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Simon's Casino Blog
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Simon’s Casino Blog

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Simon’s Online Casino Blog


I’m Simon, and you are on Simon’s Casino Blog. All of the content on my online gambling sites are dedicated to providing valuable, impartial and useful information to all online players.

Whether you are a professional gambler with years of experience, or you are new to online gambling, you will find something useful and interesting here. This website has been focusing on the different aspects of online gambling since 2012.


About Simon - professional gambler turned gambling blogger

A bit about myself: I’m Simon, and I’m the author of Simon’s Online Gambling Blog. I started playing online in 2006, back in college. The world of online gambling was quite different back then, more rogue casinos and less gambling regulations. We have come a long way since then.

However, that environment was perfect for online professional gamblers using advantage gambling techniques. I was one of those guys. I made around $10 000 in total playing online (which was quite a lot of money back then, in Eastern Europe). It helped me pay for college.(since then I have made much more than that.)

Online casino bonus whoring” – as it was called (one of the many ways to take advantage of online casino), got less profitable after I was banned from over 200 online casinos, so I took a break from online gambling, finished college, got an office job, you know, the works. However, after a long hiatus I returned to the online gambling scene, this time as an online gambling blogger (and as a player as well of course). For two years I blogged only on the weekends and not many people took notice. However, over the years, my casino gambling blog gained some momentum.


What can you do at Simon’s online casino gambling blog:

Thank you very much for visiting my website! Keep in mind this is my personal small gambling blog, it’s just me, there is no huge company behind, no team, just one person. I try to do my best to update everything. If you have a question drop a comment, I answer it if I have time.


If you would like to easily access this website later, don’t forget to bookmark it. /There is no social media page anymore after I was banned from Twitter (gambling is apparently not welcome on Twitter, despite every online casino having a presence there, go figure…), and since Facebook made it so that you have to “””boost””” your posts in your own Facebook page, which means every time you post within your own website’s Facebook page you have to pay $15 to Facebook otherwise less than 10% of your followers will see your post…., I”m done with greedy unethical social media, and I advise you to do the same, (and don’t even get me started on the privacy issues, they are bad enough even without all that). There are no newsletters as well, most, almost all email providers filter them out, because they are from a gambling blog and contain gambling keywords, so I stopped that as well, bookmarking the website is really the best way to save it for later if you are so inclined and you would like to revisit it at one point./

If you have any questions regarding online gambling please ask them in the comments section of the appropriate webpage. I try to answer if I have the time.



Unrelated to gambling, but permit me to mention it here:

Please use https://www.ecosia.org/ search engine instead of Google. Unless you live under a rock you are probably well aware of how evil, unethical and problematic the giga-corporation that is Google (technically Alphabet, the umbrella company that owns Google and all their other subsidiaries and offshore companies). Tax evasion, offshore money laundering, election meddling, privacy issues, lies, constant surveillance for the US secret service NSA etc.. just look around online if you have doubts and don’t believe me. Do you really want to support that by using their search engine? Don’t! Use https://www.ecosia.org instead, they use the income generated from advertising (just like the G-word) but instead of enriching shareholders and influencing elections they use it for planting trees worldwide and other environmental, eco-friendly initiatives. Make a change, by actually not changing that much, just using a different search engine. Thank you. (And please stop using Google chrome as well, unless you want Google and the American government, and secret service to always know your location, your search history and have all your passwords… Try Opera, it’s actually better, and has just as many plugins.)


Simon’s online casino blog

Simon’s casino gambling blog consists of the following:


Casino bonuses section

Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses section: Contrary to popular belief not every online casino bonus is good for the player. You have to be mindful of the playthrough requirements and wagering limitations. You can find the best casino bonuses listed here, many of them are exclusive to this website, along with a casino bonus playthrough and wagering requirement calculator.

Free casino games section

Free casino games

Simon’s free casino, 500 free casino games: In this section you can try out hundreds of free casino games in various categories, from more than 10 different casino software providers. No registration is required. Test your strategies and skill without risking any money.

/If you find a game that is not working, please let me know in the comments section of that page so I can fix it immediately. Thank you! You can also rate the games by using the rating system in the small box at the bottom of pages. This will give me feedback and based on that I can fine-tune the selection of games in each category./


Gambling laws and legal status

Online gambling legality

Online gambling laws – in all 196 countries of the world:  This section explains the legal status of online casino gambling, online poker, online bingo, online lottery, keno, scratch cards, online sports betting and Bitcoin gambling in all 196 countries of the world. Just click on your country to get a quick summary of the gambling, online gambling landscape, and for a list of gambling websites, which accept players from your country.

UPDATE: Now with interactive map for easy browsing.

Including, but not limited to, all the English speaking countries:

Online casinos

Online casinos

List of Online Casinos: Depending on what kind of gambling license an online casino has, it can accept players from different countries. Here you will find a list of online casinos for players from any of the 196 countries of the world.

Including, but not limited to:

Advantage gambling section

Professional gambling techniques

Advantage gambling, professional gambling techniques: The best advantage gambling techniques collected (with tutorials, step-by-step guides, e-books, calculators and video tutorials). If you have an analytical mind, you’re good at counting, you too can learn the techniques professional gamblers use to make money gambling.

Advantage gambling techniques:


If you have any question, please let me know in the comments section below.


Last updated: 2019

Good luck, gamble responsibly,