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In the world of legal highs sadly there are many scammers.

On Simon’s Wall of Shame: Legal high shop blacklist I collect all my online headshop reviews and legal high scams I know of and review them, so you will not fall victim to them.

As a thumb rule:

  • if it’s too good to be true, it probably is (e.g.: Gold of Sunshine’s constant 50-60% off clearance sales, everything is always 50-60% off…)
  • if a website looks like it was made in the 1990s you shouldn’t buy anything there (if they don’t care about keeping their website up-to-date and presentable, imagine how much they care about your order or providing quality service)
  • any legal high shop that sells anything illegal, or ships to a country where the legal high in question is illegal
  • head shops, which only accept anonymous payment methods, eg.: Western Union or Bitcoin


Online headshop reviews, blacklisted legal high shops review

Attention! is a scam. Their “ayahuasca” brew (, which is unbelievably overpriced and lacks MAOIs, which means you will not feel anything from it and it is actually not the real ayahuasca) is a scam website.

Truth to be told they do call their brew ayahuasca tea, but their marketing otherwise is very borderline, suggesting that it is indeed the real deal.

There have been a few reports of people who did not get anything after ordering from the website.


Soulherbs scam

Ripoffreport –


However, the worst part is that they only accept Western Union. Scam alert! Avoid Soul Herbs! review


A scam report from one of my visitors (thank you!):

“Hello, I have found another site to add to the list. ripped me off big time. I made a $95.00 purchase from this site and after a week of waiting, I received this email from them:

“This email is a notification that your order has been cancelled. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. The order has been cancelled because we switched to a new payment processor. The old payment processor never released funds to us. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order. You will see a full refund within 3 to 5 business days for your purchase coming from BOOKING2MARKETING. Once you receive the refund please make a new purchase just like you did with this order. It will go through the same way but you will see a charge coming from AP DIGITAL MARKET instead of BOOKING2MARKETING. Again this is not your fault, it is only because we had to make internal changes and upgrade our payment system.”

I waited one week and received no refund. Within the next two weeks I tried to call 3 times, sent 6 emails, and 5 messages through the website with no response. I was able to get someone one the phone almost a month after I made the purchase and it was just some kid who told me to wait another week for the refund and if I still didn’t receive a refund, I should call my bank and ask them for a refund then he hung up.
I have been trying to get the word out on ever since. With your help, hopefully we can save a few people from getting ripped off, like me. Thank you so much.”

Please feel free to alert me of any unethical behaviour, sub par customer service and scam sites you found online in the comments section below.


Gold of Sunshine review

Infamous, scam site. Avoid at all cost. Packages arriving late or not at all. Basically no customer service. It’s a scam, pure and simple.

You can ready my Gold of Sunshine review here.

UPDATE: The owner of Gold of Sunshine actually threatened me with a lawsuit and tried to silence me and get me to remove this negative review. Please spread the world and make sure no one else falls victim to this scam or the unethical, immoral person behind the company.

Gold of Sunshine went out of business. review

My detailed review of them can be found here: Legal buds review

Reason why they are a scam:

  • overpriced
  • ineffective products (they won’t get you high)
  • non-existent customer service
  • misleading ads
  • extremely low quality products (not looking like the picture at all)
  • fake reviews online, trying to hide the truth
  • engaging in spamming

It’s the same website with the same products as
It’s a so called “mirror” website.

It’s owned and operated by the same people, they just re-branded it. It is included for the same reasons as well (check’s review above to get a complete picture) review

It is exactly the same as Their “fake highs” are not working (won’t get you high) and they are just as overpriced.


The Sell Salvia network review

The following websites make up the Sell Salvia network. They are operated by the same people (if you can call this “operating” ….) and they largely sell the same products.

  • (apparently Kratom Lounge was sold and it has new owners, I removed them from the list as per their request)


UPDATE: It seems like the Sell Salvia network has gone bankrupt and the websites are no longer online. I say good riddance. I keep this here, in case they might return. review

UPDATE: It was a scam site. However, the website now redirects to some off topic Chinese site. Luckily it seems they went bankrupt and they no longer try to steal people’s money.


