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Simon’s Legal Marijuana and Marijuana Seeds Guide

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana and several other names is a preparation of the Cannabis plant that is used as a recreational psychoactive drug and for medicinal purposes. The main psychoactive component in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabis itself is three species of flowering plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The plant is indigenous to Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, but it is cultivated all around the globe.

Marijuana is arguably the most popular light drug on the planet. The number of regular, or occasional marijuana users worldwide is astronomically large. Moreover, its use as a light psychedelic is deeply ingrained in popular culture. Still, it is (as probably everyone knows) illegal in the overwhelming majority of countries and states worldwide.

However, in recent years countries like Spain and Uruguay basically legalised marijuana, and many others decriminalised its use. Moreover, to date, 4 US states (Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado) and the district of Columbia have legal marijuana for recreational use. There are also 19 more states where it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana in the US for medical purposes, on prescription.

There are also many US states and countries around the world that are reportedly considering the introduction of legal marijuana. In short, it doesn’t take a visionary to see, that in the years to come, we’re gonna see a serious shift in marijuana laws globally – towards decriminalisation and legalisation.

The main, general reasons for this are as follows:

  • more and more of medical marijuana’s health benefits are being proven,
  • stereotypes and misconceptions about marijuana and marijuana users present in most societies are dissolving,
  • a global shift towards liberalism in the developed world.

Of course marijuana is not without its dangers, marijuana smoke is nearly as unhealthy as tobacco smoke and there have been numerous studies linking marijuana to a variety of ailments. As with any recreational drug, use common sense, don’t overindulge.

In this guide I will give you an overview of the legal status of marijuana worldwide, as well as its effects, health benefits and medicinal uses, dangers and more!


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Marijuana guide




Legal marijuana by country – an overview


Marijuana is illegal in most countries. However, there are more and more countries in the world that have some form of legal marijuana.

A list of countries with decriminalised, or some form of legal marijuana:

Legal status of marijuana by country

Argentina: The supreme court of Argentina has ruled that it is unconstitutional to punish people for using marijuana. The court ruled, that “adults should be free to make lifestyle decisions without the intervention of the state”. They also state that private behaviour was legal, “as long as it doesn’t constitute clear danger”.Illegal, but decriminalised for personal consumption in small amounts.illegalillegalillegal
Australia: In Australian Capital territory, small amounts are decriminalised. Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia decriminalised small amounts as well. Queensland and Victoria offers diversion programs for offenders on the first few offences. Victoria and New South Wales have the toughest cannabis laws.Illegal, but personal use of small amounts is decriminalised in certain states.differs by statediffers by statediffers by state
Belgium: Last year, the new right wing Prime Minister Charles Michel announced an end to the policy of tolerance. However, Joep Oomen, coordinator for the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD) has stated that in practice, the framework of the law has not changed and that last year’s declaration merely referred to zero tolerance for consumption of cannabis in public places, rather than a blanket criminalisation of possession.illegal, possession of up to 3 grams was decriminalised in 2005illegalillegalup to one plant was decriminalised in 2003
Canada: On June 24th, 2015, Vancouver’s city council voted to license approximately 100 medical marijuana retailers – the first city in Canada to do so.illegal, unless for medical purposesillegal, unless by licensed medical vendorsillegalillegal, unless for medical purposes
Colombia:Since 1994, possession of small amounts of marijuana is decriminalised – up to 22 grams for personal consumption.illegalillegalGrowing up to 20 plants for personal use is legal.
Costa Rica: Costa Rica is recently considering legalising medical marijuana as well.It’s a bit of a grey area. Cannabis is illegal but there’s widespread smoking throughout the country. Police officers do not arrest people carrying enough for personal consumption.illegalillegalSame as possession.
Czech Republic: The Czech legislative system is that criminal law does not consider drug use to be a criminal offence. The legislation prior to 2010 only stated that possession of drug in amounts “greater than small” is decriminalised. In 2010, the government specified the amounts in a directive. However, in 2013 the Czech Constitutional Court abolished this ruling and set new amounts. Currently, the possession of 1.5 grams of heroin, 1 gram of cocaine, 10 grams of cannabis dry matter, 5 units of ecstasy and 5 grams of hashish is not considered a criminal offence.Decriminalised, -for up to 10 grams of cannabis dry matter and 5 g of hash, only minor fines are imposed.illegalillegalGrowing marijuana is decriminalised, up to 5 plants for personal consumption.
Ecuador: Ecuador’s Congress approved tougher penalties for small-time drug traffickers. The new law also lowered the decriminalised amounts for possession. Previously, the possession of as much as 300g of marijuana was not considered a crime.Up to 20 grams is decriminalised for personal useillegalillegalillegal
France: Marijuana laws in France are generally amongst the strictest in Europe. Still, in 2010, 13.4 million French people between the ages of 11 and 75 admitted to trying marijuana at least once. Around 1.2 million are estimated to be daily users of the drug, according to the French observatory of drugs and addictions (OFDT) – as reported by Euronews.Only medical products containing cannabis derivates are legalIllegal, except for medical products containing cannabis derivates.Illegal, except for medical products containing cannabis derivates.illegal
India: India’s Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act from 1985 clearly lists cannabis as a narcotic drug.

It, however, exempts of some parts of the cannabis plant

The law allows for the consumption of the leaves of the plant, the exact element used in bhang.

