Classic Blackjack

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Play free Classic Blackjack without registration right here. This Classic Blackjack game is made by Microgaming.

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Classic Blackjack



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Classic Blackjack - features, and how to play

Classic Blackjack features

The picture shows you the features of the Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack features


The Classic Blackjack game’s graphics are top notch, as you would expect from Microgaming Quickfire’s Gold series. The gameplay is the same as the traditional blackjack. Your goal is to score a higher card combination, than the dealer without busting (go over 21) yourself. The main selling point of the Classic Blackjack, is that it uses only one deck! So it’s time to count the cards guys!

Classic Blackjack how to play

The picture shows you how to play the Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack how to play


Like in many other blackjack games, you have to select, then make your bets before the game starts. You do it by simply select a chip size and click the “click to place bets” space. After you made your bets, click the deal button to receive your cards. After you get your cards, you’ll be presented different option to choose from. You can hit a new card, stand with your cards (this ends your turn), or double down.

The dealer must stand on all 17, but it has to hit a new card below 17. This can help you how to approach the game. The initial blackjack pays 3:2. The game features the insurance bet too, if you want to bet on the dealer’s hand, and avoid losing all your bets if it gets an initial blackjack. The insurance bet pays 2:1.

The Classic Blackjack Gold offers a great amount of fun to players. Let’s beat the dealer!


Classic Blackjack stats

Decks: 1
Soft 17: hit
Double after split: no
Double: 9 to 11
Splits: 1
Re-split Aces: No
Draw to split Aces: No
Peek: Yes
Surrender: No
House edge: 0.31%
Software: Microgaming Quickfire


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