There are a lot of scammers out there. I’m only including safe and reliable stores on my website and constantly monitor, review and research the stores I’m linking to.


I would like to ask you to:

Please do let me know of scams or questionable online headshops you have come across in the comments section below.

As a last warning: Stores selling research chemicals and pre-packaged legal highs and bath salts only are scams 90% of the time. Be very careful when dealing with those shops!

Check out the best legal high discounts at Simon’s legal high discount wall, where I collect all the best legal high discounts from reputable online headshops.


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Thank you!


Last updated: 2016-08-13

Simon's Online Headshop Reviews
Article Name
Simon's Online Headshop Reviews
I keep all my online headshop reviews on this page. This is mostly a collection of scam sites and I warn people about these unscrupulous rogue headshops.

47 thoughts on “Simon’s Online Headshop Reviews – Blacklist”

  1. Useful stuff, any chance of a white-list though? Would be really good to know from a trustworthy source which ones are decent.

    1. Good idea. I look into it. However, I personally only use two legal high shops anymore:

      I definitely recommend these two, but I try to look into this and come up with a big list of the best online head shops in various countries.

      1. carlos rodrigues says: is another scam site
        be careful

          1. is a scammer site. After they ripped me off $205. After sending the payment. I never heard back from them. I started threatening them threw emails and they temporarily took the site down . If you type it in it will go to a hosting page. Simons can you help me please find a legit site I can buy cheap strong Insense from? Also do you have a good site on research chemicals? Please let me know. I also was just scammed by someone on They had me wire them $140. Here’s there what’s app number. If you ever get this number. It’s a scammer (240) 394-4477. They are in Bangkok Thailand.

  2. Just contacted this Site ( to Order some 2-DPMP, First off they said they only except bulk orders over £119.19 (I wanted to place a sample order as I belived it was not legal to ship this product to the U.K.
    They then confirmed They would ship it to Me if I placed a large enough order of 50 Grams.
    They may be legit but I wont be risking My money without knowing 100 percent.
    Anyone ever used Them??

    1. Obviously it was a scam, like 90% of all the online shops selling research chemicals, it’s not even in operation anymore. They took the money and run. I’m not surprised, when will people learn…. Research chemical vendors are not to be trusted!

      1. I am waiting already a whole week and a weekend on my order from and I still didn’t receive it yet.
        What have I to do now,
        So I can solve this?

        Because I find it very weird and I didn’t know the site from Simon neither before, anyway I wanna to can receive this order wich I’ve payed from or I must have my money back!

        Cause fair is fair I suppose !!



  3. My text and experience is simple. The products are not in question but the suppliers ethics are. The supplier calls himself Harley. He never, never answers his phone. When they do its someone using insults in a foreign language. I had it translated. He only takes COD and will/has threatened my life for writing checks. You can find his site as easily as typing wicked There are many other ways to find him but one way or another, if your looking for herbals easy to buy, because I guarentee you are not going to use a credit card no way do CC companies play. The sites hook you in saying they will then lie and say the card company or machine or some crock of shits not working so they can rip u through another source like Western Union. Don’t do it its a trick.
    This ass clown Harkey the globe trotting hitman might send you your product at outrageous prices, or send you an empty envelope for 300.00 and there isn’t a damn thing you can do. Why? It’s illegal!
    Your at his mercy. I tricked him many ways through many sources to send. Even after he booted me.
    It’s good shit but your dealings with a street punk. A lier. His bull on honoring some customers agreement gets you nothing cause you can’t take him to court. What WE CAN DO IS BOYCOTT HIS ASS. Yes this is personal. TRY HIM AND GET RIBBED A FEW TIMES AS YOUR POSTAL WORKER FUMBLES AT YOUR DOOR WITH COD CASH THAT THEY WILL SAY THEY NEVER USED. Give them a check and he sends a death threat.
    My conclusion.

