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Simon’s Morning Glory Guide

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The name morning glory refers not to a single type of plant but to more than 1000 species in the Convolvulaceae family.
Morning glories are flowering plants of various colours.

Morning glory species show great variance. They may be annual or perennial, climbing vines like the cardinal climber or moonflowers that flower at night.

Various species of morning glory have been cultivated in the past millennia. They were generally used only for ornamental purposes, though in China they were also used as laxatives. Aztec priests were most likely the first ones to use morning glory for their hallucinogenic properties.

The species used in traditional rituals was Turbina corymbosa, also known as Rivea corymbosa. In fact, the plant’s Nahuatl name is Ololiúqui, meaning round thing. This refers to the circular seeds of the plant, as it is the seeds that contain the most psychoactive compounds.

Apart from Turbina corymbosa (also known as Christmas vine or snakeplant) Ipomoea tricolor is the species most widely used for its psychoactive effects. The most common name for the latter is Heavenly Blue.

The Heavenly Blue variant of morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor).
“Heavenly Blue” morning glory

Effects of the morning glory

Psychoactive effects of the morning glory are thought to be caused by the LSA content of morning glory seeds. LSA, or lysergic acid amide is an alkaloid with a structure very similar to that of LSD.

LSA is, in fact, a precursor of LSD, which means it is a component in the production of LSD. LSA is a serotonergic compound that binds to and activates the  5-HT2A  serotonin receptor.

Despite the structural similarities the effects of LSD and LSA differ somewhat. The latter induces a rather dreamlike state, while the former is more energising.

LSA causes visual distortions as well as full on visual and auditory hallucinations. Other effects include euphoria, enhanced thought processes as well as loss of control over motoric functions.


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Morning glory guide




 Morning glory – legal status


Morning glory is not a controlled plant in most countries, which means it may be cultivated. LSA, however, is a controlled substance and extraction as well as possession of it is illegal.

Morning glory is also regulated in some areas as it is considered an invasive weed.

Let’s see a country-by-country breakdown: 

 morning glory – legal status
USALSA is a schedule III substance, illegal to extract or possess. Cultivation of morning glory is prohibited in Arizona as it is considered a noxious weed. Louisiana has banned consumption of morning glory seeds, though the plants may still be used for ornamental purposes. Morning glory is legal in the rest of the states.
AustraliaMorning glory is legal to grow in Australia, though it may not be imported or exported because of its LSA content.
FrancePlants are legal to grow, possess and trade. Extraction and possession of LSA is illegal.
GermanyMorning glories are legal to grow, possess and trade. Extraction and possession of LSA is illegal.
ItalyMorning glory seeds are controlled narcotic drugs in Italy, making them illegal.
NetherlandsMorning glories are legal to grow, possess and trade. Extraction and possession of LSA is illegal.
UKMorning glories are legal to grow, possess and trade. Extraction and possession of LSA is illegal.


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The “morning glory high”


The morning glory species most commonly consumed for their effects are Christmas vine (Turbina corymbosa) and several variations of Ipomoea tricolor called Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates and Flying Saucer.

Structure of the LSA, the active component in morning glory
Structure of LSA

The main active compound in morning glory is generally considered to be LSA. However, pure LSA injected intramuscularly did not have the same effect as the seeds themselves.* Many argue that the psychedelic effects are induced by a combination of the various lysergamides in the plants, not by LSA in itself.

For the moment, though, LSA is considered the most likely to be causing the psychedelic effects.

LSA is a serotonergic compound that binds to and activates the 5-HT2A  serotonin receptor.

Though the most important and sought-after effect caused by morning glory seeds are the hallucinations, the plant has several other effects as well.


Cognitive effects

There are several cognitive effects caused by morning glory, which are attributed to LSA. The LSA high is reported to be more clear-headed than LSD high. Users experience enhanced analytic capabilities and thought processes.

Morning glory seeds cause temporary short-term memory loss, déja vu and an impersonal, disconnected point of view, also known as ego-death. Sense of time is also distorted.

LSA causes several visual effects that range from geometric patterns to whole scenarios. The visuals are accompanied by auditory effects as well. Colours appear to shift, while objects may melt or pulse. However, open eyed visuals are only possible with higher doses.


Physical effects

LSA can act either as a stimulant or a sedative, depending on the setting in which it is consumed. In a calm environment it relaxes the user even further, while in a stimulating setting or during physical activities it has an energising effect.

Other physical effects caused by morning glory seeds include a certain “body high” with spontaneous sensations and physical euphoria. LSA is a vasoconstrictor and increases blood pressure.


After effects

Primary effects of LSA-use usually last about 5-10 hours. However. this may differ significantly on a person by person basis, so caution should be exercised, especially by first time users.

