Simon’s Psychotria Viridis (Chacruna) Guide

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Psychotria viridis is also called chacruna or chacrona, from the Quechuan verb of “to mix”. This name most likely alludes to the traditional use of psychotria viridis.

Psychotria viridis is one of the ingredients used to create ayahuasca. The tradition stems from Amazonia, where shamans of various tribes mixed chacruna and Banisteriopsis caapi to create a brew which induced spiritual visions.

Psychotria viridis belongs to the Rubiaceace family. It is a perennial shrub that grows to the height of 5 meters. Leaves of the plant are about 5-15 centimetres long; this is the part that contains the psychoactive compounds.

Close-up of the Psychotria viridis plant
Psychotria viridis

Effects of the Psychotria viridis:

The main active compound in Psychotria viridis is DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT may be smoked by itself, but psychedelic effects of pure DMT are very mild. Psychotria viridis is in itself not active orally.

DMT is a serotonergic psychedelic, which means it achieves its effects by acting as strong partial agonists at the 5-HT2A receptors, elevating serotonin levels.

DMT is usually consumed in combination with a MAO inhibitor. The most commonly – and traditionally – used substance is Banisteriopsis caapi. Ayahuasca is still one of the most commonly used herbal concoctions used to induce psychedelic effects.

Ayahuasca has several physical, cognitive and visual effects. For most users, taking ayahuasca is a spiritual experience. Hallucinations range from colourful geometric patterns to alien lifeforms.

One of the after effects of ayahuasca is an increased sense of mindfulness. This is thought to be the result of a purging of body and soul. Unfortunately, the purging of the body includes extensive vomiting and diarrhea.


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Psychotria viridis guide




Chacruna – legal status


Psychotria viridis is legal in most countries, as it is generally not a controlled plant. However, the DMT extracted from the plant is generally a controlled substance, which means extraction and possession of DMT is illegal in most countries.

Most countries not mentioned here have very similar rules as well, but always consult the laws of your individual country before you decide on buying or trying Psychotria viridis

Let’s see a country-by-country breakdown: 

 Psychotria viridis – legal status
 USA DMT is a schedule I controlled substance in the USA. Extraction and possession of DMT is illegal, but psychotria viridis itself is not.
Australia The plant itself is legal, though import and export are not. DMT is a controlled substance.
France France is one of the few countries where not only DMT, but plants containing DMT are controlled substances as well.
 Germany The plant itself is legal, but extraction and possession of DMT is not.
 Italy Psychotria viridis is legal, but DMT is a controlled substance.
 Netherlands The plant itself is legal, but extraction and possession of DMT is not.
 UK “Prepared” versions of plants containing DMT are considered illegal, though the plants themselves are not.


Psychotria viridis for sale


Psychotria viridis seeds may be bought online, as they are legally sold in several countries. In the UK, for example, seeds, plants and instructions for growing Psychotria viridis as a decorative plant are freely available.

Those looking to experience the psychedelic effects of the Psychotria viridis should buy the leaves or the seeds, as they both contain the psychoactive compounds.


Psychotria viridis for sale – US

I can’t personally recommend any US vendors right now.


Psychotria viridis for sale – Netherlands

You can buy Psychotria viridis at the following link:

Buy Psychotria viridis (chacruna) /Shipped from the Netherlands./

Ayahuasca made from chacruna


The main psychoactive compound in Psychotria viridis is DMT. DMT may be smoked for some very mild psychedelic effects. However, DMT is, in itself, not orally active.

Molecular structure of the DMT
Structure of DMT

This is because the human gut contains monoamine oxidase (MAO) enzymes, which metabolise DMT, negating its effects. The only way to experience the hallucinogenic and other effects of Psychotria viridis is to consume it along with a MAO inhibitor.

The traditionally used MAO inhibitor used with Psychotria viridis is the Banisteriopsis caapi. The brew created from these two plants is called ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca has been used for over a thousand years by Amazonian tribes. The shamans would consume the brew in order to commune with the spirits and to experience visions.

