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Gambling in South Sudan


South Sudan, officially the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country in northeastern Africa that only gained its independence from Sudan in 2011, after 28 years of civil war. Its current capital is Juba, which is also its largest city. South Sudan is still a country of severe political and ethnic unrests, due to the large ethnic diversity amongst its populace. Although recent polls show, that the majority of its residents are Christians, in reality there are large portions of the population that follow primitive beliefs generally referred to as animism.

There are virtually no official sources on the internet about the legal status of gambling in South Sudan. The reason is probably that it has merely four years of history as a sovereign state, so many statutes in place are probably still the Sudanese ones. However, there are several pieces of information that can serve as basis for inference, regarding South Sudanese gambling regulations.

Gambling prohibition in Sudan is laid down in the so-called Public Order Laws, and as a ‘moral offence’ it is punishable by Shari’a corporal punishment (hodud), usually whiplashes carried out in public. However, corporal punishment was abolished in South Sudan after gaining independence.

Corporal punishment was used to protect Islamic values. South Sudanese were disproportionately subject to such punishments, as the majority of the population of South Sudan practices christianity and certain animist beliefs – as opposed to Sudan, where the vast majority of the population are Muslims. No wonder South Sudan got rid of the corporal punishment all together just after proclaiming its independence in 2011*.

Also, Wikipedia and official sources suggest, that there is in fact an up and running legal national lottery in South Sudan (as opposed to it’s northern neighbour, where all forms of gambling are illegal). An operating guide released by the Directorate of Taxation, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of South Sudan states, that lottery and other gambling winnings are subject to personal income taxes** – a clear indication that there are some forms of legal gambling in the state, with one of them being the lottery but the details remain unknown. This comes as no surprise, as in Sudan, and most other Arab countries, gambling prohibition is grounded in the teachings of Islam, but because only a small minority of the South Sudanese are Muslims their approach is different.

According to last years figures, the internet penetration of South Sudan is a mere 15.9%***, and one can also expect, that even those with access to the internet don’t have a robust broadband connection that we’re used to in the developed world. Therefore the country is often ignored by online casinos.

It is also reported, that South Sudan has an internet censoring system in place, but the government targets mainly political content.

There is no info on whether players of foreign online gambling platforms are prosecuted in South Sudan, but it is safe to assume, that the government has neither the resources nor the incentive to clamp down on small scale online gamblers playing from the safety of their homes. However this might change after the country finally recovers from the civil war, which started in 2013  and seems to have ended only in August 2015.


*Source: Corporal Punishment Around the World

**Source: Republic of South Sudan – Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning -Personal Income Tax, Frequently Asked Questions, Operating Guide

***Source: Internet World Stats: Africa


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Casino gambling in South Sudan


Online casino gambling in South Sudan: unknown


Casino gambling doesn’t appear to be legal in South Sudan and the country has no land based casinos.

There are no official sources either, that would suggest that online casinos are legal in the country. However, the government doesn’t appear to block such sites and players of foreign online casinos are unlikely to be prosecuted.




Bingo in South Sudan


Online bingo in South Sudan: unknown


Bingo is not at all a popular game in North Africa. Nor it is legal in almost any of these countries. In South Sudan, there does not appear to be any bingo halls in operation, although the legal status of such venues is uncertain.

There is absolutely no information online about the legal status of online bingo in South Sudan.

It’s unlikely, that South Sudanese players playing online bingo from the safety of their homes would be prosecuted by the authorities.




Poker in South Sudan


Online poker in South Sudan: unknown


There seem to be no legal land based gambling venues with poker tables in South Sudan and there is also no info on whether the game is legal at all in the country.

The situation with online poker is just as hazy. However, it is safe to assume, that South Sudanese players are not prosecuted for playing poker online  – it is, in fact not very likely to happen in any country.



Sports betting in South Sudan


Online sports betting in South Sudan: unknown


There is no indication in any official source on the internet that South Sudan would have any land based betting shops or otherwise sports betting would be legal in the country.

That being said, it is safe to assume, that South Sudanese players who place bets with foreign online sports books are not prosecuted in the country.




Lottery in South Sudan


Online lottery in South Sudan: legal, state monopoly (probably, details not available), no online platform, players of foreign online lotteries are not prosecuted


Several sources suggest, that there is a national lottery in operation in South Sudan. However, no more information about it is available anywhere on the internet. The South Sudanese lottery doesn’t appear to have a website at all, let alone an online lottery.

It’s also safe to assume, that players of foreign online lotteries are not prosecuted, like in almost every other African country.




Bitcoin gambling in South Sudan


Bitcoin gambling in South Sudan: unknown


South Sudanese laws don’t seem to address Bitcoin or virtual currencies in any way.

Online gambling bans – if there are any – also don’t appear to be enforced, so it’s safe to assume, that South Sudanese players are not prosecuted for playing on foreign Bitcoin gambling platforms.




Online gambling websites accepting players from South Sudan


There is not much official information available online about the legal status of gambling or online gambling is South Sudan. From the little information that’s out there, the legal status of online gambling in South Sudan appears to be largely unregulated. Many of the major and most trustworthy operators accept players from the country, although they’re most likely not allowed to place wagers in their national currency, South Sudanese pounds (SSPs).


The following online casinos and online sportsbooks accept players from South Sudan.



BGO casino – accepting players from South Sudan

chile online casino

Casino Euro – accepting players from South Sudan


32 Red casino accepting players from South Sudan


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website – accepting players from South Sudan


Black Lotus casino accepting players from South Sudan




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Last updated: 2015. 10. 29.

Simon's Guide to Gambling in South Sudan
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