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Online gambling in Equatorial Guinea


Gambling is legal in Equatorial Guinea, situated in Central Africa. The country is considered to have one of the worst human rights records in history. Human trafficking and forced child labour are everyday occurrences, and the country’s president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is Africa’s longest reigning dictator.

Still, gambling is rather well-regulated in Equatorial Guinea, at least compared to other countries in the region. The law regulating gambling in Equatorial Guinea, Juegos de Recreo y de Azar* was passed in 1995. The law permits gambling, though only in authorised gambling establishments. Games with charitable causes are exempt from the regulations stated in the law. The legal body with the jurisdiction to issues gambling licences is the Ministro de Cultura, Turismo y Francofonia.

The law specifically regulates two forms of gambling: lotteries and casinos. The law states that a single lottery operator may be granted exclusive rights to provide all lottery games and products in Equatorial Guinea.

Casinos in Equatorial Guinea are permitted to house shows, restaurants and games of chance. The games allowed in casinos are also specified: American and European roulette, 23, craps, blackjack, punto blanco and baccarat. Casinos may also host slot machines but, interestingly, poker is not mentioned though other “table games” are.

Online gambling is not specifically regulated by Equatoguinean laws. The internet penetration rate in the country is around 20%, which is actually quite high compared to other countries in the region. The government does not issue online gambling licences, which means there are no online gambling operators based in the country. Locals are free to play on foreign online gambling sites.


*Source (Spanish): Juegos de Recreo y de Azar (Boletín Oficial del Estado)


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Casino gambling in Equatorial Guinea


Online casino gambling in Equatorial Guinea: unregulated


Casino gambling is legal in Equatorial Guinea. Casino operators must apply for a licence to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to be able to legally offer gambling services in the country. The 1995 gambling law states that only slot machines and certain table games – roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and a few more – may be played at casinos.

There are currently about 10 casinos operating in Equatorial Guinea. Most of the casinos congregate in the capital, Malabo and in the largest city, Bata. While some of the casinos have several table games available, many of them offer slot machines only.

Equatoguinean gambling laws make no mention of online casino gambling. As there is practically no internet censorship in the country (surprising for a dictatorship) – foreign online casino sites are not blocked. Locals may play on online casino gambling sites without any repercussions.



Bingo in Equatorial Guinea


Online Bingo in Equatorial Guinea: unregulated


Bingo has no tradition in Equatorial Guinea and is practically unknown in the country and the whole region. Unless it is played for charitable reasons, bingo is considered a game of chance. This means that organising bingo games requires authorisation in Equatorial Guinea. However, bingo is not included among the casino games listed in the law, meaning that there are no legal options to play live bingo in the country.

Online bingo is not regulated in Equatorial Guinea, and there are no locally-based online bingo operators. Locals are free to play on international online bingo sites.



Poker in Equatorial Guinea


Online Poker in Equatorial Guinea: unregulated


Poker is, interestingly, not mentioned in the casino games section of the 1995 gambling law. Poker is often considered to be a game of skill, not a game of chance, which could be the reason it was excluded. Some poker games are, in fact available in the casinos of Equatorian Guinea; however these are all casino poker games (i. e. played against a dealer, not against other players).

Online poker is not regulated in Equatorian Guinea. While there are no online poker operators licensed in the country, there are also no laws against online gambling. As a result, locals are free to play on international online poker sites.



Sports betting in Equatorial Guinea


Online sports betting in Equatorial Guinea: unregulated


Sports betting is not specifically regulated by the gambling laws of Equatorial Guinea. There are currently no sports betting companies licensed in the country, though there have been talks of creating a PMU (pari-mutuel urbain, sports betting/horse racing operator) in the capital, Malabo.

There are also no online sports betting companies licensed in Equatorial Guinea. Locals are free to wager on international online sports betting sites.



Lottery in Equatorial Guinea


Online lottery in Equatorial Guinea: unregulated


Lottery is legal in Equatorial Guinea. The 1995 gambling law mentions that a single, exclusive lottery licence may be issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. However, at the moment, the country does not seem to have a national lottery. Equatoguinean gamblers do have access to lottery though: the Spanish Christmas lottery has been available in the African country since 2013.*

There are no licensed online lotteries in Equatorial Guinea. Locals are free to participate in lottery draws on international online lottery sites.


*Source (Spanish): La Lotería de Navidad llega a Guinea Ecuatorial (Guinea Ecuatorial Press)


Bitcoin gambling in Equatorial Guinea


Bitcoin gambling in Equatorial Guinea: unregulated


Bitcoin gambling, as all other forms of online gambling, is unregulated in Equatorial Guinea. While there are no locally-based Bitcoin casinos, Equatoguinean gamblers may freely access foreign Bitcoin gambling sites.

Use of Bitcoin is not exactly widespread in the country, though there are some traders where Central African Franc, the national currency of Equatorial Guinea may be exchanged for Bitcoin.



Online gambling websites accepting players from Equatorial Guinea

Online gambling is unregulated in ng . This means that international online gambling websites are free to accept players from the country.

The following online casinos and online bookmakers accept players from Equatorial Guinea.


BGO casino – accepting players from Equatorial Guinea

Casino Euro – accepting players from Equatorial Guinea

32 Red casino accepting players from Equatorial Guinea

32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website – accepting players from Equatorial Guinea

Black Lotus casino accepting players from Equatorial Guinea



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