Growing marijuana is illegal and punishable by up to 10 years in prison, but harvesting the leaves that grow by themselves in the wild is allowed – again, only the leaves are used in bhang.

Only Bhang, a traditional cannabis-containing drink is legal.Bhang is sold legally, selling cannabis is illegal, though.illegalIllegal – however, it is not illegal to harvest wild plants’ leaves – Cannabis indica grows abundantly in certain parts of India.
Iran: Although possession and use of marijuana and other substances is widely tolerated, Iran imposes severely harsh penalties for trafficking and selling cannabis and other illicit drugs. Dealing and trafficking in amounts larger than five kilograms is subject to the death penalty, and even quantities of fifty grams or less are punishable by up to fifty lashes. Trafficking or dealing in as little as thirty grams of hash oil can result in the death penalty.Reportedly, possession of 1g marijuana for personal use is decriminalised.illegalillegalillegal
Mexico: Earlier this year, in response to a legal petition filed by members of the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Consumption (or SMART, in Spanish) Mexico’s Supreme Court concluded that national laws making it illegal to personally produce, possess, and consume marijuana violated the rights of Mexicans. This decision, however, does not result in an instant legalisation of marijuana. Funnily, it only applies to the four plaintiffs, who filed the petition and who are, quite oddly, the only four people in a country of 125 million who can legally get high off pot. Four similar decisions need to be made in four similar cases in order for the legalisation to become general – just as in the case of same sex marriage, that was legalised this year in Mexico.

This means, that Mexico is likely to legalize marijuana entirely in the near future.

Possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana for personal consumption is decriminalised.illegalillegalillegal
The Netherlands: The Netherlands, mainly Amsterdam is considered the smokers’ nirvana. However, not many know, that the possession, sale, transportation and cultivation of marijuana are criminal offences in the Netherlands by law. What exists is a policy of tolerance (gedoogbeleid)   – authorities “officially look the other way” in the case of small amounts possessed by individuals and coffee shops selling cannabis.Namely illegal, however, possessing up to 5 grams in public and 30 grams in private is tolerated.Illegal, however, selling marijuana in coffee shops is overlooked, if they comply with a certain set of rules.illegalNamely illegal, but growing up to 5 plants for personal use is tolerated.
North Korea: Both the Huffington Post and Vice.com published articles in 2013 about marijuana being basically legal in North Korea. As funny as it may sound and as much as we are tempted to believe it, according to The Guardian, “experts agree that cannabis is rare and most definitely illegal in North Korea.”

They also write, that the origin of the myth is a green, potpourri-like mixture of herbs and uncured tobacco leaves called “ipdambae”. It is reportedly sold as a cheap tobacco alternative for the lower classes.

most likely illegal (despite the rumours)most likely illegal (despite the rumours)most likely illegal (despite the rumours)most likely illegal (despite the rumours)
Switzerland: As of September 2012 (implemented October 2013), possession of ten grams or less is decriminalised, and will not lead to a criminal record. Also, some cannabis derivative containing medical products, such as the sublingual spray Sativex and dronabinol (a synthetic form of THC) are allowed to be prescribed. However, only very few patients reportedly receive these drugs on prescription.Possession of up to 10 grams is decriminalised.illegalillegalIllegal, but small amounts for personal use are reportedly overlooked.
United States: Four US states and the district of Columbia recently introduced legal marijuana for both medical and recreational use. There is another 19 states, where medical cannabis has been legalised over the course of the last few years.

You can find more information on the legal status of marijuana in the US in the table below!

legal in certain states (see details below)legal in certain states (see details below)legal in certain states (see details below)legal in certain states (see details below)
Spain: The new “Citizen Safety Law” that took effect in Spain on July 1 this year introduced harsh penalties on, for instance protesters, who assemble in public without a permit. In the light of this, many were surprised, when news sites and marijuana-related blogs started to contemplate, that it had unwittingly also legalised the cultivation of cannabis. The reports said that language was added to the section of the law dealing with cultivation, saying that growing marijuana will only be punishable when it is “visible from public places”. They further argued, that this basically means, growing marijuana behind closed doors is okay in the eyes of the authorities. However, these claims were later proven to be unfounded.Possession and use is legal for adults, as long as they smoke it in the privacy of their homes or “private clubs” (500 such venues can be found in Spain).illegalillegalTechnically illegal, however, growing marijuana for your own personal use is overlooked. If the plants are not visible from the street or other public spaces, it is only an administrative offence and it’s often overlooked.
Uruguay: Smoking weed has been decriminalised in Uruguay since 1974. The current proposal was signed into law in August, 2014. However, the implementation of the plans seem to be go slower than planned. So far, there are only around 3000 people who registered and only 1 growers’ club of the over twenty applicants have been approved, due to the authority responsible for overseeing such clubs being largely underfunded and understaffed. The law is also being heavily criticised, mostly on grounds related to cannabis users having to register. Critics say, that such a system stigmatises cannabis users and if the law is once repealed by another government with a more conservative stance on the drug, these lists can easily mean trouble for people on them.Legal to possess small amounts for personal use.After the law is fully implemented, pharmacies will sell marijuana, grown by companies licensed by the government (however, each smoker must register and can only buy 40grams/month),illegalLegal to up to six plants/person. People can also form growers’ clubs. This enables them to grow 99 plants/club.


