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Casino Croisette in Libreville, Gabon – Online casino guide Gabon


This is a guide to brick and mortar as well as online casinos in Gabon. Find out what the best casinos and online casino sites are in Gabon, or learn more about the legal status of casino gambling in the country.


Online casinos in Gabon


Legal status: unregulated

Most firms of gambling are legal in Gabon, but online casino gambling does not appear to be explicitly regulated. Officially named the Republic of Gabon, the country is located in Central Africa and bordered by Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo as well as the Gulf of Guinea. Gabon had been a French territory from its occupation in 1885 and gained its independence in 1960.

Today, French remains the official language spoken in the country. Gabon is also among the most prosperous countries in the region, which accounts for the popularity of gambling among the Gabonese. Casino gambling is legal in Gabon in accordance with the Réglementation générale des jeux de hasard (General regulation of games of chance) that came into effect in 2005.

However, this law makes no mention of online casino gambling specifically. The regulation pertaining to casinos states that all casino establishments must be registered and pay a gambling tax of 4.5 percent. Since the law does not specify whether this applies only to brick and mortar casinos, it could be understood to be true for online casinos as well.

This means that, in theory, online casinos would be able to apply for a gambling licence as well. This would be especially simple for the land-based casino operators of Gabon, to which the Gabonese casino laws apply already. At the moment, however, none of the brick and mortar casinos have an online presence with online casino games available.

The lack of local online casino gambling options is rather surprising, especially taking into account the internet penetration rate in Gabon: over 40 percent of the population of Gabon has access to the internet. This is quite a remarkable rate, compared to other countries in the region.

Fortunately for Gabonese locals looking to play casino games online, most international online casinos welcome players from Gabon. Casino gambling is legal in the country, and players face no repercussions for playing in foreign online casinos.





Online casinos accepting players from Gabon


Here’s a selection of online casinos , which accept players from Gabon:


Banner for the Betsson online casino, which is available to players from Gabon

Betsson online casino accepting players from Gabon

Banner of the Betsafe online casino, which accepts players from Gabon.

Betsafe online casino accepting players from Gabon

Banner of the Casino Euro online casino, accepting players from Gabon

CasinoEuro online casino accepting players from Gabon

Banner of the Black Lotus online casino accepting players from Gabon.

Black Lotus online casino accepting players from Gabon

Banner of the Lotus Asia online casino, acceptin players from Gabon.

Lotus Asia online casino accepting players from Gabon

Banner of the 32 Red online casino, which accepts players from Gabon.

32Red online casino accepting players from Gabon

Banner for the BGO online casino, available to players from Gabon

BGO online casino accepting players from Gabon



Land-based casinos in Gabon


While online casinos are not regulated, land-based casino gambling is legal in Gabon. The gambling law states that casinos must obtain a gambling licence and pay a 4.5% gambling tax. The current law regulating gambling came into effect in 2005, but casinos had been legal prior to that as well, as evidenced by Casino Croisette which has been in operation since 1997.

There are currently six licensed casinos in Gabon, five of which are located in Libreville, the capital of Gabon. The Gabonese casinos are not exactly large, but they are quite popular. Locals and tourists are both welcome in these casinos.

Interestingly, while most of the casinos are located in the capital, the largest casino in Gabon can be found in Port-Gentil. Casino Port-Gentil offers the traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette and slot machines, as well as Poker tables with live games and tournaments alike. Those who wish to play in the casino should note, however, that Casino Port-Gentil is only open from Thursday to Saturday and only after 10pm.



Other forms of online gambling in Gabon


Online gambling is not explicitly regulated in Gabon, and there are practically no online gambling operators based within the country. There is, however, at least one exception to this rule, which shows that online gambling is considered legal, at least in some forms.

As in many other former French territories, sports betting – particularly horse race betting – is among the most popular forms of gambling. Gabon has a state-backed horse race betting operator, the Pari-Mutuel Urbain Gabonais, which is in cooperation with PMU, its counterpart in France. Betting on horse races – which are generally held in France – is available online through the website of PMUG.

PMUG also operates the Gabonese lottery, but lottery tickets are not available online. In fact, betting on horse races appears to be the only local online gambling site, but it is an important precedent that could foretell a future in Gabonese online gambling.

For now, international online gambling sites are the best option for locals looking for more variety. Most international online sportsbooks, online lotteries and online poker sites welcome players from Gabon.



This article supplements the general guide to the legal status of gambling in Gabon.


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Last updated: 2018. 06. 26.


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Simon's Guide to Land-based and Online Casinos in Gabon
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