, and basically legal. The country’s main Bingo game operator, Mega-Bingo is available at dozens of retailers throughout the country, and has a TV-Bingo version as well. Mega-Bingo is actually an offshoot of the national lottery of Belize.

While the company has a website, no online Bingo games are available, only the winning numbers of previous games. Belizean residents are free to play Bingo at international Bingo operators, but should keep in mind that some restrictions apply: Online gambling sites licensed within the country may not offer their games to locals.



Poker in Belize


Online Poker in Belize: unregulated


Belize has a small but lively live Poker scene: Poker games are available at the larger casinos as well as some dedicated Poker rooms. Interestingly, despite being located in the Caribbean region, Caribbean stud is not that popular, and mostly No Limit Hold’em is played.

The legal status of online Poker in Belize is similar to online casino gambling. There are no laws currently regulating what online Poker sites Belizean players may access, nor prohibiting offshore Poker websites from offering games to players in Belize. The exception is, as before, online Poker sites licensed in Belize.



Sports betting in Belize


Online sports betting in Belize: unregulated


Sports betting is legal in Belize, and locals as well as tourists enjoy betting on various sports events. This includes horse racing, as Belize has a few horse racing tracks. Land-based sports betting operators must obtain a licence to legally offer sports betting.

A licence is also required to operate online sports betting platforms. According to the gambling and wagering licenses in Belize, online gambling sites are not allowed to offer games, including sports betting to Belizean residents.

There is no word, however, on whether this rule is enforced.

Also, players from Belize may freely access any online sports betting sites, as there are no laws prohibiting playing on such sites.



Lottery in Belize


Online lottery in Belize: unregulated


Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Belize, enjoyed regularly by many of the locals. Belize has a national lottery previously run by the state, but management of the lottery was given away to Brads Gaming Company Ltd. in the form of a 10-year contract. Games on offer include Mega Bingo, Power Ball, scratchcards and many more.

The Belizean national lottery has no online lottery games available, though winning numbers can be checked online. Residents of Belize may freely access any foreign online lotteries accepting players from Belize – and many of them do.



Bitcoin gambling in Belize


Bitcoin gambling in Belize: unregulated


Belize is an attractive place for investments, including startups. The country is home to a digital currency exchange, 247exchange, but because of conflicting regulations, they are also not allowed to provide services for local residents.*

The legal status of Bitcoin casinos in Belize is just as confusing: Bitcoin casinos licensed in Belize – of which there is at least one, BitcoinPenguin – are not allowed to accept Belizean players by word of the law.
However, as players are not forced to declare their country before playing, this rule is hardly enforced.

Also, Belizean players may play in any online Bitcoin casino not licensed in Belize.


*Source: Belize is an Attractive Place for Investments, Bitcoin Startups (The Cointelegraph)

Online gambling websites accepting players from Belize


The following online gambling websites accept players from Belize.



BGO casino – accepting players from Belize


BGO online bookmaker accepting players from Belize


32 Red casino accepting players from Belize


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website accepting players from Belize


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Belize



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Last updated: 2015. 10. 13

Simon's Guide to Gambling and Casinos in Belize
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