Places to buy legal marijuana in countries where it’s legal


These are the lists of pot shops in countries where you can legally purchase marijuana for recreational use.

  • Pot shops in the Netherlands (coming soon).
  • Pharmacies selling marijuana in Uruguay (coming soon).
  • Private marijuana clubs in Spain (coming soon, buying or selling marijuana in Spanish private clubs is not actually legal, only using marijuana is legal, members grow marijuana collectively and share it with each other, it’s like not like a dutch coffee shop, invitation only).
  • The biggest bhang shops in India (coming soon).


See below for a list of places to buy marijuana for recreational use in the USA.




Legal marijuana in the US – by state


See the table below for a list of US states with legal medical or recreational marijuana or laws decriminalising the possession of small amounts by individuals:

Legal status of marijuana in the US by state

Alaska: Marijuana was legalised on November 4, 2014.legalLegal for medical and recreational use as well – from licensed dispensaries.Legal to carry up to 1 oz.Legal to grow up to 24 plants for an individual, or commercially, with a license.
Arizona: The measure was approved by voters in 2010. The vote was only won by the proponents by around 0.2-0.3%. (49.8% “no”, 50.1 “yes” votes).only for medical use, with prescriptiononly for medical useonly for medical useonly for medical use
California: California was the first US state to legalise marijuana for medical purposes in 1996. On September 30, 2010, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449 which further decriminalised the possession of 1 ounce or less. The maximum fine is 100$ for possessing that kind of small amounts.decriminalised – up to 1 oz.medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use only
Colorado: Amendment 64 that took effect on 10 December, 2012. It legalised marijuana for recreational use.legalLegal under a license, for both medical and recreational use,Legal to carry up to 1 oz.,Legal to grow up to six plants for an individual, or commercially with a license,
Connecticut: Under 1/2 oz, only a 150$ fine is imposed for possession. Second and third times cost 200$ and 500$. After that, the offender must partake in an educational program at his own expense.Possession of less than half an ounce is decriminalised, only a minor fine is imposed. Marijuana for medical use is legal.felony (legal only for medical use)felony (legal only for medical use)felony (legal only for medical use)
Delaware: The Delaware Medical Marijuana Oversight Committee had its first meeting this October – implementation of the medical marijuana project and a dispensary system is gonna come in the next 1-2 years.

Gov. Markell signed the bill that makes the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis a civil offence in June, this year.

Possessing up to one ounce is not a criminal offence – a maximum $100 fine can be imposed.medical onlymedical onlymedical only
Georgia: Since last month, it is legal for people who suffer from cancer, sickle cell disease and other illnesses to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil if a physician signs off.only medical useonly medical useonly medical useonly medical use
Hawaii: On June 14, 2000, Governor Ben Cayetano signed Senate Bill 862, which established the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Act to remove state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of medical marijuana .

A dispensary network will also be set up in the state over the course of the next year.

medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use onlymedical use only
Illinois: The bill legalising medical marijuana in Illinois went into effect on January 1, 2014. A statewide dispensary system was established, although Illinois laws are amongst the most strict. Home growing marijuana is not allowed and all growing places are under 24 hour surveillance.medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use onlyillegal, only in licensed growing facilities
Louisiana: On June 29, 2015, Gov. Bobby Jindal signed two marijuana-related bills. The first allowed for the establishment of a statewide dispensary system and the second significantly reduced penalties for marijuana possession, making second possession offence a misdemeanor, rather than a criminal offence. First offenders can also erase their records, if they don’t get caught again in two years.medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlyillegal, only under a license, for medical purposes
Maine: A City of South Portland Recreational Marijuana Legalization Measure ballot question was on the November 4, 2014 election ballot for voters in the city of South Portland, Maine. It was approved by voters.

This measure made it legal for adults to possess 2.5 oz. of marijuana within the city’s borders.

Possession of small amounts (under 2.5 oz.) of cannabis is a civil infraction only in the rest of the state also. However, the fines are quite harsh. For possessing 1.25-2.5 oz. of marijuana, a $1000 fine is imposed.

decriminalised (recreational marijuana is legal in the city of South Portland)medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana only
Maryland: On April 14, 2014 two pieces of cannabis legislations were enacted in the state. The first one (SB 364) decriminalise the possession of up to 10g marijuana.

The second (HB 881.) protects patients with severe pain, nausea, wasting syndrome, seizures, and severe muscle spasms from arrest and prosecution. Under the law, patients can get cannabis from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries on prescription. Both laws went into force on October 1, 2014.

decriminalised (10g or less)medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana only
Massachusetts: On November 4, 2008 Massachusetts voters approved a bill, that makes possessing less than 1 oz. of marijuana a civil infraction punishable by a fine of $100.

