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Bonus Bitcoins


Simon’s Bitcoin Bonus Guide is the latest addition to the casino bonuses and promotions section of my blog. This section focuses on the best deposit and no deposit Bitcoin bonuses at Bitcoin casinos sites I can personally recommend.

On this page, you will find a detailed description of the various types of Bitcoin bonuses, as well as tips and warnings about which types of promotions are best avoided. With smart use of the various Bitcoin bonuses and promotions available on the Bitcoin casino sites, you can dramatically increase your returns and thus your income. Read on to find out how!



Guide to bonus Bitcoins


The Bitcoin bonus guide contains the following sections:


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Best Bitcoin bonus


After getting acquainted with the various types of Bitcoin casino bonuses available to both new and experienced players, it’s time to choose exactly which Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin bonuses would best match your playing style.

In the next section, I will present some of the bonuses you can take advantage of if you would like to use Bitcoin in an online casino. I can personally recommend this online casino accepting Bitcoins, as it is reliable and offers great Bitcoin bonuses.

I do not recommend Bitcoin only casinos! Online casinos, which accepts only Bitcoin are often rogue casinos and they don’t have a gambling license (, which is illegal). It’s best to avoid Bitcoin only casinos and choose casinos, which accept more than just Bitcoin.



GT Bets Casino

This the banner ad of Gt Bets online casino. The online casino accepts players from Macedonia.

GT Bets – US players accepted, Bitcoin accepted, casino + sportsbook

GT Bets Casino is an online casino and sportsbook where deposits and withdrawals may be made in Bitcoin as well regular methods of payment. Previously Bitcoin payouts were only available to those who had deposited in the cryptocurrency originally. However, the policy has since been changed.

Currently, withdrawals in Bitcoin are available to every real-money player, between the amounts of $300 and $5000. Through the use of Bitcoin withdrawal players are able to avoid the fees otherwise associated with the payout. Also, it is not required that players who had deposited in Bitcoin also withdraw in that currency.

Below is a list of bonuses available at GT Bets.

Sign up bonus 1: 100%, up to $250 (or the equivalent in Bitcoin) on your first deposit
Sign up bonus 2: 50%, up to $500 (or the equivalent in Bitcoin) on your first deposit


Game of the month: Each month a certain type of game is chosen as game of the month. When playing the featured game of the month, all players receive double the rewards points than usual.

Reload bonus: 5%-50% -The reload bonus at GT Bets is automatically awarded whenever a deposit is made that qualifies for this type of bonus. The bonus available may range from 5% to 50%.


GT Bets accepts players from the US, except from the following states: District of Columbia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, and Washington.

Bitcoin bonus terms and conditions

Sign up bonuses: This bonus is only available for players who are depositing at GT Bets Casino for the first time. There are two versions of the bonus: players may choose a 100% bonus up to $250, or 50°% bonus up to $500 if they prefer to make a larger deposit.

There is a certain amount of rollover points players are required to reach before being able to withdraw the winnings from their bonus (or the bonus itself). A 5x rollover is required in the case of the sign up bonus. The various types of games award various amount of points for every $10 wagered

Reload bonuses: The reload bonus at GT Bets is automatically awarded whenever a deposit is made that qualifies for this type of bonus. The bonus available may range from 5% to 50%, so it is worth checking out which one you qualify for before making a deposit.

Only players who have no more than 25% of their last deposit currently in their account qualify for the automated reload bonus. Also, the last transaction must not have been a withdrawal, as that would be cheating the system. As with sign up bonuses, there is a rollover

As with sign up bonuses, there is a rollover point requirement players must meet before withdrawing their bonus. Please note, however, that the rollover point multipliers are different for each game type from the multipliers of sign up bonuses.



Bonus Bitcoins explained


There are several ways to earn bonus Bitcoins as well as free Bitcoins, including taking surveys and trying various apps. This section explains how you can earn bonus Bitcoins in casinos in the form of promotions.

In general, Bitcoin casino bonuses function in the same way as regular casino bonuses do. However, using Bitcoins can be advantageous compared to hunting for regular casino bonuses.

For one, several online casinos have various withdrawal fees, which can make up a not insignificant percentage of the amount you would like to withdraw. You will be able to avoid this fee by withdrawing in Bitcoin.

Also, the varying value of the cryptocurrency means it is worth taking a look at its relative value when you are withdrawing; you can win or lose a significant percentage of the value you are withdrawing if you choose the wrong currency.

Bitcoins provide a great way to make anonymous transactions and avoid certain transaction fees. However, this very property of the cryptocurrency makes it somewhat risky: several Bitcoin only casinos have proved to be unreliable or illegal. Always check that the site you are playing on is legal, fair and reliable when it comes to payouts!


No deposit Bitcoin bonus


No deposit bonuses are the most popular form of promotions all around, and the same is true for no deposit Bitcoin bonuses. No deposit bonuses allow the player to test various Bitcoin casinos without committing any of their own money.

As the name suggests, no deposit Bitcoin bonuses do not require that the player deposit any money into their account. However, there are always certain requirements that need to be met in order for the bonus to be awarded.

No deposit Bitcoin bonuses are only available to players who register an account at the online casino. As multiple accounts are strictly forbidden, this means that only new players may access the no deposit Bitcoin bonus.

At most online casinos, there is also a playthrough requirement. In order to access the Bitcoin bonus and be able to withdraw it, one must play a set amount of real-money games or accumulate loyalty points.


First deposit Bitcoin bonus


In order to access first deposit Bitcoin bonuses, one actually has to deposit real money into the account at the chosen online casino. This may seem riskier than no deposit bonuses, but the promotions are often more lucrative as well.

Just like no deposit Bitcoin bonuses, first deposit bonuses are only available to players new to the casino. After registering an account and a card, players need to make their first deposit into their account. This deposit is usually matched at a certain percentage by the casino.

This bonus is usually 100% of the amount deposited, but can be even higher in certain cases. When depositing in Bitcoin, the amount may be matched in Bitcoin as well, or the original deposit is converted to $ and so is the bonus.

With first deposit bonuses the bonus amount is usually not released at once, but in increments as you play. You may not withdraw your bonus until you have played games in the required value, or collected enough loyalty points.


Re-deposit Bitcoin bonus


Re-deposit Bitcoin bonuses are very similar to the first deposit bonuses previously described. The main difference is that while first deposit bonuses are aimed at new players, re-deposit bonuses reward long-time players for their loyalty.

Re-deposit Bitcoin bonuses are awarded to players who have previously deposited at the casino at some or every additional deposit. Re-deposit bonuses are generally smaller than their first deposit counterparts.

Still, if you are depositing at a Bitcoin casino, it is definitely worth checking out whether they have any re-deposit (also called reload) bonuses available. Re-deposit bonuses are also subject to playthrough requirements before the money may be withdrawn.



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Last updated: 2016-05-06

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Simon's Guide to Earning Bonus Bitcoins
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