Simon’s Guide to Online Casinos in Colombia

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Roulette installation in the Millionaire Casino Club in Bogota, Colombia

Millionaire Casino Club in Bogota, Colombia


This is a guide to brick and mortar as well as online casinos in Colombia. Find out what the best casinos and online casino sites are in Colombia, or learn more about the legal status of casino gambling in the country.


Online casinos in Colombia


Legal status: legal, requires a licence

Online casino gambling had been illegal in Colombia for a long time, though this had never been a hard ban. For years, the government never explicitly addressed online casinos, which meant that online casinos could not receive a licence, but unlicensed operators were not blocked.

A significant change to this situation began in 2016, when a new online casino and gambling regulation was accepted in October. With the eGaming act the Colombian government created a framework for legal and regulated online casinos, along with introducing a tax of 15% on gross revenue.

With the introduction of the eGaming act, Colombia was among the very first countries in the region to regulate online casino gambling. The first Colombian online casino licence was awarded to the Aquila Global Group in June 2017, available as in Colombia.

While the introduction of online casino legislation in Colombia is more than welcome, as it allows more protection for Colombian players, as well as income for the government, there are some problems concerning the Colombian online casino scene. Perhaps the biggest of these is that very few Colombians have credit cards, and alternative digital wallets are also not widespread in the country.

Along with the introduction of licensed online casinos, the Colombian government seeks to stop locals from accessing unlicensed ones. There are plans to block international online casinos, or at least payments to them, though it is not known how far the government has come in their efforts.

Either way, there is no law against individuals playing on unlicensed online casino sites. This means that Colombian gamblers are free to play in any online casinos, local or otherwise, that are available to them with no repercussions.




Online casinos accepting players from Colombia


Here’s a selection of online casinos I’ve tried and recommend wholeheartedly. Choose from these trustworthy online casinos available in Colombia, or read on to find out more about the legal status and history of gambling and casinos in Colombia!

Banner for the Betsson online casino, which is available to players from Colombia

Betsson online casino accepting players from Colombia

Banner of the Betsafe online casino, which accepts players from Colombia.

Betsafe online casino accepting players from Colombia

Banner of the Casino Euro online casino, accepting players from Colombia

CasinoEuro online casino accepting players from Colombia

Banner of the Black Lotus online casino accepting players from Colombia.

Black Lotus online casino accepting players from Colombia

Banner of the Lotus Asia online casino, acceptin players from Colombia.

Lotus Asia online casino accepting players from Colombia

Banner of the 32 Red online casino, which accepts players from Colombia.

32Red online casino accepting players from Colombia

Banner for the BGO online casino, available to players from Colombia

BGO online casino accepting players from Colombia

This the banner ad of Gt Bets online casino. The online casino accepts players from Colombia.

GT Bets accepts players from Colombia – accepting Bitcoins as well



Land-based casinos in Colombia


Traditional, land-based casino gambling is legal in Colombia, and has been for far longer than online casinos. Casino gambling was mentioned in the Constitution of Colombia, and its legal status was reiterated in the 2001 Gambling Act.

Casino operators must apply for a licence in order to be able to operate legally. The entity issuing casino licences and supervising casinos in general is the Coljuegos. Coljuegos regulates several aspects of casinos, including the types of games allowed in gambling halls.

Slot machines may also be placed in venues that are not actual casinos, but they are under separate regulation. Operating slot machines illegally may result in a fine of over $50 000. There are almost 100 gambling establishments in Colombia, although some of these are more gaming machine halls than actual casinos.

There are several metrics the title of largest casino may be based on, but Casino Rio Pereira is widely considered to be the largest casino in Colombia. The casino is connected to a hotel, and has 20 gaming tables as well as over 400 slot machines on offer.



Other forms of online gambling in Colombia


Most forms of online gambling had been unregulated-bordering-illegal in Colombia for a long time, similarly to online casinos. The eGaming act of 2016 has brought significant changes in this domain. Along with online casinos, online sportsbooks, online poker sites, eSports and online promotional games may now be operated and organised legally.

The new regulation has an interesting aspect, namely that it differentiates between games of skill and games of luck. The former are not subject to the 15% tax online games of chance are. However, it seems that online poker, generally considered to be a game of skill rather than luck in most countries, falls into the category of games of chance according to the Colombian online gambling regulation.

Online lottery has a special status in Colombia, in that it had been legal even before the new eGaming act. Colombia does not have a national lottery, but rather several lotteries organised by the states. Several of these, including the most popular one, Baloto, are available online as well.

The number of legal, licensed online gambling sites is on the rise in Colombia. However, the options are still rather limited for now. Fortunately for Colombian gamblers, they are actually free to play on international unlicensed online gambling sites with no repercussions, though some of these may not be available to them.



This article supplements the general guide to the legal status of gambling in Colombia.


Simon’s Guide to Land-based and Online Casinos in Colombia is part of Simon’s Online Casino Guide.


Last updated: 2017-09-15


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