4 years later, on November 6, 2012 another bill was approved, legalising medical marijuana in the state. The law went into effect on 1 January, 2013.

decriminalised (civil infraction)medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use only
Michigan: Currently, only medical marijuana is legal in the state. However, many cities in the state, most recently Keego Harbor held ballot votes on the legalisation of small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption. In Keego Harbor, the majority of the population was in favour of the measure. However, it doesn’t mean marijuana is legal in the city yet though, as state level legislation has to be enacted.medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana only (12 plants/patient)
Minnesota: A bill (Chapter 311, SF 2470) enacted on 29 May, 2014 authorises the use of medical cannabis in limited forms for certain qualifying medical conditions and regulates the distribution and manufacture of medical cannabis.Possession of 42.5 grams or less is only considered a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $200.medical onlymedical onlyillegal
Mississippi: “First offence possession of 30 grams (a little more than an ounce) is punishable by a $250 fine instead of jail time and a civil summons as opposed to arrest, as long as the offender provides proof of identity and a written promise to appear in court.”First offence, and up to 30 grams is decriminalised.illegalillegalillegal
Montana: Montana Medical Marijuana Act, Mont. Code Ann. §§ 50-46-1 to 50-46-2 (2007) legalised marijuana for medical purposes.medical use only (up to 1 oz.)medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use only (up to 12 plants)
Nebraska: The Nebraska Legislature has adjourned for 2015, but this year much progress was made towards legalisation of marijuana for medical use, further decriminalising possession and personal use by adults.Decriminalised (first offence only, up to 1 oz.).illegalillegalillegal
Nevada: Possession of even the smallest amount of marijuana is considered a misdemeanour in Nevada. Medical marijuana is legal in the state since as early as 2001.medical use only (up to two and one-half ounces and/or a maximum allowable quantity of edible marijuana products)medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use only (up to 12 plants/patient)
New Hampshire: Governor Maggie Hassan signed House Bill 573 into law on July 23, 2013, which made medical marijuana legal within state borders.only medical marijuana (2 oz. or less)medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlyHome cultivation is illegal, even for patients.
New Jersey: The legislation legalising medical marijuana in NJ and creating a legal framework for a statewide system of cannabis dispensaries was enacted in January, 2010.medical use only (2 oz/month)medical use onlymedical use onlyHome cultivation is illegal, even for patients.
New Mexico: Senate Bill 523, enacted in April 2007 ordered the establishment of a statewide medicinal cannabis distribution program.medical use only (6 oz. or more, if authorised by a physician)medical use onlymedical use onlymedical use only (16 plants, 4 mature, 12 immature)
New York: Non-smokable medical Cannabis products and Cannabis edibles are also legal for medical uses since September last year.Decriminalised up to 2.5 oz. for personal use. (Displaying or using marijuana in public view is a Class B misdemeanor, though, and is punishable by a fine of up to $250 and incarceration of maximum 90 days.)illegal (only misdemeanor up to 25g)illegalillegal
Ohio:Less than 100g is a minor misdemeanour, which doesn’t create a criminal record in Ohio. It is only punishable by a fine of $150.illegalillegalillegal
Oregon: Retail sales of cannabis by state-licensed entities to those over the age of 21 are regulated in this state beginning in 2016. Medical marijuana is also legal in the state.Legal to possess up to 1 oz. – however, the use of any marijuana in public is a class B misdemeanour. There is also no fine or penalty for possession of 8 ounces or less of “ homegrown” marijuana, if it’s grown in one’s own private home.Only in state licensed stores. These are only allowed to sell 1/4 oz./person/day.Delivery of 1 ounce or less of “homegrown” marijuana without compensation carries no fine or penalty.Growing marijuana is legal up to 4 plants.
Rhode Island: The law decriminalising less than an ounce of marijuana came into effect on on April 1, 2013 in Rhode Island.Decriminalised, up to 1 oz. for personal consumption. The possession of 2.5 oz. of medical marijuana is also legal.medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana only (Up to 12 plants and 12 seedlings- must be stored in an indoor facility.)
Texas: “Starting next year in Harris County, anyone caught with marijuana for the first time can almost count on catching a major break with the expansion and development of the First Chance Intervention Program, aimed at decriminalising marijuana, by offering the chance to avoid a criminal conviction after the completion of a 60-90 day program.”Possession of less than 2 oz. on first offence is decriminalised from January 1, 2014 in Harris County only.illegalillegalillegal
Vermont: A bill that would introduce legal recreational marijuana in the state will be on the agenda on the legislative session of 2016, starting in January. Experts have high hopes for the bill. Vermont has a good chance of being the next US state to legalise recreational marijuana.decriminalised (1 oz. or less)medical marijuana onlymedical marijuana onlymedical marijuana only (9 plants, only 2 mature)
Washington: Washington State’s Initiative 502 (I-502), which decriminalises recreational marijuana was voted into law in November 2012. The new law allows the establishment of a licensed and regulated system of marijuana production and distribution, similar to the state’s liquor controls. Smoking marijuana is only allowed on private properties, outside the view of the general public.legal up to 1 oz.Medical and recreational use, by licensed stores and dispensaries.legal, up to 1 oz.Only under a license and with restrictions.
District of Columbia (Washington DC): On November 4, 2014, Washington, D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved Initiative 71, the piece of legislation legalising marijuana. On February 26, 2015, the measure took effect.legal up to 1 oz. for adults (over 21)Only medical use – commercial sale for recreational use is not yet allowed.legal (up to 1 oz. between adults)legal, up to six plants (only 2 of which are mature)


Alaska: Alaska Becomes Fourth State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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Illinois: Gov. Quinn Signs Illinois Medical Marijuana Bill

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Maine: City of South Portland Recreational Marijuana Legalization Measure (November 2014), nrml.org: Maine Laws & Penalties

Maryland: Md. governor signs marijuana bills into law

Massachusetts: Voters approve marijuana law changeReturn of Votes For Massachusetts State Election November 6, 2012

Michigan: Keego Harbor votes yes to legalize small amounts of potMichigan Medical Marijuana Law

Minnesota: Governor Dayton Signs Medical Marijuana Bill into Law

Mississippi: Marijuana Policy Project: Hope on the horizon for Mississippi

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Nebraska: Medical marijuana bill tabled until 2016

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New Hampshire: Governor Hassan’s Statement on Signing House Bill 573

New Jersey: New Jersey Medical Marijuana LawMedical marijuana use legalized in N.J. (Bizjournals)

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Washington: Washington Laws & PenaltiesRecreational Marijuana in Washington State – A Guide for Visitors

District of Columbia (Washington DC): Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014


Places to buy marijuana in the US for recreational use


These are the lists of pot shops in the US where you can legally purchase marijuana for recreational use.

