What’s your favorite legal High? – Poll

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Legal high poll


Vote on your favourite herbal legal high and find out which are the most popular legal highs.


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If you don’t know what any of these legal highs are, you can check them out on the legal highs page.

Don’t forget to check out the legal high discounts and coupon codes page for the latest vouchers, coupon codes and sales.

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Legal Highs Poll
Article Name
Legal Highs Poll
Vote on your favourite legal highs by using our legal high poll. Find out which are the most popular legal highs as voted by other visitors like you.

15 thoughts on “What’s your favorite legal High? – Poll”

  1. Hmmm… it seems like Salvia and Kratom are really popular.

    It is really interesting to watch how the poll moves and what will eventually emerge as the most popular legal high.

    /voting is anonymous, no data of the voters is recorded/

  2. Terry Moore says:

    hi i have smoked weed for 26 years however i have been put on a anti depressant sertraline and the feeling of being stoned is minimal i was hoping maybe a another high similar to weed could help.thanx

  3. I live in the US and wanna be able to try some of the things on your site any suggestions.

  4. Simon, what is your opinion of an Outfit known as “The Botanical Source ? They are out of South Africa. Briefly, I will tell you mine. About 3 months ago, With absolutely no experience in purchasing products of these kinds, I did some research , and took your advice of staying away from american companies. I came up with this company which has a quite impressive and modern Website. so I ordered Kanna, (Sceletium Tortuosum) loose powder, 10 grams, $5.97 . Imphepho, (Helichrysum Odoratissimum) fine chopped, 30 grams, $5.97 . and Wildegansie, ( Sutherlandia Frutescens), 30 grams, medium chopped, $5.97. I paid $10.00 for airmail to be shipped from S. Africa to USA, then delivered U.S Post office to Florida USA. The package never arrived . After 1 week, I began E-mailing them, and to their credit they answered within a day, advising me to wait, it “has been shipped”, according to their cust. Support. At day 10, I again E-mailed. They e-mailed back, again saying” Wait”. This went on for another 2 weeks with same results. “Wait” ! Finally, unsolicited by me, They E-mailed, me and said they were cancelling the order and returning my money ! ( which they did). Now , About 5 days ago, they e-mailed me, offering to give me $5.00 off shipping, If i desired to order from them. Now keep in mind, this offer came about 6 weeks after my money had been returned, and the issued was cleared-up. I then decided to place a new small order of $20. And this I did. Now, while placing the order I noticed that their order form did not accept My APT. # !! Even after going back and trying to add it in Again ! I then Contacted their billing Co. ( CCnow) and told them how I could not add the “All Important apt. # ” to their order form. I was quite frustrated, and admit I was quite adament in stating the problem. However, in this e-mail I did not threaten, use bad language, or state I wanted to cancel the order. The next day, ( yesterday), they messaged me saying THEY were cancelling the order, and returning my money, due to me incorrectly filling out the order form! What do you make of this? What should i do? I get the feeling that if they are a legitimate Co. , that Im missing out on a really solid source. bummed out Thanks, Alan. Please DO NOT use my Last name!

  5. Steve Smith says:

    I am not familiar with many of the items listed. I would like to find something that has the same effects as MDMA (xtasy). Of the items listed, what would come the closest?
    If needed, and I have to go to two items and mix them, I have available so if there is not one thing that covers it all, the covers the body what would work with that to cover the head portion. And of course I would like it to be legal in the US.

    Thank you

    1. A mix of Ephedra and Kratom would be the closest to that. Both of them are legal in the US (except Kratom is not legal in a few states) by clicking on the links you will find more info about the legal status and how to go about purchasing them online.

      Legal disclaimer: disregard this information if you are from a US state, where Kratom is not legal or if you are under 18.

      Also, please have your blood pressure and heart checked by your doctor before taking stimulants. If you have any hidden cardiovascular problems this combination can be potentially very harmful. This is not medical advice, I’m not a doctor, just saying this as one legal high user to another.

      1. Lucid dreamer says:

        The ephedra might not be necessary with some of the”fast” strains of kratom, since those already have a speedy, energizing effect. Kratom has widely differing varied alkaloid spectrums. Some are very slow , and the addition of ephedra would speed them up. Better to just use a naturally fast variety.

        1. That’s very interesting. I will look into these “fast” kratom strains. I never tried them myself, so far.

  6. Hi Simon. I’ve been smoking legal highs for 4 years, weed for 20 years prior to that. I love the Very relaxed feeling I’d get after smoking spice and Vertex Space Cadet. All banned now. I have no idea how to compose my own. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I’m not a drinker but still want a high!

  7. Why don’t you all just get the real shit it’s worth paying that little extra instead of killing your self with God knows wat lol

    1. You mistake herbal entheogens for research chemicals/bath salts, which I do not support at all, and they can not be found on this website. Think before you type next time Emma.

  8. hi simon this is an excellent page i have stumbled upon been reading through you info most of the day..
    i recently was in Amsterdam on my own over xmas and was trying different strains of the truffles and i liked them a lot.
    I have ordered some off a website in the Netherlands just waiting on them to arrive.
    I have noticed this Kratom been mentioned a lot so im also going to try this along with the Ephedra!
    I have also ordered a space shroom grow kit so looking forward to them.
    do you have any other personal preferences for these kind of effects these give you?
    I have also been looking into the cactus strains..
    my head has exploded with excitement about all this info i have learnt about legal highs etc.
    Cant wait to explore more and more!

  9. Fred Feldman says:

    Simon could you please add more of your recipes? I would like something that makes you giddy and a good feeling. Thank you…..

  10. I’ve never smoked weed but I know so many people that do and I would really like to try it, well at least something similar, hoping to ease my anxiety and feel good. What would you suggest being the best thing I should try first?

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