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Simon’s Guide to Dice Control

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A guide to dice control


Dice control (also called controlled shooting, dice setting) is an advantage gambling method used in casino craps games.

Proponents of dice control claim that by using a variety of techniques, one can influence the outcome of a dice toss, and one can overcome the house advantage, however, this claim is largely disputed amongst professional gamblers and prominent figures of gambling theory.


Let’s take a look at dice control.

/Dice control is only one of the advantage gambling methods. There are many more. Check out the other advantage gambling methods and learn to make money gambling like the professional gamblers./



Dice control, dice setting





Dice control basics


Studies of dice control produced inconclusive results. Dice control’s influence on the game’s outcome is marginal and might be a result of chance. This does not mean it is not working, but it means, that even if it works it gives you barely any player advantage.

However, it must be noted, that casino craps has only 1.07 % house edge – one of the lowest of all casino games -, so if you can manage to consistently increase your performance by just 1.1% you already have a player advantage.

Whether dice control works or not is still unanswered, but this did not stopped many people from making money at the casino (and getting banned from casinos, you can get banned for dice setting) using this technique.

Dice control is not as well-known as card counting. Therefore, it is entirely possible for a shrewd professional gambler to make money using dice control techniques longer – without getting banned -, than it is possible using card counting techniques.

Proponents and opponents of dice control

Dice control is one of the most disputed of all advantage gambling methods. There are, nonetheless many in the advantage gambling community that do believe that dice control offers a legit and reliable way to gain advantage on the house at craps. A few of the proponents are:

These people are all well known advantage gamblers that believe dice control is feasible and they probably all tried the method in practice as well with and it presumably worked for them. However, many experts and gambling professionals still  think, that dice control is somewhat of a scam, a publicity stunt or a marketing feat – or all three.

There is , however, reasons to believe, that some players probably exist, although very few very few in numbers, who mastered dice control to the point that gaining an edge on the house is actually possible. That still doesn’t mean dice control is a very reliable method, because, as noted above, the house edge in craps is much smaller than at most other casino games.



Advantages and disadvantages of dice setting


Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of dice control or dice setting.


Advantages of dice control:

Disadvantages of dice control:



Dice control tutorial


The following video tutorials will help you learn how to control the dice by learn the correct techniques. The videos introduce the technique developed by LoRiggio. Here you can see for yourself, and choose whether you believe in dice control or not.






/Dice control is only one of the advantage gambling methods. There are many more. Check out the other advantage gambling methods and learn to make money gambling like the professional gamblers./


Last updated: 2015 October 15


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Simon's Guide to Dice Control (a.k.a Dice Setting,, Controlled Shooting)
Guide to dice control with video tutorials and an in-depth analysis of dice controls' effectiveness.