  • Pot shops in Alaska (coming soon).
  • Pot shops in Colorado (coming soon).
  • Pot shops in Washington (coming soon).
  • Pot shops in Oregon (coming soon).



Buy marijuana paraphernalia


Although marijuana itself is yet to be legalised or decriminalised in the overwhelming majority of countries, marijuana enthusiasts and aficionados can choose from a great variety of marijuana paraphernalia (bongs, grinders, pipes etc.) in so-called head shops all over the world. However, you can also buy all kinds of marijuana paraphernalia online and sometimes you can even choose from a greater variety this way (and it’s generally less expensive). If you’re interested in buying bongs, grinders, pipes and more, check out the links below!

I do not encourage anyone to use any illicit drugs. All the paraphernalia below can be used to smoking perfectly legal, herbal highs as well.

Or you can try out the so called herbal incense mixtures, I have a few recipes, which only use natural, herbal legal highs.


I recommend buying marijuana paraphernalia  from the following head shop in Netherlands (the unofficial capital of cannabis).

Buy bongs

A picture of a bong - the most crucial marijuana paraphernalia.
Buy stylish bongs from the Netherlands

Choose from a great variety of bong accessories and bongs of all styles, colours and sizes. They are not merely marijuana paraphernalia. They can enhance the experience of smoking any legal herbal high!

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Buy Grinders

A picture of grinders - a popular item of marijuana paraphernalia. However, it is also very useful for any other herb.
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Grinders are for easily shredding your herbs into smaller parts. They come in all colours, sizes and fabrics.

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Buy Scales

A picture of a pocket-size electronic scales. It is strongly recommended to precisely know the weight of one dose no matter which legal high you use.
Buy sensitive, electronic scales from the Netherlands

Scales are not just marijuana paraphernalia indeed. They can come handy for all herbs with some sort of psychoactive effects. It is strongly recommended to precisely measure your exact dosage before consumption.

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Buy Water pipes

A picture of a water pipe - an excellent tool to smoke flavoured tobacco, legal highs, herbal incense and marijuana. Also a nice-to-have piece of marijuana paraphernalia, which is a great ice breaker at parties.
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Smoking any herb or flavoured tobacco from a water pipe can be a lot less hard on the lungs and throat. Not to mention, it’s great for parties.

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Buy Pipes

A picture of led pipes. Cool looking and handy pieces of marijuana paraphernalia.
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Pipes in all sizes and fabrics. They can be used for any smokable herb.

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Buy Vaporisers

A picture of a manual vaporiser - a practical piece of weed paraphernalia - also makes the smoke less harmful for your lungs and throat.
Buy electronic and manual vaporisers from the Netherlands

Vaporisers filter the smoke of any herb, so tar won’t get into your lungs, which makes smoking much more healthier. They also don’t produce almost any smoke – nice for home-smokers. They have electronic and manual ones as well. It’s not just for marijuana.

Buy vaporisers online /shipped from the Netherlands/


Please note, that owning marijuana paraphernalia is illegal in many countries and US states and. Although, all of the equipment I mention above can be used to smoke perfectly legal herbs or flavoured tobacco, and not necessarily marijuana and prosecution is very unlikely, please ask the shop before you make your purchase, just to be safe.



Growing marijuana


Cultivating marijuana plants is illegal in the overwhelming majority of countries and US states. However, obtaining the seeds is a different story.

One of the two reason for this, is that hemp, an industrial plant of great importance and many uses in various separate fields – (it’s used in food, paper production, for certain building, plastic and composite materials etc.) – is the same exact plant, as marijuana, Cannabis sativa.

Basically, hemp and marijuana are two varieties of the same plant, which are the result of hundreds of years of selective breeding. The hemp plants are varieties with lower THC content. And marijuana was cultivated for recreational purposes. This makes enforcing prohibitions on seeds somewhat problematic to enforce. 

The other reason is, that the seeds themselves do not contain THC. This means, that unless they are specifically outlawed, they do not contain any illicit substance, therefore are legal. It’s a legal loophole.

The legal status of marijuana seeds and also the priority of seed related offences differ greatly from country to country. I will list some countries and their respective laws on marijuana seeds here, to clarify things a bit. If you don’t find your country on the list, do your own research before ordering anything. I do not advise ordering marijuana seeds in countries, where they’re illegal. 



Marijuana seeds – legal status by country


Marijuana seeds - legal status by country

 Country legal status of marijuana seeds
UKReportedly, a loophole in UK law makes it legal to possess, sell and buy marijuana seeds. It is also legal to import seeds from abroad. However, it is obviously illegal to germinate the seeds or to grow marijuana. Such an act is considered a felony and is punishable by harsh fines and a jail time.
USOn a federal level, it is illegal to possess, sell or buy seeds. However, seeds are reportedly low priority and small amounts very rarely get intercepted at customs.

