Simon’s Guide to Online Casinos in Poland

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Interior of the casino in Warsaw, Poland

Casino in Warsaw, Poland


This is a guide to brick and mortar as well as online casinos in Poland. Find out what the best casinos and online casino sites are in Poland, or learn more about the legal status of casino gambling in the country.


Online casinos in Poland

Legal status: legal, requires a licence

Online casino gambling is currently legal in Poland, but this is the result of rather recent changes. The legislation concerning online casino gambling in Poland is the 2009 Act on Gambling Games. Since 2009, this act has been changed and amended several times.

One of the most recent amendments, accepted in 2016, changed the act so that online casino games and online poker – previously deemed illegal – are now allowed. However, this does not mean a complete liberalization of the Polish online casino market.

The Polish government considers slot machines the most addictive form of gambling. As a result, Totalizator Sportowy was granted a monopoly over online slot machines, with the aim of keeping close watch over the games deemed most dangerous to Polish gamblers.

It is important to note, that this monopoly covers only online slot machines, not other games such as online poker. When it comes to online poker, international operators may apply for, and be granted a licence to provide their services within Poland, although no such licenses have been issued as of yet.

As the amendments to the online casino regulation are quite recent, Totalizator Sportowy does not actually offer any online casino games yet. The only option for Polish gamblers looking to play casino games online are international online casino sites, but their legal status is somewhat complex as well.

Prior to the changes that made online casino gambling legal in Poland, playing on international online casino sites was illegal. In fact, an official announcement was made by the Polish Ministry of Finance, stating that gamblers may face charges for playing on online casino sites.

These repercussions were to affect professional players with exceptionally high winnings only, not those who played online casino games on a small scale as a hobby. There have been no reports of any recreational players fined or prosecuted for participating in online casino games.

As online casino gambling has since been legalized, there is, in theory, no reason for Polish gamblers to worry about playing on international online casino sites. Still, those who wish to play high stakes games would do best to consult the current regulations, as these are subject to change.




Online casinos accepting players from Poland

Here’s a selection of online casinos which accept players from Poland:

Banner for the Betsson online casino, which is available to players from Poland

Betsson online casino accepting players from Poland

Banner of the Betsafe online casino, which accepts players from Poland.

Betsafe online casino accepting players from Poland

Banner of the Casino Euro online casino, accepting players from Poland

CasinoEuro online casino accepting players from Poland

Banner of the 32 Red online casino, which accepts players from Poland.

32Red online casino accepting players from Poland



Land-based casinos in Poland


Unlike online casino gambling, land-based casinos have somewhat of a tradition in Poland. The first casino in the country opened in 1989. The 2009 Act on Gambling Games made the regulations affecting these establishments somewhat stricter, such as putting a cap of 70 on the number of table games available, but casinos are legal and operational nonetheless.

At the moment there are two main casino operators present in the country, Century Casinos and Orbis. Olympic Casino used to operate casinos in Poland as well, but left the market in 2016. This was most likely the result of he introduction of stricter regulation regarding slot machines.

Even so, there are quite a few casinos left for Polish gamblers to choose from. The largest casino in Poland is the Marriott Hotel and Casino located in Warsaw and operated by Orbis. It hosts several jackpot slots and video machines, as well as live table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. The casino is open 24/7 and features both a bar and a restaurant.



Other forms of online gambling in Poland


When the Act on Gambling Games and its first amendments were introduced, it forbade practically all forms of online gambling, with very few exceptions. Online sports betting was among these exceptions. Online sports betting operators could receive a licence, as long as they were owned and run by Polish companies and physically located in Poland. Four Polish online sports betting companies were approved: Fortuna Entertainment, Millenium, STS and Totolotek

This restriction was not in compliance with EU regulations regarding the free movement of products and services. As Poland is a member state, the law was later changed to accommodate online sports betting companies from other member states as well. These companies still have to maintain a presence in Poland, though.

The legal status of online lottery is peculiar as well. The Polish lottery operator, Totalizator Sportowy, has traditionally not been allowed to offer its games online. However, the Polish government stated that they intended to change that, and as a result were banning Polish gamblers from participating in international online lottery draws.

Unfortunately, lottery tickets for the games of Totalizator Sportowy are still only available at specific points of sale, and not online. There are no reports of any Polish gamblers prosecuted for participating in online lottery draws, but in the case of high winnings it is a possibility.

Online poker, while sometimes considered to be skill based and not a game of chance. In Poland it is still considered a casino game, but it is not covered by the planned monopoly of Totalizator Sportowy. As a result, international online poker operators could, in theory, apply for and receive a licence in Poland. So far that has not happened, however.




Future of online casino gambling in Poland


As it is apparent from the multitude of changes and amendments to the gambling act, the online casino market in Poland is undergoing serious changes. While the Polish government struggles to keep the market under their control and in the hands of Polish operators, this goes against EU policies.

All in all, the tendencies point towards liberalisation. Polish gambling operators are expected to offer a growing number of games online, and hopefully, as the rules are solidified, international players will appear on the online casino market as well.



This article supplements the general guide to the legal status of gambling in Poland.


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Last updated: 2017-09-23


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Simon's Guide to Land-based and Online Casinos in Poland
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