Today there are various versions of the brew including ayahuasca analogues (anahuasca) and pills containing DMT and harmin (MAOI) called pharmahuasca. Still, Psychotria viridis is the traditional and most popular plant to be used for making ayahuasca.



Psychotria viridis effects


The Psychotria viridis has practically no effects when taken orally without a MAO inhibitor. The effects of the plant are, in fact, the effects of DMT unhindered by the MAOs

The most notable effects of the ayahuasca brew (and Psychotria viridis) are of a visual nature. However, there are several other physical and mental effects experienced by users as well.

The onset of the effects of ayahuasca takes about 20-60 minutes. Primary effects can last up to 6 hours, while after effects may be felt for months after consumption.


Cognitive effects

Ayahuasca induces a rather sober state compared to other psychedelics. Users report increased mindfulness and wakefulness dominated by abstract thinking and a feeling of unity with the surrounding world.

Ayahuasca causes a suppression of the user’s’ ego and memories to the point of “ego death”. This is accompanied by an increased sense of wonder at otherwise everyday phenomena and a distorted sense of time.

The consumption of Ayahuasca is generally considered a spiritual experience that rejuvenates the mind. Users feel more creative and more in touch with their subconscious.

Some negative mental effects may also occur, including anxiety and paranoia. Many have reported to experience feelings of dying and going insane.


Physical effects

Physically, ayahuasca may be considered either a sedative or a stimulant depending on the setting. If the brew is consumed in a calm environment, it relaxes the users further; however, physical exercise or similar aggravation may cause the drug to have stimulating effects.

A very common side-effect of ayahuasca is purging in the form of vomiting and diarrhea. While uncomfortable, this is often considered a beneficial effect, as it is said, that both the mind and the body are purged by the brew.

The traditionally most valued effects of ayahuasca are the visual sensations. Often accompanied by auditory effects as well, hallucinations can range from colourful geometric patterns to alien life forms.

Apart from the full-on immersion, the surrounding world also appears distorted. Colours appear to be shifting; objects may pulse, melt or flow as well as leave after images.


After effects

Smaller visual cues may remain for up to 8 hours after the primary effects have subsided. Pupils often remain dilated until the next day.

Consumption of ayahuasca is reported to result in an enhanced state of mind weeks or even months afterwards. Dreams may appear to be unusually vivid and lucid.


Sources: PsychonautWikidisregardeverythingisayErowid



Dangers of Psychotria viridis


Some side effects of Psychotria viridis have already been mentioned. Among the most common are nausea, paranoia, feelings of going insane and temporary loss of motor functions.

There are relatively few long-term side-effects associated with ayahuasca. It does not cause physical addiction (bear in mind that psychological addiction is always possible!) and there is no evidence of brain damage caused by the brew.


Interactions with Psychotria viridis


Psychotria viridis is most commonly consumed along with a MAO inhibitor, generally Banisteriopsis caapi. This allows the DMT in the chacruna to exert its effects. However, MAOIs can be very dangerous in larger quantities, so caution should be exercised.

While ayahuasca is, in itself, considered relatively safe, additional substances can cause serious health issues. Brugmansia is one of many such “additives” that interacts with MAOIs in a negative way.

Cannabis is often consumed along with ayahuasca. There have been no reports of adverse effects on health by this combination. However, the exact interaction of any new ingredients should be researched thoroughly prior to consumption.



Psychotria viridis health benefits


Psychotria viridis has traditionally been used by the Machiguenga people of Peru to treat migraines. To achieve this, they used the leaves of the plant to create eye drops.

Health benefits attributed to ayahuasca are mainly of a spiritual nature as the visions experienced are often transcendental or religious .

The healing properties of ayahuasca have traditionally been traced back to the clairvoyance induced by the brew. In their visionary state, the shaman saw the root of all problems and illnesses.



