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Gambling in Comoros


Gambling is legal in the Comoros, though only in casinos licensed by the state. The Comoros is also one of the few African countries where online gambling is legal and regulated, under the Computer Gambling Licensing Act of 1999 passed on the island of Anjouan. The Comoros also allows online gambling companies to operate from within the country, as long as they have obtained a gambling licence.

The extent of gambling regulations is especially surprising given the fact that half the country’s population lives below the poverty line. The Comoros consists of 4 larger and several smaller islands situated off the eastern coast of Africa. The country has been plagued by unrest and coups for decades.

The Comoros is also unique in the sense that Islam is the predominant religion and the country’s legal system is based partially on Islamic law, yet gambling is allowed.
/The Qu’ran prohibits all forms of gambling, as games of chance have an addictive nature and those following Islam are supposed to gain wealth not by chance but through hard work./
Still, the Comoros accounts for 10% of the gambling activity in Africa, second largest after South Africa.*

Operating gambling establishments in the Comoros requires a licence, which can be obtained for a fixed fee of $20 000. Once a company has obtained authorisation, any number of gambling sites may be operated under the same gambling licence. Currently there are at least two land-based casinos and two online operators licensed in the Comoros. The law includes casino gambling as well as sports betting, poker rooms and lotteries.


*Source: The Taxation of Gambling In Africa (International Studies Program)

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Casino gambling in the Comoros


Online casino gambling in the Comoros: legal, requires licence


Casino gambling is legal in the Comoros. Casino operators must apply for a licence and pay a licensing fee in order to operate legally. The largest gambling establishment in the country is the Itsandra Beach Hotel & Casino situated in Moroni on Grande Comore, the largest island.

Online casino gambling is also legal in the country. Those who wish to legally operate an online casino gambling company in the country must apply for a licence and pay the associated fee. The fee is a fixed rate, and does not depend on income or profit. Players should beware that supervision of online casinos licensed in the Comoros is likely to be lax.

There also don’t seem to be any laws prohibiting locals from accessing and playing on international casino sites. It should be noted, however, that internet penetration rate in the country is under 10%, so the online gambling regulation is likely aimed at the expected revenues, not at the gambling “needs” of locals.



Bingo in the Comoros


Online bingo in the Comoros: legal, requires licence


Bingo is practically unknown in the Comoros, as in most countries in the region. The game, while not specifically regulated for lack of interest, is most likely legal to be played at any licensed gambling establishments. Currently none of the licensed casinos in the Comoros offer live bingo games.

Online bingo falls into the category of online gambling, and may be legally operated in the country on licensed online gambling sites. It is likely illegal for unlicensed offshore online bingo sites to offer their services in the Comoros, but the government has taken no steps to prevent this from happening. Locals may also freely participate in bingo games provided by foreign sites.



Poker in the Comoros


Online poker in the Comoros: legal, requires licence


Poker is legal in Comoros and operating live poker games requires a licence. Playing poker does not have a tradition in the Comoros, and so is not among the most popular forms of gambling. While poker may be offered at the licensed casinos in the country, currently only video poker is available.

Online poker is also legal, and is specifically mentioned in the Comoros’ gambling regulation. The country issues online gambling licences which, when obtained, imply a permission to offer any online gambling services including online poker. Locals may also play on international online poker sites with no repercussions.



Sports betting in Comoros


Online sports betting in Comoros: legal, requires licence


Sports betting is legal in the Comoros. Companies who wish to operate sports betting establishments are required to apply for a gambling license and pay the associated licensing fee. Betting on various sports events does have some tradition in the region, but there are no reports on whether sports betting is available at the country’s licensed casinos.

Online sports betting is also legal and regulated by the 1999 Computer Gambling Licensing Act. In accordance with the law, the Comoros issues gambling licences to online gambling operators, including sports betting sites. Residents of the Comoros are aso free to wager on international sports betting sites.



Lottery in Comoros


Online lottery in Comoros: legal requires licence


Lottery is, in theory legal in the Comoros, though the island has no national lotteries of its own. Raffles and such events may be held, though, at licensed gambling establishments.

Online lottery is also legal, and the Comoros issues licenses to online lottery operators in return for a licensing fee. There is currently at least one online lottery company licensed within the country. Residents of the island with access to the internet may also participate in international lottery draws.



Bitcoin gambling in Comoros


Bitcoin gambling in Comoros: unregulated


Bitcoin gambling is, unlike other forms of online gambling, not specifically regulated by Comorian gambling laws. There have been no accounts of Bitcoin casinos applying for a Comorian gambling license, so it is not known whether such a licence would be granted (though likely). There are no laws against locals playing in foreign Bitcoin casinos.

The national currency of the Comoros is the Comorian franc, and there are, as of yet, no Bitcoin traders exchanging Comorian franc to the virtual currency.



Online gambling websites accepting players from Comoros

All forms of online gambling are legal and regulated in the Comoros (except Bitcoin gambling, which is unregulated).

The following online casinos and bookmakers accept players from Comoros.


BGO casino – accepting players from Comoros

Casino Euro – accepting players from Comoros

32 Red casino accepting players from Comoros

32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website – accepting players from Comoros

Black Lotus casino accepting players from Comoros



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