How to use Legal Drugs Safely and Responsibly

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In this blog post I have collected the most important things you need to know to be able to responsible use legal highs. If you heed the advice and use these techniques you too can safely use legal drugs if you personally decide to use any.

Ladder method

Always start with a very small dosage and wait till you start to feel it’s effects, then and only then proceed to increase the amount.

This is basically the ladder method: start small, wait, take a small amount and wait again and repeat at your discretion. This way you can never overdose and you won’t overstep your limits.

Measure twice

Measure twice, consume once! Any self respecting psychonaut must have a precise set of scales at home. You need to accurately measure your intake of legal drugs and not just go by a gut feel. Overdosing can kill you!

Get informed

Get informed about the legal drug: Never take anything if you are not 100% certain of what it is, what the effects are, and if you are not certain about the recommended safe dosage.

Don’t take legal highs you don’t know nothing about. Don’t use legal high mixtures which do not have their ingredients listed on the package or online. Get informed, stay safe.

Get informed about the seller: This is easier done if you shop online.  Reviews of an online legal drugs store are a just a click away online. Online legal drug shops are generally safer (because of the increased visibility and because of legal high review and comparison blogs like mine) than street vendors.
/All links to legal high online stores on my website are linking to trusted vendors who are in business for years. I’m a long time customer at these e-commerce stores and I vouch for them. /

Have a tripsitter nearby

Among psychonauts tripsitting is a common practice. Tripsitter is a person who stays sober and watches over the other people who are taking the legal drugs. If you are planning on using any of the stronger legal highs please always have a tripsitter around.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario

This is just common sense. Always prepare for the worst case scenario. What if you have to call the ambulance? What if someone has an allergy? Can you handle a bad trip?
Do you have a first aid kit? What if someone cuts himself?  etc…

What’s the worst that can happen? Ask yourself this question and ask it often.

Time, place, ambiance

Make sure you have a safe place and plenty of free time to trip.

Nothing’s worse than having your landlord come to collect the rent while you are high. Nothing’s worse than accidentally setting off the alarm while you are high on mushrooms.

You need plenty of time, a safe place and a relaxed atmosphere.

Legal high mixtures are fake

Legal drugs, which do not have a public list of ingredients and are sold under the name “legal incense” , legal buds” and “legal marijuana” are 100% fake. The rest, which do have ingredients listed online or on the packaging are overpriced mixtures of individual  ethnobotanicals sold by people who want to get rich quick.

As a thumb rule: stay away from shops, which focus mainly on pre-packaged legal high mixtures. There are only a very few legal high mixtures, which are actually not overpriced and are quality mixtures of ready-to-use ethnobotanicals. These mixtures will be included on the blog in time. It just takes time (and money, I have to buy them like anyone else) to find and review these.

Designer drugs, experimental chemicals

First of all, why would anyone would want to take them is beyond me. There are much safer, legal alternatives.
These experimental chemicals (bath salts for example) are called experimental for a reason. It means no one knows what happens if you take them. It’s like playing Russian roulette with your life, it’s only a matter of time till something really bad happens or you die.

Now compare that to the well-known natural, legal psychoactive plants, which have been around for thousand of years. There are literally hundreds of trip reports, reviews of these plants online. Unlike experimental chemicals.

Stay away from designer drugs(they are also very expensive).

Summary: There is a certain subculture of legal drugs- mostly centered around  psychedelics – , a way of life.

Psychonauts (people consuming legal highs),  have certain similarities and share some characteristics, which inevitably draws them to entheogens (sacred psychoactive plants).

If you are a psychonaut it’s not about getting “hammered” it’s about enjoying the different and many various states of consciousness only reachable trough use of sacred plants. Just like how a wine afficiniado would enjoy a fine wine so do we enjoy and appreciate the different states of consciousness we can experience trough the use of legal drugs. And just like a wine afficinado would enjoy the history, the tradition, behind the wine so do we learn and enjoy the traditions, the history, the legends associated with each legal psychoactive plant, entheogen, ethnobotanical we decide to use.
Mainstream media paints a very inaccurate picture of people who are using legal drugs. Most “users” are responsible adults making their own personal decisions.
However, that being said if you are “stupid” (and I’m using stupid as subjective umbrella term for irresponsible individuals not capable to safely use legal drugs) you better stay away from legal drugs.

Legal disclaimer:  We are not advocating the use of legal drugs, we only provide information for research and documentation purposes.
If you decide to use legal highs that’s your personal decision and we can not be held liable for your actions and decisions.

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4 thoughts on “How to use Legal Drugs Safely and Responsibly”

  1. Michael John says:

    My experience with Kratom. I read about Kratom, when I was looking for natural substances to ease the discomfort of withdrawal associated with discontinuing long term use of opiates. I read that Kratom was an excellent substance to take to ease the VERY unpleasant physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that I was unfortunately all too familiar with. Chills, hot-flashes, restlessness, diarrhea, pain, anxiety and depression are all virtually guaranteed when discontinuing opiates after long-term (3 months – multiple years) continuous use.
    I was extremely skeptical and had heard from any reliable source that any legal substance had offered any significant relief of the symptoms I just described. However, this time I was able to find many stories online of people who claimed that using Kratom while discontinuing opiates offered users complete or almost complete relief of any withdrawal symptoms. I was still not overly optimistic but I really wanted to stop using an opiate I had been taking for chronic back pain for a couple of years and I was willing to give it a try.
    The Kratom worked SO well that I could not believe what I was feeling (or not feeling)!! I had no withdrawal symptoms from the opiates and the Kratom actually worked as well or better than opiates for pain. Hard to believe?? You’re not alone! However, since then, I have recommended the use of Kratom for this same purpose and for pain relief and / or recreational purposes to at least a dozen people and every one of them have had a very similar experience to the one I described above. It works :-).
    One last note.. Use caution, and do not consume more than what is recommended, particularly the first time you try it. I have seen people use too much and the result was not a pleasant one. Start with low dose and wait.. You can always take more but if you take too much, it can make you feel sick and a but miserable. Also, do not take Kratom every day for extended periods of time. You will develop a tolerance, it can be mildly addictive and you can experience some (nothing compared to opiates) withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can include, joint pain, chills, aches, and symptoms similar to a cold or flu- weakness, lack of energy and depression. I have experienced the withdrawals from Kratom, after using it (for pain relief) for a couple of months. They last about a week or a little longer. This can be avoided by taking a few days off, regularly or by only using Kratom periodically with several days in between uses. If you know anyone who wishes they could quit taking opiates but are too concerned about the withdrawals; I HIGHLY recommend Kratom!

  2. Simon I respect youu for posting this I hope you know it helps alot of people other than me, I just wanted to stop having so much drama in my life and just chill out and get high! Ii respect that you tell us what to do and what not to do and pretty much keeping people like me safee, I RESPECT you Simon. peace out

  3. Hi Simon,
    I don’t know how old these posts are but I did want to provide you some feedback to let you know how much we appreciate you sharing good information.

    I have been addicted to pills for a while and I am tired to spending so much money on them. I found out about poppy seed tea but through your sites and others I have also been able to educate myself of the dangers of the tea and can now make a more informed decision on what I want to do. Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks. If you look at the bottom of any of the pages (except this one, but all the others have this) you will find a small part “Last updated:”, it shows you when was that webpage last updated. For some reason this does not have an update indicator. But I will add one, next time I update this. Thanks for the kind words, I hope I can help as many people as possible.

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