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This is a picture of the interior of Casino Copenhagen, located in Denmark. You can see the glittering slot machines and one roulette table within the Danish casino. This picture is the header image of my Danemark online casino and gambling guide.

Copenhagen Casino, Denmark


Gaming machine arcades and casinos are the most popular form of gambling in Denmark, where games of chance are legal. The law regulating gambling activity in Denmark is the 2012 Gambling Act passed in 2010 and are in effect since 2012.

In accordance with the gambling law, all forms of gambling are legal in Denmark, and operators require to obtain a licence. The body licensing and supervising gambling in general is the Spyllemindigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority. Also created in 2012, the Danish Gambling Authority has issued over 25 licences so far to both local and international gambling operators.

The Gambling Act specifically regulates betting, casinos and lotteries. In accordance with the law, lotteries as well as wagering on horse, dog and pigeon races remains a state monopoly run by Danske Spil A/S. All other gambling services may be provided by private companies, provided they apply for and receive a gambling permit, and pay the licensing fee associated with the specific type of gambling licence*

The 2012 Gambling Act regulates not only land-based but online gambling as well. Only licensed online gambling operators may provide gambling services in Denmark, and several unauthorised sites have been blacklisted.

Those operating illegal gambling sites or establishments within Denmark may be fined and imprisoned. The legal status of unlicensed foreign online gambling sites is somewhat more complex. The Gambling Act mentions that (anyone who) “makes a living by gambling activities for which a licence has not been granted” (may be fined). Though the definition is unclear, this does not seem to apply to casual gambling (targets advantage gambling and professional gamblers), and there have been no reports of players prosecuted for online gambling and many offshore online casinos still accept players from Denmark (see below)


*Source: 2012 Gambling Act


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Casino gambling in the Denmark


Online casino gambling in the Denmark: legal, requires licence


Casino gambling is legal in Denmark and requires a licence issued by the Danish Gambling Authority. The 2012 Gambling Act marks the difference between land-based casinos and gaming machine arcades; the latter may host only slot machines while the former is allowed to offer roulette, baccarat, punto banco, blackjack and poker as well.

Gambling laws also apply to vessels in Danish territory. There is, in fact, a ferry between Denmark and Norway where passengers can play, the Compass Casino. Apart from this there are currently 6 brick and mortar casinos in Denmark.

Operating online casino sites in Denmark also requires a gambling licence. Games allowed in online casinos are the same as in land-based ones. Unauthorised, unlicensed online casino operators may be blocked and fined for offering their services in Denmark. Players participating in casual gambling on foreign online casino sites don’t seem to be breaking the law and are not prosecuted.

The following online casinos accept players from Denmark:

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Black lotus casino – accepting players from Denmark

This is the animated GIF banner ad of Lotus Asia online casino. Lotus Asia online casino accepts players from Denmark. The animated banner reads: get $1000 free, download, instant play.

Lotus Asia casino – accepting players from Denmark


Bingo in the Denmark


Online bingo in the Denmark: legal, monopoly of Danske Spil


There are two versions of bingo available in Denmark. The game generally known as bingo requires a gambling licence, and is not very popular in Denmark. A local version of bingo, where winning numbers are shown at once, is much more widespread in the country. However, this is a lottery-style game and as such falls under the monopoly of Danske Spil.

Online bingo is available on Danske Spil’s website in several versions. The monopoly applies online as well, which means there are no other licensed online bingo operators. Locals may play on international online bingo sites, but these may be blocked by ISPs.

The following bingo websites accept players from Denmark:

Currently I can not recommend any bingo websites, that would accept players from Denmark.


Poker in the Denmark


Online poker in the Denmark: legal, requires licence


Poker is legal according to the 2012 Gambling Act, which introduces the category of “combination games”, where the probability of winning is based on a combination of skill and chance. Poker falls into this category, and operators must acquire a licence to run poker games legally. Poker is quite popular in Denmark, with the (subjectively) most well-known Danish poker player being Gus Hansen.

Online poker is also legal in Denmark, and poker sites that wish to accept players from Denmark must also apply for a licence. Denmark has made the decision not to “fence off” its online poker market, which means players may compete against poker players from other countries.

The following online poker sites accept players from Denmark:

Currently I can not recommend any poker websites, that would accept players from Denmark.


Sports betting in the Denmark


Online sports betting in the Denmark: legal, requires licence


Betting is legal in Denmark, sports betting operators must have a gambling licence to provide their services legally. The exceptions from this are horse, dog and pigeon race betting, which may be operated exclusively by Danske Spil.

Licences issued to brick and mortar sports betting operators are also valid for online sports betting. Since 2012 almost 20 sports betting operators have been licensed in Denmark, the vast majority of whom also offer online play. Online horse race wagering is available through Danske Spil.

The following online sportsbooks accept registrations from Denmark:

Currently I can not recommend any online bookmakers, that would accept players from Denmark.


Lottery in the Denmark


Online lottery in the Denmark: legal, state monopoly


Lottery is legal in Denmark, and all lottery games may be operated exclusively by Danske Spil. The exception from this is class lottery, which belongs to Det Danske Klasselotteri A/S. Danske Spil offers several lottery games including numeric ones, scratchcards, keno and bingo.

All games offered by the state-run lottery are available online as well. As lottery is a monopoly in Denmark, there are no other licensed online gambling operators. Unauthorised lottery companies operating in Denmark may be blocked and fined.

The following websites let people from Denmark purchase lottery tickets online:

Coming soon!


Bitcoin gambling in the Denmark


Bitcoin gambling in the Denmark: legal, license required


Bitcoin is legal and quite popular in Denmark. Personal profits from Bitcoin trading are also tax-free, though trading businesses are taxed. There are also initiatives promoting cash-free economy in Denmark, and the virtual currency might play an important part in that.*

Bitcoin casinos are considered gambling under the 2012 Gambling Act, and require a licence to operate legally. There have been no licences issued to Bitcoin casinos in Denmark to date. Players can gamble in international Bitcoin casinos, though some sites may be blocked by ISPs.

The following Bitcoin casinos accept players from Denmark:

Currently I can not recommend any Bitcoin casinos, that would accept players from Denmark.

*Source: Bitcoin to Play a Key Role in Denmark’s Cash-Free Economy? (Inside Bitcoins)


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Last updated: 2016-04-01

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