    These were my personal tests in my lab.
    I cannot testify to the rest of his chemicals but if he’s ripping us off on these random chemicals I’m sure I made my point. Scam overpriced self COD robbery

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      I will investigate this further as soon as I have time (probably this weekend or the next).

    2. This is another website selling only research chemicals online, I hope you know that 90% of these website are scams. I have promised to look at it myself so here is what I found:

      /Btw. before we go any further, you say that he sends you death threats and there is nothing you can do. Are you serious? If he sends you death threats there is plenty you can do, that’s a criminal offence. So I suggest going to the police that if it’s indeed true./

      The website is online since 2014 – 05, for 2 years. Whoever owns the website wishes not to be associated with it. The company information and the owner information is not publicly available. This is definitely not a good sign. People can have alls sorts of reasons for wishing to remain anonymous online but when companies do it, it is usually not a good sign. However, due to the nature of the research chemicals business, alone this is not enough to call something a scam.

      There is also no information or mention of the owner or the company on the website itself. As a matter of fact the only address I could find on the website is Las Vegas, NV 87119, which is an address of an insurance company??? This alone would be enough for me to never order from them, but let’s dig a little deeper.

      The e-commerce store is barely functioning and the fact that you have to buy $85 worth of products before checkout all scream rip off to me. Also, only cash on delivery is available.

      The reviews are hard to track down because, allegedly, he changes his websites often. However, this negative review speaks for itself:

      This is a great example, why you shouldn’t order from research chemicals website ever. You would be surprised how many of them are like this.

      Verdict: SCAM!

      However, I’m not going to add it to the blacklist, because I’m not dealing with research chemicals and wish not be associated with designer drug vendors and buyers. I only deal with natural, actually legal highs. If you are stupid enough to order unknown research chemicals online from shady as fuck websites like this, then you deserve to be scammed. Which you were.

  4. Anyone had any dealings with easychems, money transferred over a week ago but saying awaiting payment on tracker, got a feeling I’ve been scammed.

    1. I don’t like dealing with research chemicals, and online vendors selling research chemicals only, 90% of them are scam anyway. Almost exclusively only lowlifes, junkies, homeless people (obviously not online), addicts and other unsavory elements of society buy designer drugs, and don’t even get me started on the people who sell them…. Not the kind of people I would want my blog associated, but I will look at it for you.

    2. Ok, first and foremost you should know that 90% of online chem shops are a scam. You should really stop using designer drugs, either you will end up in the hospital, or you will be ripped off badly, no good long term outcome is possible.

      Ok, I promised to look at it on the weekend, so let’s start.

      Company info and owner info is hidden. This is typical for chem shops, does not mean much, but definitely not a good sign. It is interesting, that the registrar is in Panama (tax haven known for its lax regulations, google ‘Panama Papers’). The registrar is usually in the same country as the company/person behind the website, but not always. Definitely not a good sign.This alone would be enough for me to never order from them anything. But let’s continue.

      Very few reviews online, all of them negative.

      Bad sign. But there are only like 2 reviews, and they are not that negative, just talking about delays.

      They no longer accept credit cards which is also a bad sign.

      Good looking website, working e-commerce store. Good sign
      Shipping from the EU. Good sign. (If it’s true…)
      Good information about shipping, honest about stealth shipping and that your order might be seized. Good sign.

      Verdict: not enough information to label this as a SCAM just yet, not recommended, might be a SCAM

      Did you get what you ordered?

  5. John snow says:

    Hey can you verify if is legit or not?

    1. Well, it looks like it was made by an 18 y old, as his first website…. I definitely wouldn’t shop there. I will look at it in more detail along with this weekend.

      Look at their Facebook page, last entry is from 2012:

      “Sorry for the delay in getting the site back up. We are trying to make it ddos resistant and that takes TIME (unfortunately). Hard at work..”

