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This is the free casino games section of the blog. The free casino offers the following:


Simon’s free casino section


The following free casino game Currently available at Simon’s free casino:


All games open in a new tab, not on this website, Flash or Java might be required. Few of the games are not entirely mobile compatible.



Free Online Slots – click to play

Play free digital slot machines online, no registration


If you would like to try out the latest, most popular and best slots, then this the place. Click here the access the collection of slots, which you can play online without registration. Or you can click on any of the slots below, opens in a new tab. Java and flash required. The digital slots work on most browsers and on most operation systems. If you find a slot that doesn’t work please leave a comment under that particular game’s page and not here. Thank you.

Choose from the featured free slot machines below, they are some of the best slots online currently, or check out all the pokies available at Simon’s Free Online Slots!

/Java and/or Flash required, depending on the casino software provider, some adblock plugins might interfere, make sure to turn them off if experiencing problems, F10 for full screen on desktops./

Ozzy Osbourne

Guns and Roses

Game of Thrones

Phantom of the Opera

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus

Michael Jackson – The King of Pop


Click here for
another 100 more
free online slot machines




Free Online Roulette – click to play



Play online Roulette for free


You can find all the free online roulette games on the website below.

Roulette (“little wheel” in French) was first played in 18th century France, and has since become one of the most popular forms of gambling. The French roulette is still played today (you can try it out below), along with European and American Roulette (that’s also available to play below). New, innovative variations of Roulette also exist, such as Double Dragon Roulette, mini-wheel Roulette or the Monopoly roulette which you will find below (it combines the board game Monopoly and roulette into something truly unique and really enjoyable).

Whether you’re looking for the classics or want to discover the weird and wacky world of special roulette you can find it all at Simon’s Online Roulette page . Choose from the featured online roulette games, or follow the link to see others as well.

/Java and/or Flash required, depending on the casino software provider. Most roulette games are mobile compatible, but some are not and will be almost unplayable on smaller screens./


European Roulette American Roulette Monopoly Roulette Click here to check out the other roulette games



Online Blackjack – click to play



Play free online blackjack games below


Learn the ins and outs of online blackjack without risking any money. Test your blackjack strategy, learn card counting or just have fun and test the different types of blackjack you can play in online casinos.

Simon’s free casino section has various types of online blackjack games including the Classic Blackjack, Multiple Hands Blackjack, Mike Tyson Blackjack and live blackjack. Test your skills and your luck in any of the featured online blackjack games below, or choose from the other free-to-play games at Simon’s Online Blackjack page.

/Java and/or Flash required, depending on the casino software provider. All games except Mike Tyson blackjack are mobile compatible and work on all browsers./


Classic Blackjack Multiple Hands Blackjack Mike Tyson Blackjack Click here to see the other online blackjack games



Free Video Poker – click to play


Play free video poker online


Practice your poker strategy without risking a dime, play-test winning poker techniques or just learn to play poker if you are totally new to the game. You can do all this with these genuine but free to play digital poker machines. These are not your standard, old and ugly video pokies from pubs you probably came to know. Instead I collected the latest and the best video poker games from various casino software providers. These are the same poker machines you can find in online casinos all over the internet. Have fun, try any of the featured games below or check out the whole selection at  Simon’s Free Video Poker page, none of them requires registration and you don’t have to download anything, you can play straight from your browser. Good luck.

/Java and/or Flash required, depending on the casino software provider. The older machines are not mobile compatible. Only tested on Windows and Mac, not sure about Linux compatibility, not tested on Linux./.


All Aces Video Poker Jacks or Better by Pragmatic Jacks or Better Double Up Click here to see the entire free video poker games section


Free to play online Pachinko

The pachinko section was removed, because the pachinko game, (the only one I could find with a free to play mode) was really old, not mobile compatible and really ugly. Not to mention online casinos don’t have pachinko at all. Zero online casinos have pachinko, none, despite what a few shady, scam sites say (I have seen those websites too, not true, it’s just misinformation on purpose). So despite it being extremely popular in Japan and well known all over Asia it still hasn’t made a transition into the world of digital gambling, sadly. I love pachinko and I hope some casino software company will digitize a few pachinko machines. It would be really something unique and fun, and the world of online gambling really could use some innovation, it’s been pretty stagnant for years now.


Thank you for visiting Simon’s Free Casino, the free casino games section of Simon’s Online Casino and Online Gambling Blog. 

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Last updated: 2020-06-04

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