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Play Super Bonus Bingo for free, without registration right here. The Super Bonus Bingo is made by Microgaming Quickfire.

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Super Bonus Bingo



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Super Bonus Bingo - payouts and how to play

Super Bonus Bingo rules and payouts

The picture shows you the payouts of the Super Bonus Bingo game

Super Bonus Bingo payouts


The Super Bonus Bingo is quite a rewarding game if you pick right. In this game, you have to pick 2 to 10 numbers to play with. If you get 10 matching numbers from the balls drawn, then you get x10,000 (the jackpot) your bet! The selected amount of numbers will determine which paytable you are going to play on. For example, if you pick 2 numbers, you are going to play on the first paytable, where your goal is to get both of the selected numbers a match (your reward will be x16 your bet). The wins shown in white will trigger a bonus feature, which will give you 2 extra balls for a chance to increase your win. The turbo mode will make the game go faster.

Super Bonus Bingo how to play

The picture shows you how to play the Super Bonus Bingo game

Super Bonus Bingo how to play


Before the game starts, you have to decide how much you want to bet. If you made your bet, select at least 2 numbers to play. You have to select 10 numbers if you want to win the jackpot, so keep that in mind. After the number selection, hit the “play” button to get the balls. All you have to do now is wait and wish for a match. You have to get at least 2 matching numbers for a win!

The Super Bonus Bingo offers a lot of excitement to players, with crazy rewards! So pick your favourite numbers, and win the jackpot!


Super Bonus Bingo stats

Selectable numbers: 2-10 (out of 80)

Payout patterns: 9 (you will play on one of those, depending how many numbers you have chosen)

Extra balls: 2

Jackpot: x10,000 your bet


You can play the Super Bonus Bingo with real money too! The minimum bet is £0.05, while the maximum is £40.0.



This casino game is courtesy of 32Red – 32Red does not accept US players

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