Simon’s Guide to Gambling and Betting in Rwanda

A picture depicting punters standing in line in Rwanda in front of a brick and mortar betting shop.

Simon’s Guide to Gambling and Betting in Rwanda

Even though the country has its limitations as a potential gambling market, there are more and more people engaging in some form of betting in Rwanda. Sports betting is by far the most popular form of gambling in the country. The same is the case with most developing African countries.

Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a sovereign state in central and east Africa. With a land area of 26,000 square kilometres and a population of around 11 million, it is one of the smallest states in the African continent. Rwanda used to be a colony of Belgium before it gained its independence in 1962.

The government of Rwanda recently enacted a piece of legislation that introduced legal, licensed and regulated gambling in the country. In Law No. 58 of 2011*, regulators laid down a legal framework for licensing, overseeing and controlling all gambling operations in the country. The Rwanda Gambling Board, the authority trusted with overseeing the gambling industry in the country, was established in 2013**. The government aims to set up healthy streams of gambling tax revenues for the state through its legislative efforts – the usual motive behind gambling legislations.

The Rwanda gambling law also allows for the licensing of online gambling operators of all kinds. Moreover, the country recently introduced 4G broadband mobile internet, which means further opportunities for online gambling operators in the country.

Although Rwanda reportedly has an internet censoring system in place, it targets only political content. Players from the country are not restricted from wagering on foreign online gambling sites. Nor are they prosecuted or penalised in any way for doing so.

*Source: Law No. 58/2011 Of 31/12/2011 Governing The Gaming Activities

**Source: Rwanda Opens Gaming Board, Signs Deal To Bring 4G To The Country



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Casino gambling in Rwanda


Online casino gambling in Rwanda: legal, licensed


There is only one brick and mortar casino in Rwanda, the Casino Kigali. However, this is reportedly a rather unimpressive and small facility. We can expect the number of such venues to increase in the years to come, with the governments more open and conscious gambling policy.

Under Rwandan gambling laws, operators are also eligible for an online casino license. However, there don’t appear to be any online casinos operating under a Rwandan licence. Rwandan residents are not restricted from accessing foreign online casinos.

The following online casinos accept players from Rwanda:

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Casino Euro – accepting players from Rwanda.


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Lotus Asia casino – accepting players from Rwanda



GT Bets accepts players from Rwanda – accepting Bitcoins as well



Bingo in Rwanda


Online bingo in Rwanda: legal, licensed


Bingo is thoroughly defined in Law No. 58 of 2011 and land based bingo halls are eligible for a licence under Rwandan law. However, there is no information online on whether or not there are any operational bingo halls in the country.

Online bingo sites are also eligible for a license under Rwandan law. However, there is no trace of any online bingo platform operating under a Rwandan licence. Locals are nevertheless free to access foreign bingo websites.

The following online bingo websites accept players from Rwanda:

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BGO bingo – accepting players from Rwanda


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32 Red Bingo – accepting registrations from Rwanda




Poker in Rwanda


Online poker in Rwanda: legal, licensed


The Kigali Casino, Rwanda’s only legally operating brick and mortar casino reportedly has a few poker tables. Players can play Texas Hold’em, as well as a kind of stud poker game, called Kigali Oasis Stud. There are reportedly no stand alone poker clubs or other legally operating gambling facilities with poker tables in the country.

Rwandan authorities can issue online poker licenses, according to Law No. 58 of 2011. However, there appear to be no online poker sites that run under a Rwandan gambling licence. Locals are, nevertheless not restricted from playing on foreign online platforms.

The following online poker websites accept players from Rwanda:

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32 Red online Poker – accepting players from Rwanda



Sports betting in Rwanda


Online sports betting in Rwanda: legal, licensed


In many African developing countries sports betting is not seen as risky gambling but rather a legit source of extra income. Rwanda is no different. Sports betting businesses thrive in this environment.

LuckyBet, PremierBet and AfricaBet operate land based betting shop throughout the country. The latter also offers its services online through its website, and through betting apps for Android and iOS. Locals are also free to place bets with foreign online bookmakers.

The following online sportsbooks accept registrations from Rwanda:

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32 Red sport online sportsbook – accepting players from Rwanda



GT Bets online bookmaker – accepts registrations from the Rwanda, also accepts Bitcoin



Lottery in Rwanda


Online lottery in Rwanda: legal, licensed


According to Law No. 58 of 2011, authorities can licence a single company to run the Rwandan National Lottery. Currently, a company named Pan-A Rwanda Ltd. is operating the national lottery since December 2011. However, it does not offer any of its games through an online platform.

Foreign online lotteries are not outlawed in the legislation and locals are not restricted by the authorities from participating in foreign online lottery draws.




Bitcoin gambling in Rwanda


Bitcoin gambling in Rwanda: not regulated


The government of Rwanda does not appear to restrict or limit the use of Bitcoin or other digital currencies in the country. The gambling legislation also does not mention Bitcoin casinos in specific. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Bitcoin gambling is practically unregulated in the country. Rwandan players are therefore free to access foreign Bitcoin sites and wager on these platforms.

The following Bitcoin casino accepts players from Saint Barthelemy:

This a banner ad from Rwanda

GT Bets accepts players from Rwanda, and also accepts Bitcoin



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Last updated: 2015.1.26.

Simon's Guide to Gambling and Betting in Rwanda
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Simon's Guide to Gambling and Betting in Rwanda
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