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Simon’s Guide to Gambling in Sudan

Gambling in Sudan – Image source: National Geographic


Sudan, officially the Republic of the Sudan is a country in the Nile Valley of North Africa. With a territory of 1,886,068 square kms and an estimated population of 40,235,000 it is the third largest country in Africa.

As in nearly all of the Arabic countries, gambling in Sudan is prohibited under Islamic Shari’a Law. In Sudan, gambling restrictions and punishments for gambling are laid down in the so called Public Order Laws, that date back to 1983. They were referred to back then as the September Laws, imposed by the authoritarian regime of President Jafaar Numeiri. He introduced Shari’a corporal punishments (hudud) for acts such as consuming alcohol, stealing, the mixing between sexes and also gambling.

The new regime, that took over the country in 1989 in a military coup, introduced it’s own Public Order Laws in an attempt to create an Islamic State in Sudan*. The new laws upheld and even widened the scope of restrictions. Corporal punishment is widely used even to this date in Sudan for so called moral offences, which include gambling as well. The punishment is usually carried out in public and it entails 40 to 100 whip lashes for minor offences, like gambling.

Therefore, there are no land based casinos in the country, although, it is also reported that Sudanese people conform with laws against alcohol consumption and gambling to a somewhat lesser extent than members of more traditional Islamic societies**.

Online gambling is no different from any other forms of gambling and therefore is illegal under Sudanese law. Sudan has an internet penetration of 25.8%, which is well above African average. There is a strong internet censoring system in place in the country which sorts web content into categories such as drugs, bombs, alcohol, abuse of the true Islamic religion, and gambling. However, it is reported that in practice, the NTC (National Telecommunication Corporation) focuses its censoring efforts mainly on political content and social networks***.


*Source: Index on Censorship – Sudanese woman risks flogging for refusing to pull up headscarf

**Source: Short History of Sudan

***Source: APC- Online surveillance and censorship in Sudan



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Casino gambling in Sudan


Online casino gambling in Sudan: illegal, players face prosecution if caught


All forms of gambling are prohibited in Sudan and so is playing in online and brick and mortar casinos. There are no Sudan based casinos, neither online, nor offline and players of foreign sites face corporal punishment (usually whipping) if caught. Some foreign online casinos are reported to be blocked by Sudanese ISPs, as well as several proxy servers and other tools for masking users online identity.

However, it is highly unlikely in any country that a player gambling online from the safety of his home would actually be prosecuted. It is nevertheless technically illegal.




Bingo in Sudan


Online bingo in Sudan: illegal, players face prosecution if caught


Bingo is not a game of the Arab world. Even in countries with more liberal gambling regulations bingo is virtually non-existent.

In Sudan, playing bingo is prohibited under Islamic law. The government doesn’t aim its efforts on gambling websites, but nevertheless some of these are blocked by ISPs. Sudanese players are prosecuted if caught gambling online and they face corporal punishment. However, that’s not likely to happen to small scale gamblers playing from their homes.




Poker in Sudan


Online poker in Sudan: illegal, players face prosecution if caught


Although, poker is generally perceived as not merely a game of luck, legislators of Arabic countries usually do not bother to make such distinction. In Sudan, poker is considered gambling and therefore is prohibited under the so called Public Order Laws and is punishable by 40 to 100 whiplashes carried out in public.

Online poker is no different. However, if a Sudanese player plays poker online from his home, he is not likely to get prosecuted.



Sports betting in Sudan


Online sports betting in Sudan: illegal, players face prosecution if caught


Sports betting falls into the same category as all other forms of online or offline gambling in Sudan, therefore it is strictly prohibited under Islamic law and players face Shari’a corporal punishment (hudood) if caught.

Online sports betting is illegal as well and some foreign sites are blocked by Sudanese ISPs. However, it is not likely in any country, that a player gambling online from the safety of his home would actually get prosecuted by the authorities.




Lottery in Sudan


Online lottery in Sudan: illegal, players face prosecution if caught


All forms of gambling in Sudan are prohibited by law and therefore there is neither a national lottery, nor any other legal lottery providers in operation in the country.

Players of foreign online lotteries face corporal punishment if they are caught. However, this is extremely unlikely to happen to players participating in foreign online lottery draws from their homes.




Bitcoin gambling in Sudan


Bitcoin gambling in Sudan: unknown / undetermined, players are almost certainly prosecuted if caught


Sudan doesn’t have any specific restrictions in place regarding the use of Bitcoin. However, it’s gambling laws are strict and a player gambling on foreign online Bitcoin platforms would almost certainly face the same penalties as any other gambler in the country.




Online gambling websites accepting players from Sudan


Although gambling is illegal in Sudan and Sudanese gamblers – if caught – face Shari’a corporal punishment if caught, some major foreign operators accept registrations from the country.

The following online casinos accept players from Sudan.


32 Red casino accepting players from Sudan

32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website – accepting players from Sudan

Black Lotus casino accepting players from Sudan




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Last updated: 2015. 10. 28.

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