You cannot legally order seeds from abroad neither in the states that legalized recreational marijuana, nor if you’re growing marijuana for medical use, with a license or doctor’s prescription. Importing seeds to the US is a felony on a federal level. That being said, chances of the package being seized at customs are very low with small amounts, according to internet testimonials.

CanadaPossessing, selling or importing marijuana seeds is a criminal offence in Canada. However, several unofficial sources suggest that seed related offences are very low priority.
New ZealandPossessing, selling or importing marijuana seeds is a criminal offence in New Zealand. However, several unofficial sources suggest that seed related offences are very low priority. Moreover, the chances of seeds ordered online getting confiscated at customs are minuscule.
 AustraliaIt is reportedly illegal to possess, buy, sell, or import marijuana seeds in Australia. However, as is the case with most other countries, small amounts of seeds are very low priority and are not likely to result in criminal prosecution, even if confiscated at the customs. Different states have different laws, though. Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory has more relaxed laws, than the rest of the states. They are the ones that decriminalised the possession of small amounts of marijuana.
South AfricaAs the Drugs And Drug Trafficking Act No. 140 Of 1992 outlaws possession of any part or derivative of the cannabis plant, marijuana seeds are also illegal in South Africa. That means, ordering them from abroad is not legal. However, small amounts very rarely get seized at customs.
IndiaThe Indian drug legislation expressly exempts the leaves and seeds of the cannabis plants. Therefore, on a federal level, possession of marijuana seeds is legal in India. Each state, however, can have its own laws pertaining to marijuana seeds, which can be more restrictive. You will most likely need to do further research about whats the situation exactly in your state.
IrelandIt is not illegal to possess or sell cannabis seeds in Ireland, although it is illegal to germinate and grow them.
HungarySeeds cannot be distributed, because police will accuse you of “preparation of crime”. However, they would need to prove you were intending to commit a crime. And that depends on the circumstance, and ultimately the judge. Prosecution is rare but possible, whether you will be fined or something worse (only in case of very large amounts) depends on the amount, the circumstances and the judge.

However, Cannabis paraphernalia can be freely distributed.

GermanySeeds are forbidden, if they seem to be sold or possessed for illegal cultivation. However, it is reported, that head shops in the country sell seeds as bird food. Although, ordering from the internet is technically illegal, German authorities do not prioritise such cases. Generally, German police tends to turn a blind eye to small marijuana offences, like possession of small amounts. They way authorities treat such offences differ from region to region – Bavaria is considered the strictest in this respect.
RussiaSeeds are not illegal to buy, sell or possess in Russia.



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A picture of marijuana seeds.
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Marijuana alternatives and synergists

Some sites and blogs who write about these herbs mention them as both marijuana alternatives and synergists. This is true, in the sense, that all of the herbs listed here can be smoked in themselves and produce sedative and mild euphoric effects, not unlike weed. However, they can also be mixed with marijuana for a stronger, enhanced and somewhat altered experience.

In this article I made a distinction between marijuana alternatives and synergists based on how strong these herbs are and the nature of their effects. The ones with stronger effects when consumed in themselves, or effects significantly different in their nature from those of cannabis, I listed under marijuana alternatives. I categorised herbs with somewhat lighter effects, which are not very pronounced when the plant is consumed in itself, as marijuana synergists.



Marijuana synergists


There are plenty of legal, smokable herbs, that are said to enhance the marijuana high. I did a thorough research to find out, which legal, herbal highs go well with pot. I listed the ones below with the most positive reported experiences from users.


Damiana (Turnera diffusa, Turnera aphrodisiaca)

A picture of damiana - an anxiolytic smokable herb and ingredient of calming tea mixes. It is a great natural sedative, marijuana synergists and a mild marijuana alternative!
Damiana, Turnera diffusa – marijuana synergist

Damiana (a. k. a. Turnera diffusa, or Turnera aphrodisiaca) is a shrub native to southwestern Texas, Central America, Mexico, South America, and certain parts of the Caribbean.

Damiana is reported to enhance the marijuana high.



Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea)

A picture of blue lotus - a recognised aphrodisiac and one of the better natural remedies for anxiety.
Blue lotus – an effective marijuana synergist

Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a herb with mild sedative and psychoactive properties. The ancient Egyptians reportedly soaked it into wine or other alcoholic beverages to further enhance its effects.

Blue lotus can be mixed with weed in smoking mixtures and the reported effects are great!


Sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

A picture of a Nelumbo nucifera flower - a known anxiolytic herbs which goes well with weed also.
Sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, marijuana synergist

Nelumbo nucifera – also called Indian lotus or sacred lotus – is a perennial aquatic plant native to South Asia and Australia.

It contains the same active ingredients as blue lotus – again, said to go well with cannabis!



White lotus (Nymphaea alba)

A picture of white lotus - a mild marijuana alternative and marijuana synergist.
White lotus, Nymphaea alba – marijuana synergist

Nymphaea alba, also called European white water-lily or white lotus is an aquatic flowering plant native to Europe.

Goes well with weed, just like the other two lotuses!



Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora)

A picture of skullcap - a herb boasted by many for its relaxing properties. It is said to be one of the best natural sleep aids and natural sedatives. It is also a reported marijuana synergist and alternative.
Skullcap, Scutellaria lateriflora – marijuana alternative and synergist

When used in everyday language skullcap or skullcap herb usually refers to the most popular and most extensively used species from the  Scutellaria genus, Scutellaria lateriflora (American skullcap, blue skullcap, mad dog skullcap, or side-flowering skullcap).

It is a staple ingredient in herbal smoking mixtures and also mixes well with marijuana!


Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

A picture of valerian - one of the best natural sleep aids and marijuana synergist herbs.
Valerian, Valeriana officinalis – a marijuana synergist

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial plant native to Europe, Asia and North America.

Valerian is widely used as a herbal sleep aid and anxiolytic. However, mixed with weed it reportedly makes for an interesting, pleasant experience.




Marijuana alternatives


These plants are considered legit marijuana alternatives. However, it is important to point out, that marijuana alternatives are not marijuana substitutes. The effects produced by these plants are similar, but not by any means identical to those of marijuana. If you expect a cannabis high, they will probably disappoint you. But if you’re ready to enjoy them as they are, you might as well be pleasantly surprised!


Marihuanilla (Leonurus sibiricus)

A picture of marihuanilla - a plant that is listed amongst the best legal marijuana alternatives.
Marihuanilla – a known marijuana alternative

Marihuanilla, or Leonurus sibiricus is a herbaceous plant native to China, Mongolia and Siberia, though today it can be found throughout America as well. Marihuanilla is a mild narcotic with effects not that different from that of cannabis.




Intoxicating mint (Lagochilus inebrians)

A picture of Lagochilus inebrians, or intoxicating mint. One of the rarest and most interesting marijuana alternatives.
Lagochilus inebrians, or intoxicating mint

Lagochilus inebrians, or intoxicating mint is a shrub with numerous stems reaching a height of 20–80 cm.

As it as a rather rare and obscure plant (and therefore sot of expensive), if you get you’re hands on some, its best to experience its effects on their own. They’re similar to those of marijuana, only milder.


Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia)

A picture of Sinicuichi - a recognised marijuana alternative. It is said to produce pleasant, mild auditory hallucinations.
Sinicuichi – a marijuana alternative with peculiar psychoactive effects

Sinicuichi (a.k.a.Heimia salicifolia and sun opener), is a perennial shrub native to Mexico and Central America.

Sinicuichi use is generally described as a positive, relaxing, or even euphoric experience. Consumption may be followed by slight giddiness and a feeling of intoxication; not unlike marijuana but milder.


Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus)

A picture of the wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus) plant. It ranks amongst the best legal marijuana alternatives.
Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus), one of the best marijuana alternatives.

Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus) is native to South Africa and southern Africa, where it is very common. It is known for its medicinal and mild psychoactive properties. It’s a recognised marijuana alternative.



Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa)

A picture of wild lettuce - one of the best marijuana alternatives out there.
Wild lettuce – a known marijuana alternative

Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa or opium lettuce) can be found growing freely in various regions of the world including Australia, America, Southern Europe and India. It reportedly produces effects not unlike cannabis, with a slight opiate edge.



Main active ingredients of marijuana, hash and hash oil


The main active ingredient in Cannabis and its derivatives is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Indeed, The amount of THC present in a cannabis sample is generally used as a measure of cannabis potency.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - the main active ingredient in marijuana, hash, hash oil and all other cannabis products.
THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

There are the three main forms in which cannabis is used for recreational purposes and their THC content varies greatly.


A picture of ready to smoke marijuana in someone's hand. Marijuana consists of dried flowers and subtending leaves and stems of the female cannabis plant.

Marijuana consists of the dried flowers and subtending leaves and stems of the female cannabis plant. It’s reported average THC content is 5% but many varieties can produce marijuana buds  with as much as 20% THC content.



A picture of hash or hashish - a psychoactive cannabis resin product.
Hash or hashish


Hash is the concentrated cannabis resin. It reportedly contains on average 20% THC.




A picture hash oil, the strongest of the standard cannabis products.
Hash oil or hashish oil

Hash oil is a resinous matrix of cannabinoids obtained from the Cannabis plant by solvent extraction. It is reportedly the most potent cannabis derivative. It can contain up to 60% THC.



The effects of marijuana


As, according to a recent study, 43 percent of U.S. adults aged 18 or older have tried marijuana at least once. Therefore, I would not be surprised, if anyone who stumbled upon this article would be somewhat familiar with the effects of marijuana.

However, Erowid.org has a very extensive list of marijuana effects, which I will include here, to completely clear things up (the list is quite long, so I put it in this drop-down box, not to disrupt reading):