      😀 It takes 5 minutes… (or you can’t do it at all, if you use cheap, low quality hosting and CMS) Total amateurs. Why would you trust them with sensitive personal information, let alone your credit card number? They just acknowledged they have been attacked before and they could not defend the website (I doubt they could today).
      These are definitely warning signs!

      1. Adam norr says:

        My name is Adam Norr. I haven’t had replies from Wickedherbals. guru after they sent me a “sample” instead of my whole order, due to being .ripped off ” not getting their money. The postal money order got sent to them, the letter enclosed also stated after the money processes and clears they will send the full package to me, still after a week and a half, no replies, after many different types of trying to get ahold of them. I doubt I’ll get products ordered, but for everyone as a look out, I’ll keep you posted if it’s allowed. Thank you for your time.

    2. Ok. As I promised, I investigated the website. Do you have any connection with btw.? This can not be a coincidence. Since my previous comment they (you) have overhauled the website completely and now it looks significantly better. Anyway….

      The website checks out. It is owned by Online Market Enterprises, llc, which is a legitimate company owned by this dude:
      There are a negligible amount of negative reviews, actually there are only 2 reviews online (,which might suggest, that they are not very busy but that’s not a problem in itself).
      Nothing says to me that they would be a scam in any way. And now that they have overhauled the website it looks better and it is probably more secure too. They have been in operation since 2008, for 8 years now. Feel free to give them a try.
      Verdict: not a scam

  6. Muneeb Babar says:

    i would like to mention that and its sister website are big scammers. first website would take your money when you place order and the second one will take money in the form of insurance and later neither would respond. they take payments via western union and moneygram.

  7. Anyone had any success with EUCHEMICALS ?


    Hi Simon.

    This is a warning of a rogue dealer in the Netherlands known as WHOLECELIUM. I have a string of emails and copy of my bank transfer and polite requests if anyone requires definitive proof of their dishonourable business.

    Basically, they insist on a disclaimer if your order does not arrive, so they want to nullify distant selling rights even though that is the law by which everyone else fairly lives by.

    I now know why they do this … after ordering 3 Pandora grow kits and sending them €60.51 via bank transfer through Globalwepay, as they recommend. 2 weeks later or so, something eventually arrived but it was entirely the wrong order and about half of the cost.

    I contacted them and they faffed about asking for transfer details, pictures and so on, all of which I gave them promptly.

    Then – absolute RADIO SILENCE – no return emails day after day.

    They could see they had made a mistake
    and despite me just asking them for a fair solution

    Their were at least 4 people who had contacted me since starting the order so it seems like a group of people who like to take money, but have zero sense of honour – easy money, eh?

    After a few days of no replies I suggested that they refund my money and I send tem back their wrong order – STILL NO REPLIES.

    I don’t have a lot of money and certainly none to throw away, WHOLECELIUM have betrayed my trust and they simply have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE – they take your money and run.

    One of the bank transfer co’s stated that they cannot transfer to this company that goes under the name of YAZMANTA, and I do know that one of their customers at least had paid money and never received anything and yet WHOLECELIUM refused to give a refund and only offered them a discount on a further purchase – this was i their comments section around 2 months ago. For definitive proof of what I say above and to save some people grief and loss of money you can contact me on and I will send you a copy of my correspondence with Wholecelium and their behaviour.


    1. Thanks! Much appreciated! I will look into this and add my two cents here. If this is true I will add them to the blacklist, but I need to investigate them first. Please be patient.

    2. Hi, They have sent me an email. If I’m not mistaken everything was resolved. All well if it ends well. They will not be added to the blacklist and they have sorted it out. They were quite professional about it it, if I might add. I’m glad I could help.

