Simon’s Guide to Angle Shooting

On the picture is a player - presumably - considering a sly move using an angle shooting technique

The term ‘angle shooting’ refers to all the unethical ways to take advantage of others in a card game that are not considered cheating expressly

Angle shooting


“Angle shooting” is another type of advantage play. “Angle shooting” refers to legal but possibly unethical ways to beat card games.

However, when the term “angle” is applied to gambling situations outside of the poker world, it often drops its negative connotation. A sports or horse bettor can have an angle which is perfectly legitimate and requires no malfeasance. In this context, an angle simply means a path to profit.


In short: In card games, angle shooting means using unfair tactics. Angle shooting is most often used in Poker and online Poker but technically, angle shooting is possible in all card games.


/Angle shooting is only one of the advantage gambling methods. There are many more. Check out the other advantage gambling methods and learn to make money gambling like the professional gamblers./



Is angle shooting cheating?


Angle shooting is definitely unethical. There is a dispute on what is considered angle shooting and actual cheating. However, the line seems to be blurry and the difference is likely only a matter of degree.


Advantages and disadvantages of angle shooting


Advantages of angle shooting:

  • working ,reliable method of gaining advantage under special circumstances.


Disadvantages of angle shooting:

  • does not give you a lot of advantage
  • can only be used under special circumstances
  • ruins your reputation (especially in Poker)



Angle shooting: Poker


Angle shooting in Poker is controversial. This can get you banned and can ruin your reputation.

Let’s look at different techniques used in Poker to better understand angle shooting.



Fake hand

Out of turn a player declares they just hit a great hand, and you muck your own hand in desperation.

However, the angle shooter has a different hand, than expected; a lower hand than the one you held. Declaring cards you have before your turn or before you have is considered cheating in most games.



The incomplete call

You are raising by 100 chips. However, the angle shooter only puts in a slightly lower amount but makes no comment about it. You assume he’s called, and you show your cards. If you won, the angle shooter will point out that his bet wasn’t actually completed, so he didn’t really call.

If he won, you’ll likely never know anything untoward has happened, as the angle shooter will collect the pot directly.



Ambiguous action

This happens when someone makes a move that can be interpreted as a check but is not complete, such as a wave of the hand. They can do this to see what everyone else has been planning to do and after everyone else checks behind they may announce that they want to raise.




Angle shooting: Online Poker


Angle shooting is not restricted to brick & mortar gambling. Angle shooting is possible online as well.



Going South

A player leaves a ring game aright after winning big. He returns immediately after ,with minimum stack.

Many online poker rooms have rules against this kind of behaviour, but not all of them.



Disconnection protection abuse

Temporary disconnection issues are a huge headache for most online casinos and online poker rooms.

Therefore, online casinos introduced “disconnection protection”.

If you have money in the pot and get disconnected, you will stay in the hand as if the amount you added was going all-in. The hand will stand until the showdown regardless of whether others raise.

The angle shooters abuse this by disconnecting on purpose so their current bet can ride until the showdown. Many online casinos and poker sites have outlawed this kind of behavior and have strict  rules to discourage this sort of activity. They can ban you from the online casino and forfeit all your winnings.



Data mining

In our high-tech times, data mining became another concern at online Poker tables. This is the systematic collection of hand histories, enough of which can be used to profile opponents using specially designed software. Two or more players may agree to share their individual hand histories amongst themselves; alternatively, some websites like HH Smithy and offer large quantities of previously-played hands (even millions) for a fee.

Using software to analyse one’s own histories is generally accepted, but acquiring histories of hands in which a player did not participate is sort of a grey area and can be considered a kind of “digital angle shooting”.




I do not recommend you to use angle shooting techniques, as they can get you banned from an online casino, moreover, it can also lead to your winnings being forfeited.


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/Angle shooting is only one of the advantage gambling methods. There are many more. Check out the other advantage gambling methods and learn to make money gambling like the professional gamblers./


Last updated: 2015.10.16.


Gamble responsibly! Good luck,

Angle Shooting Techniques in Poker and Online Poker
Article Name
Angle Shooting Techniques in Poker and Online Poker
Angle shooting (in particular angle shooting in poker and online poker) examined. Different angle shooting techniques, such as fake hand, incomplete call, ambiguous call or "going south" explained.

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