Psychotria viridis preparation and consumption


Psychotria viridis is generally consumed in the form of ayahuasca, which requires a MAO inhibitor substance as well. The plant generally used in combination with chacruna is Banisteriopsis caapi. This is, in fact, also called ayahuasca, Quechua for “vine of the soul”.

It should be noted that, as several recipes warn, making ayahuasca is not a trivial matter. Very few succeed in making a potent brew on their first try, so there is no need to be discouraged if you don’t experience the desires effects at first.



Both the B. caapi and the chacruna need to be shredded or pulverised. Put them in separate steel (not aluminum or teflon!) pots with a liter of water and a bit of vinegar. Let it simmer for about 2 hours without boiling.

Filter the two brews separately, then brew without boiling again to reduce the amount of water and increase the concentration. The ingredients separated by the filtering should be set to brewing with vinegar, filtered and reduced two more times (3 washes all in all).

Let both concoctions cool overnight in the fridge. The caapi should be shaken up, though the same is not necessary for the viridis, as the sediment at the bottom is not needed.

Recipe from Ayahuasca-info.


Bear in mind that there are several variations of the recipe, this is but a single method. Always be cautious when trying new recipes or added ingredients.



The B. caapi and the P. viridis may be consumed together, though it is advisable to wait for about 15 minutes between the caapi and the viridis (in this order). Most recipes suggest having a strong chaser at hand, as the taste of the brews can be rather unpleasant.



Chacruna dosage


A dosage of 25 grams of Psychotria viridis is considered low, 50 grams average and 75 grams can lead to very intense effects. The aforementioned recipe suggests 50 grams. 50 grams of the B. caapi should also suffice.

It should be noted that effects of various dosages can vary greatly from person to person. Always be cautious with larger amounts, especially as a first time user!



Psychotria viridis for sale – US


I can’t personally recommend any US vendors right now.


Psychotria viridis for sale – Netherlands


You can buy Psychotria viridis at the following link:

Buy Psychotria viridis (chacruna) /Shipped from the Netherlands./



Psychotria viridis trip reports


“I lay down and started my submerge into unfamiliar territory. A lot happened during the next two and a half hours. At first my body felt heavy, kind of sedated, apparently an effect of harmine also noted by other researchers. My first contact with the DMT space consisted of a meeting with some space-alien like beings, who brought me into a Giger-esque universe.

I asked for more, knowing I could handle it, and the experience accelerated. Gone were the aliens and I dissolved into a seemingly endless space of swirling colours, intricate patterns, filled with a loud, whining noise, which filled my whole sensory apparatus.

I noticed some rather severe nausea which connected me back to my body. It took me a while to accept vomiting as a feasible solution, owing to my limited body awareness. But when it came, it felt purifying and relieving. The vomiting concluded the very intense part of the trip; I relaxed and let the effect of the ayahuasca fade, while contemplating the unbelievable luck I am in, to be granted a glimspe of these realms of vision, of beauty and energy. I felt that by doing so, I connected with the ancient human tradition of entering these strange dimensions. “

– Excerpts from Big Rass’ ayahuasca trip report

“The visual hallucinations began in about 20 minutes. Patterns emerging from the walls. When I closed my eyes I felt as though I was traveling deeper into myself. If I payed attention to the outside world the effects would lesson, I heard a voice telling me to just let go of the outside world. I did and the deeper I traveled into myself the more ‘entities’ I would encounter, I met many entities who claimed to be part of myself, I saw myself as a machine and they where the operators. They gave me suggestions about how to run more smoothly.

At one point I saw the widely spoken of, ‘knomes’ they where pushing a crank, and they all looked very depressed and walked very slowly. My current visionary guide, who had the personality of a gangster and much style and attitude, told me that the machine was broken and not running properly. I came out of the trip with a better understanding of myself. I don’t believe I ever left myself though. I was hoping that i would travel to remote places but most of the travel was restricted to my own body.”

– Excerpts from Alcaloidaholic’s ayahuasca trip report


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Last updated: 2015. 11. 13.

Simon's Psychotria Viridis Guide
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