  9. Hi I’ve been getting myself into the ethnobotanical world, especially because my mother is suffering from a debilitating disease and the hardcore drugs they are giving her aren’t helping.
    enough about me, I really want to order from focus planet but i am worried because i cannot find any reviews online. They are in the Netherlands and do a lot of ethnobotnicals, something unique about them is that they also have a physical store which i the pictures are to be believed is very nice. I hope I can order from them because they seem to have some awesome herbal smoking mixes that sound amazing. but would be glad to know if it is a scam as well
    i have ordered from phytoextractum and herbal fire recently as well as mind and mood who I love!
    Thanks, Simon

    1. I know them. They’re definitely not a scam. They actually wanted to advertise on the site a while ago, and I checked them thoroughly at that time. The only reason they are not on the website is because I don’t buy from them personally, because they don’t accept credit cards. And I only work with stores I personally know, and purchase from. Most people (as much as 90%) if they see that an online store does not accept credit cards, they just simply don’t buy there (that’s why they don’t have many reviews). So, I hope you have a digital wallet or like Bitcoin….

      1. I really appreciate the response! glad to hear they aren’t a scam. I’ve done bitcoin purchases in my past before, but wiring them funds seems safer to me for some reason.
        thank you again for being so quick to respond you are awesome!

        1. Yeah, for us EU citizens, direct bank wire transfers (bank wire) is a safe and cheap (free, at least here) option. But Americans, for example, have to pay $50 per wire transfer. Did you know that? Unbelievable! So yeah, it’s definitely not true globally. The only problem with direct wire transfer is that there is no payment processor between you and the seller. So, if there is a problem, you can’t turn to a middleman for arbitration, only to a lawyer(and that’s expensive if it’s possible at all, banks won’t really help you). But they are definitely not a scam site, to the best of my knowledge.

  10. Silas Donovan says:

    You should also state that if you live in the USA Shayanashop will be a huge waste of your time. I spent half an hour looking for what they would ship to US and found absolutely nothing. Perhaps they may ship something like dandelion root, but my yard stays filled with them, so I don’t think I would purchase any.

    1. Yes, try Herbalfire, their warehouse is located in the US. Don’t be angry at me, I always put “/shipped from xxx/” every time I recommend a place. International shipping, orders from outside of the EU are a huge pain in the ass for a lot of small companies (like Shayana) and many of them just don’t deal with it.

  11. Silas Donovan says:

    I thank you. Very helpful!

  12. Randy Smith says:

    My name is Randy. I am Vietnam combat vet, college teacher and researcher (speech/brain relationships). Worked as a speech therapist for 39 years. I have congenital thoracic and lumbar scoliosis. For years, going back to 1990, the V.A. prescribed Darvocet N-100 which worked very well. I drove, taught, treated patients and completed research w/no problems. A radiologist said, “How do you do it?” When I asked him “What?”, he said “Get around”. I just did, and withstood the pain. I was much younger then. Then, as you know, propox. was withdrawn due to cardiac complications w/some pts. I was switched to 20 mg. oxycodone and, again, did fine with that. I changed V.A. doctors, and we dropped down to 10 mg. /500 mg. of hydrocodone. I hated the acetamin., it injures livers, and the drug wasn’t as effective, but I stuck with it. My current physician was trained in Iran. She is here on a “green card” and I truly believe she worries either about our State board or losing her card – and job. She, like most private practice physicians, prescribes no analgesics (at least so she reports). My wife’s recovering from a brain-stem aneurysm and, later, a stroke. I’m still trying to work, but cannot afford $200+ for an initial app’t. which may or may not be successful. I feel good about your website and company. I’m thinking of preparing my own preparations using poppy (not sure if pods or seeds), Kratom, or anything else you suggest. I hope to retire next year. Taking care of patients (leaning over their beds) or my wife are major triggers. I’d like to look forward to a few years without pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is your area of expertise. I am completely new at this, as you can tell. I know you are busy, however any thoughts you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
    Randy Smith, Ph.D., D.Sc., University of Arkansas College of Medicine

    1. ” Kratom, or anything else you suggest.”