For up to 3 hours after the primary effects have ended, the color distortions and the increased sense of brightness usually remains. A feeling of empty headedness often occurs during this period as well. Pupils often remain dilated for a while after the primary effects have ended.


Sources: *ErowidPsychonautWiki


Dangers of morning glory


The most common side effect of morning glory are nausea and vomiting. Other negative effects may include anxiety, paranoia and a general sense of unease. These pass with the primary effects.

LSA causes vasoconstriction, the narrowing of blood vessels which increases blood pressure. Painful or uncomfortable legs are a sign of lowered blood flow to the muscles and indicate that a break from morning glory seeds is necessary.

LSA causes no physical addiction and no long-term harm caused by the substance has been reported. The lethal dose for humans is not known, as it has likely never been reached. Still, caution needs to be taken with larger doses of morning glory.

Morning glory seeds are legally available in various shops in most countries. However, seeds intended for cultivation are often covered in pesticides or other substances which are harmful to humans. Morning glory seeds intended for consumption should only be bought from reputable legal high shops.



Morning glory health benefits


Morning glory seeds have traditionally been used in Chinese medicine for their laxative effects. The species of morning glory used for this purpose is Ipomoea nil.

Another type of morning glory, Ipomoea aquatica – also known as water spinach or swamp cabbage – is used as a green vegetable. However, this variant contains no LSA.



Morning glory preparation and consumption


There are multiple ways morning glory seeds may be consumed to achieve the desired effects. Some of these include the extraction of LSA from the seeds, which is illegal in most countries. Although small-scale home extraction for personal use is not likely to be prosecuted, it is not advised.



The most basic method for preparing morning glory seeds is by pulverizing the seeds in a coffee grinder or with a mortar and pestle. Water is added and the concoction is put into the refrigerator in a sealed container.

Shake occasionally and add more water as necessary. Before consumption – preferably after a few days – strain the liquid into a cup through cloth or similar fabric.

Another method uses flowers to create a sort of “morning glory wine”. The flowers are put into a container with water and let sit for a week or two. The “wine” created this way has milder effects than the seeds, reportedly similar to the high caused by marijuana. However, there have been users who felt no effects from this concoction.

Alternatively you can eat the seeds or the leaves or flowers raw. The seeds are said to contain the highest amount of LSA.



After filtering or straining the fluid, the solid parts may be discarded and the remaining tea or “wine” is drunk. The taste of morning glory seeds is generally deemed unpleasant, so it is worth having a chaser drink nearby.



Morning glory dosage


The concentration of psychoactive compounds in morning glory seeds varies greatly from plant to plant. Users, especially those trying morning glory for the first time, should always be cautious with higher doses.

The threshold amount for morning glory is about 50 seeds. The common dosage is between 100-250 seeds, while anything over 400 seeds is considered heavy.



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Morning glory trip reports


These are morning glory trip reports of ordinary people from all around the web.


“I stood up and noticed all objects started to have this peculiar glow about them.. almost as if I was having double vision, but in a cool, ghostly, psychedelic way. I got lost in the patterns of the floor and realised that the television was annoying me. I walked across the room and plugged my headphones into the giant stereo. As soon as the ear buds touched the inner workings of my ear, my brain had an orgasm.

I peeled the orange and the paper towel caught my eye. The highlight colours of the towel were bright yellow and blue, they would change to purple and pink in a specific rhythm. I balled the paper towel up, threw it in the air, laid it out on the ground, and played with it in ways you couldn’t imagine doing so with simple sheet of paper. The wrinkles of the towel started dancing around…”

– Excerpts from Cynosure’s morning glory trip report


“1:56 AM
I finished eating the seeds. It took about 45 minutes to eat all 240+ of them.

2:25 AM
Tunnel vision sets in. I’ve been patiently waiting and battling nausea. The monitor grew incredibly bright, almost offensively so.

2:3? AM
My body retreats into my head. All at once my brain is the only part of me that really exists. I stare stupidly at my limbs and move about on my bed a bit, watching my fingers splay and clench in the rippling aquarium light, the angle and shadows made it look skeletal, which was extremely fascinating for some reason.

2:4? AM
For some reason the lucidity really started to take hold here. I became transfixed with repeated keyboard motions and the way they appeared on screen and how they altered the sounds of words. The suffix -iddle as in exampliddle diddle, etc, as well a s t y p i n g l i k e t h i s, stuff of that nature, mundane but inexplicably amusing for whatever reason.

During this time I think the climb was speeding up, the nausea was subsiding and my compacted feeling grew more and more intense, it now felt like my body was completely folded up and stuffed inside of my brain and it was shrinking as well to make my perspectives warped and narrow.”

– Excerpts from Alcaloidaholic’s ayahuasca trip report


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