Simon’s Guide to Gambling and Casinos in Egypt

This is a picture of Sinai Grand Casino from the outside in Egypt, taken at night.

Sinai Grand Casino, Egypt


Egypt is one of the countries with the longest history of gambling in the world. Ancient tombs were adorned with reliefs depicting various gambling scenes. There were actually anti-gambling laws in place in Egypt around 3000 BC.*

Egypt is also one of the few countries in the world with a Muslim majority where gambling is legal. The Quran explicitly forbids gambling and calls it the Satan’s handiwork. However, the government – most likely motivated by potential revenues, found a loophole. Egypt’s solution was to prohibit gambling for all Egyptian residents (for those holding Egyptian passports, to be precise), while still allowing gambling for foreigners.

According to the Egyptian Penal Code of 1937, “Whoever provides a location for gambling games (…) shall be punished with detention and a fine not exceeding one thousand pounds.”** It is also illegal to sell lottery tickets or offer prizes for lottery games. Naturally, these prohibitions do not apply to government-licensed casinos aimed at tourists.

Online gambling is not specifically regulated by Egyptian laws. As a result, while locals are banned from brick and mortar casinos, they are free to play on international online gambling sites. There are, of course, no online gambling sites based or licensed in Egypt.


*Source: History Of Gambling In Egypt (

**Source: Law No. 58 01 The Year 1937 Promulgating The Penal Code


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Casino gambling in Egypt


Online casino gambling in Egypt: unregulated


Casino gambling is legal in Egypt, but only for those holding foreign passports; locals are not allowed to enter casinos. There are several government-licensed casinos to be found in Egypt. Gambling establishments congregate around the capital, Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh. Casinos are generally attached to major hotels.

Currently there are about 30 licensed casinos in operation in Egypt. Most of these accept payment in US Dollar only. Games available at casinos include American and European roulette, blackjack and several variations of poker along with slot machines and video poker.

While land-based casinos are off limits for holders of Egyptian passports, online casino gambling is not regulated in the country. This means that, while there are no online casinos based or licensed in Egypt, locals are free to play on foreign online casino sites available to them.



Bingo in Egypt


Online bingo in Egypt: unregulated


As in most countries in the region, bingo is not very popular and is fairly unknown. Gambling is legal in Egypt for those holding foreign passports. Bingo games may be found at some of the government-licensed casinos in Egypt, but the game is definitely rarely played in the country.

Online bingo is, as all other forms of online gambling in Egypt, is unregulated. There are no laws forbidding online gambling for either tourists or locals; though it should be noted that for those following Islam, the Quran’s prohibition applies. As a result, those looking for bingo games are free to play on international bingo sites. (There are no Egypt-based online bingo operators.)



Poker in Egypt


Online poker in Egypt: unregulated


Poker, while not a traditionally played game in Egypt, has been steadily gaining in popularity. Poker is legal in Egypt, and is offered by most of the country’s licensed casinos. There are also many variations of the game available, the most popular being Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud.

Egyptian casinos are off-limits to the locals. As a result there are no live poker games legally available for residents of Egypt. In practice, this means that poker is included in the games prohibited by the gambling regulation, though poker is considered by many to be a game of skill and not a game of chance.

Online poker is not regulated in Egypt. This means there are no laws prohibiting online poker for locals, making it the most easily accessible way to play poker. There are no online poker operators in Egypt, but most international online poker sites are available from the country.



Sports betting in Egypt


Online sports betting in Egypt: unregulated


Sports betting is one of the few forms of gambling legally available to locals and tourists alike. In 2005, the Egyptian National Post Organization and Intralot signed an agreement for the provision of value added services and games organization.* There are currently hundreds of retailers in the country where sports betting is available.

There are no online sports betting operators licensed in Egypt. There are, however, several international online sports betting sites available from Egypt where locals and tourists in the country alike may place wagers.


*Source: Important Agreement with Egypt Posts (Intralot)


Lottery in Egypt


Online lottery in Egypt: unregulated


Lottery is legal in Egypt. The Lottery Coalition was founded in 1976, and there used to be several hundred retailers where lottery tickets were available for buying. Their number has dropped somewhat in recent years, though.

There are no online lottery operators based or licensed in Egypt. Online lottery is, as all other forms of online gambling, unregulated in the country. Locals are free to participate in lottery draws on international lottery sites.



Bitcoin gambling in Egypt


Bitcoin gambling in Egypt: unregulated


While the Middle-East is not known for its widespread use of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is not entirely unknown in Egypt. There are several traders exchanging Egyptian Pound to Bitcoin. The country also saw its first busieness accepting Bitcoins, the AMECO company in 2014.

Bitcoin gambling is not regulated in Egypt. While there are no Bitcoin casinos based or licensed in the country, locals are free to play on international Bitcoin gambling sites.



Online gambling websites accepting players from Egypt

Online gambling is not regulated in Egypt. This means that most international online gambling websites can freely accept players from the country.

The following online casinos and bookmakers accept players from Egypt.



BGO casino – accepting players from Egypt

Euro online casino

Casino Euro – accepting players from Egypt


32 Red casino accepting players from Egypt


32 Red online bookmaker, sports betting website – accepting players from Egypt


Black Lotus casino accepting players from Egypt



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Simon's Guide Gambling and Casinos in Egypt
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