      Yes, kratom would be worth looking at. However, sadly, it was just made illegal in the US (on a federal level), a month ago:

      Yes, dried poppy pods contain morphine, codeine, which could definitely help (and seeds too, to a much lesser extent). However, keep in mind, that buying, growing, possessing poppy pods for consumption (poppy pod tea) and not for decorative purposes is illegal, so be careful whom you trust and whom you tell about it, and how you speak about it online. (Obviously, it’s very difficult to prove that you were growing poppy NOT for decorative purposes. So if you start growing some on the balcony or backyard, you don’t have much to worry about. But you won’t be able to buy dried poppy pods anywhere in the US.)

      I would also look into medical marijuana if it’s legal in your state. Ask your doctor about it, it might help, I would give it a try.

      Kava kava extract is something I would look into as well. It’s analgesic in high doses and it is still legal in the US.

      I can’t think of anything else from the top of my head, but I will look into this (maybe kanna? – but I’m not sure, I’m not familiar with your medical condition), in the meantime, I hope a visitor might be able to help you further. I will look into this more, and if I come up with something I will write it here (if I don’t respond in a week or so, it means I couldn’t come up with anything else).

      (Definitely, an interesting life story btw., you must have a lot of interesting stories to tell.“cannot afford $200+ for an initial app’t” it really pisses me off whenever I hear something like that from a US visitor, we have universal health care here in the EU. Can’t even imagine what that is like. If you don’t mind me saying, your whole system was designed by rich people, for rich people and it is kept in place by rich people, and everyone else is left in the dust, America in short: “Get rich, or die trying” – IMO.)

      1. Simon, I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here to try to help this vet! I too suffer from chronic pain & also in my Thoracic spine actually my entire spine from neck to tale bone/hips etc…
        I Randy am not sure where you live but agree with Simon that it might help with medical Cannibis! (sp?) It is legal in Colorado & they are or were trying at one point to make it legal in New Mexico. My doctor wanted me to try it but of course insurance wont cover it & til it becomes legal here in NM I am afraid to try. I would like to recommend my type of chiropractor as a sweet elderly lady informed me of this years ago & it has helped me when the ER doctors couldn’t. It is NUCCA which stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic association. they work on the Atlas bone so they don’t have to twist you into a pretzel or pop you forcefully. And it helps align all the other bones. I hope there is one in your area & that it can help you until you can get or grow what will help. I know it helps also my intractable migraines that have hospitalized me many times. So I wish you the best! And Thanks for your Service!!! Thank you too Simon for wanting to help all of us. I agree here in America the rich get richer & the poor get poorer.
        Best Wishes
        P.S. Worst thing was when thee took Ephedra off the market! (IMO) They should have put warning labels on it like they do with Cigarettes or alcohol. And those things kill many people every year yet it is still on the market.

        1. Sure you can. But I have to add that Chiropractic is a pseudoscience:

          “Numerous controlled clinical studies of treatments used by chiropractors have been conducted, with conflicting results. Systematic reviews of this research have not found evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective, with the possible exception of treatment for back pain” – Source:

          I wouldn’t spend money it. Doesn’t look as bad as homeopathy, but I still wouldn’t recommend Chiropractic to anyone.

      2. Hi, just want to point out that Kratom was not made illegal add of yet.. I’m married to a Police Officer and I take it every day for pain. It was set to go into effect, the ban, but they decide against it due to all of the feedback they got from the public.

        1. Thanks! I updated the website with this new piece of information. I don’t live in the US, so I only heard about the ban. People were quite upset about it. I’m glad they changed their minds.

      3. TrainedByTheDog says:

        On that… I just made an appointment for medical. $150 for first visit, $100 each after and at most cert must be reissued every 90 (varies 30-90 here in NJ). That’s a lot for weed.

        I’m self employed (or was) and uninsured. I’ve spent thousands this past year trying to find what’s wrong in my brain since late 2015 and then after giving 20k to a private facility, I’m induced with Serotonin syndrome and a host of other maladies which cause a lot of pain.

