Simon’s Guide To Legal Soft Drugs

Soft drugs, also called light drugs are substances with mild psychoactive effects. Soft drugs are considered less harmful than hard drugs and do not cause physical addiction. Despite the lack of physical addiction, users should beware of the fact that any substance can cause psychological addiction.

The distinction between hard and soft drugs is not clear-cut, as many substances have some characteristics typical of both categories.

Also, soft drug has come to mean legal in some countries, although there are some legal substances that are definitely not light.

Therefore we do not like to use the category legal light drugs here on Simon’s Legal Highs. We put 90% of the ethnobotanicals originally in this category into other categories.




Effects of soft drugs


Due to the difficulty of the classification of soft drugs, substances in this category can have various vastly different effects. There are soft drugs that are stimulants, increasing heart rate and the desire to be active – run, dance, etc. Although coffee is often considered to be in this category, caffeine can not actually be considered purely a soft drug.

There are also soft drugs with sedative effects: they calm the user, allowing them to go to sleep more easily, or simply to become more relaxed. There are also soft psychedelics with mild hallucinogenic effects.

Due to the many different types of effects, I have chosen to classify soft legal sedatives, stimulants and psychedelics into categories of their own, while presenting some legal light drugs that don’t fit into those categories here.


“Everyday drugs” and soft drugs

It is very difficult to determine what substances fit into te category of soft drugs, or even drugs. It can mean any medicine or substance that causes a physiological change when consumed (injected, smoked, etc.)

This definition fits many substances consumed daily. Caffeine, for example, is a psychoactive drug present not only in coffee, but also coke, and tea.

Soft drugs are substances that do not cause physical addiction, which actually excludes both coffee and alcohol, not to mention cigarettes.

For the right – or wrong – personality, practically anything can cause a psychological addiction. This includes greasy food, chocolate, and even things that are not consumed, such as collecting various items.

The reason for this is that various things and events can cause the level of the so-called happiness-hormones – endorphins and serotonins – to become elevated. For the brain, this translates to feeling great which, of course, is a feeling we wish to recreate.

As a result, it is very difficult to draw the line between items and substances that simply result in positive feelings from substances that should be considered drugs.

It is best to research all substances before deciding on consuming them in any form. The fact that a drug is legal and/or enjoys widespread popularity, does not necessarily mean it is safe!

Be especially careful when trying new substances, and always use them in moderation. Also, make sure you pay attention to the regulation and legal status of the soft drug you wish to buy or consume.




A picture of marijuana - an illustration to my article about legal marijuana and marijuana seeds.
Legal marijuana and marijuana seeds guide

Marijuana is easily the most well-known and popular soft drug in the world. Marijuana is made from the dried buds of the Cannabis plant. Its psychoactive ingredient is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Marijuana can be consumed in several ways, the most popular of which is rolling it into a cigarette and smoking it. Oher methods include baking it into biscuits or using bongs to smoke the weed.

Marijuana has mild psychoactive effects that can lead to an increased awareness of one’s senses. Using marijuana is generally described as a positive experience, as it reduces stress and makes the user feel lighter, happier. Side-effects such as anxiety and nausea may occur, though.

Despite the popularity and widespread use of marijuana, it is illegal in most countries. Recent years, however, have brought several changes in this regard: use and possession of marijuana are either in the process of being decriminalised or have already been legalised in certain countries and US states.

Check out the legal status of marijuana as well as any recent changes to the regulation broken down by country and state in my legal marijuana guide.

Buy marijuana – US

Due to the changing legislation in the United States, it is currently unsafe to buy marijuana from online stores. If you decide to order marijuana or marijuana seeds online, make sure to check your state’s current regulations.


Buy marijuana – Europe

Marijuana itself is illegal in many countries, which makes ordering online somewhat tricky. However, you may buy marijuana seeds safely from this reliable source in Europe:

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African dream root (Silene capensis)


A picture of African dream root (Silene capensis)
Buy Silene capensis (African dream herb) shipped from the US!

Silene capensis or African dream root is a plant native to South Africa. The plant is also called Xhosa dream root, as it is traditionally used by the Xhosa people.

The African dream root is not a psychoactive substance in the traditional sense, and it has very mild effects on the user. It does, however, induce realistic and vivid dreams, hence its name.

Silene capensis is legally available in practically all countries of the world. However, it is a legal soft drug that has not been extensively studied, which means that little is known about the way it exerts its effects.


Buy African dream root  – US

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Buy African dream root – Europe 

Currently, I can not recommend any European vendors.


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