The effects of marijuana intoxication

  • mood lift, euphoria
  • increased giggling and laughing
  • relaxation, stress reduction
  • creative, philosophical, abstract, or deep thinking : ideas flow more easily
  • increased appreciation or awareness of music; deeper connection to music; increased emotional impact of music
  • increased awareness of senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing, vision)
  • change in experience of muscle fatigue; pleasant body feel; increase in body/mind connection
  • pain relief (headaches, cramps)
  • reduced nausea, increased appetite (used medically for this)
  • boring tasks or entertainment can become more interesting or funny
  • reduced neuropathic pain and spacicity due to multiple sclerosis
  • general change in consciousness
  • increased appetite, snackyness
  • slowness (slow driving, talking)
  • change in vision, such as sharpened colours or lights
  • closed-eye visuals (somewhat uncommon)
  • tiredness, sleepiness, lethargy
  • stimulation, inability to sleep (less common)
  • blood-shot eyes (more common with certain varieties of cannabis and inexperienced users)
  • mouth dryness, sticky-mouth (varies with strain)
  • interruption of linear memory; difficulty following a train of thought
  • cheek, jaw, facial tension / numbness (less commonly reported)
  • racing thoughts (especially at high doses)
  • time sense altered (for example, cars seem like they are moving too fast); time dilation and compression are common at higher doses
  • coughing, asthma, upper respiratory problems
  • difficulty with short-term memory during effects and during periods of frequent use (Ranganathan M, D’Souza DC, Psychopharmacology, 2006)
  • racing heart, agitation, feeling tense
  • mild to severe anxiety
  • panic attacks in sensitive users or with very high doses (oral use increases risk of getting too much)
  • headaches
  • dizziness, confusion
  • lightheadedness or fainting (in cases of lowered blood pressure)
  • paranoid & anxious thoughts more frequent
  • possible psychological dependence on cannabis
  • clumsiness, loss of coordination at high doses
  • nausea, especially in combination with alcohol, some pharmaceuticals, or other psychoactive substances
  • can precipitate or exacerbate latent or existing mental disorders
  • dry mouth
  • tired, red, dry, or itchy eyes
  • joint stiffness
  • fatigue, drowsiness, foggy or slow thinking
  • reduced memory skills, slower speed of recall
WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS (after stopping heavy use)
  • mild to moderate, non-life-threatening withdrawal symptoms occur after daily use in some users.
  • Withdrawal symptoms normally last 2-4 days, up to six weeks with long term use. Severity of symptoms is related to frequency and duration of use and individual sensitivity.
  • anhedonia (reduced experience of pleasure)
  • headaches, general unease/discomfort
  • difficulty sleeping
  • desire to smoke cannabis
  • slight loss of appetite
  • finding non-stoned life a bit dull, increased boredom
  • fatigue, lethargy
  • slow thinking, talking
  • stoned-like abstract thinking, impatience with or annoyance at linear thinking

Source: Erowid.org – Marijuana Vault



Dangers of marijuana


Cannabis or marijuana is seen by many experts as a relatively harmless substance. There are no reported deaths in scientific literature that can be conclusively linked to marijuana abuse. It is estimated by researchers that an average adult theoretically has to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to ingest a lethal dose.

However, this does not mean the plant is harmless. On top of possible unpleasant effects, such as anxiety and paranoia, marijuana also has some more serious potential dangers, which are not to be taken lightly.
These problems usually occur as a result of extensive use or when marijuana is regularly used in early adolescence, or if the user has a predisposition for certain conditions.

Mental disorders – Marijuana use can reportedly activate latent mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar syndrome.  A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2002 concluded, that those who regularly smoked marijuana between the age of 15 and 18 were 4 times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as adults.

Dependence – While many proponents of marijuana claim, that there’s no such thing as cannabis addiction or dependence, some diagnostic, epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical studies clearly indicate that the condition exists and causes harm.

A study, published in the Addiction Science & Clinical Practice in 2007 states, that

“Adults seeking treatment for marijuana abuse or dependence average more than 10 years of near-daily use and more than six serious attempts at quitting. They continue to smoke the drug despite social, psychological, and physical impairments, commonly citing consequences such as relationship and family problems, guilt associated with use of the drug, financial difficulties, low energy and self-esteem, dissatisfaction with productivity levels, sleep and memory problems, and low life satisfaction. Most perceive themselves as unable to stop, and most experience a withdrawal syndrome upon cessation”.

Authors of a recent study also claim, that regular cannabis consumption significantly damages white matter in the brain (white matter are cells, that connect parts of the brain to each other).

On top of this, marijuana smoke is nearly as bad for you as tobacco smoke. And second hand marijuana smoke is also reportedly nearly as bad as second hand tobacco smoke.

Abusing any kind of recreational drug is bad for your health, marijuana is no exception. Most of these negative health effects only are the result of excessive use.


What is the lethal dose of marijuana?

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Cannabis health benefits


Cannabis is a plant with recognized medical value. It is reportedly effective in treating or alleviating the following conditions:

  • Medical cannabis is somewhat effective in alleviating chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV).
  • A cannabis-derivative containing medical product, dronabinol is reportedly used to treat AIDS-associated anorexia and improve the general mood and therefore the quality of life of HIV patients. However, current studies seem to suffer from effects of bias, small sample size, and lack of long-term data.
  • Cannabis appears to be somewhat effective for the treatment of some forms of chronic pain, such as pain caused by neuropathy, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Experts claim, that Cannabinoids have the potential of becoming useful for treating glaucoma.

Medical marijuana is somewhat accepted in the medical community and doctors can prescribe medical marijuana in many countries for various ailments. In many countries medical marijuana is even fully financed by the state.

Marijuana is also used to safely relive chronic pain, neuropathic pain and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis on the long term.

Marijuana seems to treat epilepsy as well according to a few a studies.

Uses of Cannabis or Cannabinoids as treatments for several other medical conditions are still being researched.


The pharmacologic and clinical effects of medical cannabis.

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Marijuana is legal in very few countries for now. If you’re interested in 100% legal alternatives, check out the legal highs included in Simon’s legal high guide.

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