        Yes, our healthcare (wealthcare more like) is awful and now it’s just going to get worse! I’m trying to get Medicaid at age 46 because I had to stop working last year, and now they’re trying to cut that too.

        I’m no patriot. &*$$#%%

      4. Nihilistie says:

        Gah you are SO, ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! You hit the U.S. nail right on the head!
        No peace for the poor. Only the rich matter, they want the poor people to die, that’s why we get no healthcare, no justice, no nothing that could be beneficial in any way.
        Forget about dignity.
        I’m sorry to say, and I know I’ll be called “unpatriotic” or whatever for saying so but, I don’t care, it’s true, America really does suck in many ways.
        P. S.
        I was wondering if you know anything about this site called
        “Sweet Smoke Herbs”
        Here’s the link:
        I appreciate any possible info you could give me if you have an experience with or, knowledge about this site.
        Thank you so much for providing this information, it is very informative and helpful!

  13. Hi!

    The PROD EXPORT LTD is a scammer. Their export courier EFZ EXPRESS starts to demand refundable “insurance” payments after the payment has been done including the delivery.

    The is a scammer also. I did not get the product from them I paid for and they do not answer to questions.

    The FLORAMAXI seems very questionable. They have bad feedback and they have not answered to my questions.

    The SEEDPLANET is a quite lousy supplier. I ordered from them, because they had a good offer, but the offer did not actually happen.

    ASKLEPIOS SEEDS sold for me couple of times, but when problems occured, they just left the customer without answers and anything.

  14. Just wounded if you could give me some information on it seems to good. If it is legit can they import to the UK Thanks Dave

  15. Hi Simon! 🙂
    I have ordered some things from Shayana Shop. I am going to cultivate my own medicine as psilocybe mushrooms helps me with depression and anxiety (I have ptsd) so I don’t want to take a bunch of pills every day to function in society. So a psychologist who has done studies with lsd,psilocybe and mdma to try and legalise it to use in treatment, told me that I should try shrooms because it will and has helped me to “see” my problems and get me back on my feet. I don’t abuse lsd or shrooms and mdma. But the depression and anxiety have become manageable as I have gotten a more positive look on life . This was alot of info..but I live in Scandinavia and I hope you can recommend some shops that are safe. I will cultivate the shrooms myselfe.
    And I have ordered from Shayana Shop, I saw you use the site yourself. Are there other shops in Europe that not a scam?
    I hope you have time to answer. 🙂

    Sincerely Thomas

  16. is a scam. Accepts western union only, takes the money and vanishes. Learnt a lesson…

  17. TrainedByTheDog says:

    Kicking myself. Found your site to research dagga, hbwr, etc which I was considering from iamshaman. Thanks for the info.

    What I didn’t do was look here into and ordered three bags of useless garbage. Two look like yard clippings, one with long pieces of hay-like like junk (dreamsmoke it says). The third looks like what a dog shat out after eating grass- one hard lump that set my throat and lungs afire.

    I just wanted help sleeping, not even a high. I’m not a big toker so it doesn’t take much of the real stuff for me so for this to do absolutely NOTHING (but make my bathroom smell like campground) is ridiculous. Company has so many effing names, ignored emails about order status. Paid for quick ship which came 4 days later, meaning he mailed it whenever it was convenient (between scamming other people).

    He’s actually local to me and I search people/property for a living. I’ve been wanting to see Galloway NJ (not really) but hell, I can’t sleep! May as well take a drive.


  18. Never order from says:

    Please, please blacklist as they have ripped me, as well as hundreds of others, off for years upon years. They sell pure garbage which produce no effect whatsoever. They MUST be stopped!

  19. Have you heard of this company, Cosmic Party Productions? They make a couple different party pills….. Pure Bliss – XS – Go-E
    I have been trying to find their contact info. If you happen to know how to get in touch with them, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

  20. liz dreams says:

    hi a friend of mine bought poppy bulbs fr Arizona. I am wondering where I can get some that are legit.


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